Mark Sanchez is too smart to date Kim Kardashian

Mexican hottie and Jet's quarterback Mark Sanchez is not, repeat, not dating Kim Kardashian. Phew! The reality starlet took to her Twitter account to deny the rumors that she would be having a secret rendezvous with Sanchez at Super Bowl 2012.

Now, Kim would be lucky to date the 25-year-old football star and he does seem to be her type (rising sports star with a great behind) but Mark is way smarter than to fall into the Kim Kardashian trap for two reasons.


First, Sanchez already has a bit of a scandal to clear up. After a disappointing season for the Jets, Sanchez made some unflattering comments about his team and he has fences to mend with Jet's owner Woody Johnson and wide-receiver Santonio Holmes. While the Kim K. dating rumor can't hurt his press on this, the most important weekend in football, actually sneaking off with Kim while he should be focused on his team would be a bad idea.

Second, his IS dating model Kim Upton, who is the hottest thing next to Sofia Vergara (according to anyway). When you are dating a famous Sport Illustrated swimsuit model without all the reality TV baggage, why would he stray?

We really hope Mark just stays focused on what we love him for. Next year, we expect to be rooting for him the Super Bowl.

What do you think? Who should Mark Sanchez be dating?

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