Why the world needs more Latino music festivals

With the all the hoopla surrounding the recent release of the Sasquatch music festival’s lineup, we got to thinking about all of the big music events that are held throughout the year…and the fact that there are so few Latino-focused ones.  

If you’re a fan of electronic or indie/alternative music, you’ve got it made. Besides Sasquatch, there’s also Electric Zoo, Bamboozle, South by Southwest, Lillith Fair and Lollapalooza. But for those of us who, every now and then, just want to hear some Latin tunes and dance a little salsa, it’s slim pickings.


In fact, when trying to find Latin music festivals online, I could only find two major ones. Luckily, they look awesome. The Pachanga Latino Music Festival is a music, cultural arts and food festival dedicated to highlighting "the blend of Latino-created music." Located in Austin, Texas, the festival takes place in May (right around the same time as Sasquatch) and is perfect for those looking to celebrate their culture’s contributions to the arts.

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If you’re looking for mostly salsa music, the Chicago Salsa Congress, three days of live entertainment and dance, is the one for you. They even offer workshops from renowned Latin dance instructors. Sounds muy divertido to me!

I guess we’ll just have to settle for dancing at home and at family parties. I don’t know about you, but my family gatherings are pretty much as epic (and loud!) as a music festival.

Do you know of any other Latin music festivals? Would you go to one?

Image via austin tx/flickr