Demi Lovato poses for super racy new pics

Apparently, “Skyscraper” songstress and Latina starlet, Demi Lovato, wants candy. In a sexy new shot of her released today on E! News, Lovato is seen posing with a lollipop held provactively to her mouth.

The shot is just one from a photo shoot with photographer Tyler Shields, who admits that a huge influential factor in his decision to photograph her was Twitter. 


For you regular tweeters, this should come as no surprise as you’ve probably noticed that Lovato is often a worldwide trending topic. Shields says he was bombarded by hundreds of Lovato fans (otherwise known as “Lovatics”) who consistently emailed and tweeted at him asking him to shoot her.

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' It was getting to where I was getting over 700 emails a day saying, ‘Shoot Demi!'” he told E! News.

Once the decision to have the shoot was finalized, Shields knew that he wanted to portray Demi in a way no one had before –not as a little kid, but as a grown woman with sex appeal.

Well, Mr. Shields, mission accomplished! As seen in these other shots from the shoot, where she dons a short, black wig and bright red lipstick and looks coyly over her shoulder. I'd venture to say Lovato definitely has a flirtatious side.

I say, good for her. She’s already shown the mature, serious side of herself  by opening up about her past troubles with cutting and substance abuse. Why not let her show off her fun and sexy side as well? From the looks of things, she’s all grown up!

What do you think of Demi's new pictures? Sexy or inappropriate?

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