RIP Don Cornelius and thank you for bringing Rosie Perez--and other Latinos--to ‘Soul Train’ (VIDEOS)

So sad! The creator and longtime host of Soul Train, Don Cornelius, died of an apparent suicide. It seems Cornelius, who hosted the icon dance and music show from 1971 through 1993 (Soul Train was on TV until 2006) shot himself in the head. What an unfortunate way to start Black History Month.

For many Latinos, Soul Train was a better option than American Bandstand or even MTV because it was the only place we could come close to seeing ourselves.

So which Latinos made guest appearances on Soul Train?


My favorite has to be Rosie Perez. Rosie was a dancer on Soul Train, which led to her choreographing videos, most famously for Janet Jackson. Rosie eventually did the choreography for the In Living Color Fly Girls, where she (depending on who you ask) gave Jennifer Lopez her start.

Another favorite was Puerto Rican Lisa Velez of Lisa Lisa and The Cult Jam. The shoulder pads and headband are not to be missed here. All cried out, indeed!

Before she was Mimi, Mariah Carey shared her Emotion with Soul Train and I have to say, this is the Mariah Carey I like the best--curly hair, fully dressed, singing her heart out.

Soul Train was on the air for 35 years. Shocking, I know. The same show hosted José Feliciano and Fat Joe!

What was your favorite Soul Train performance?

Image via juggernautco/Flickr