Mario Lopez takes his pants off for Ellen (VIDEO)

What’s the ultimate cure for your Monday Blues? Watching a clip of chiseled Latino hunk Mario Lopez strip down to his skivvies in one of last week’s episodes of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

He was on the show to promote his new underwear line, RatedM, so how could he not know that Ellen would ask the question we were all thinking: “Are you wearing the underwear now, and can we see it?” Drawing lots of cheers, Mario replied that Ellen is “the only person that I can take off my clothes for.” As the crowd cheered, I started wondering if he'd really go through it...but in the end, he didn’t disappoint the audience.


I'm not sure if he was really shy or just pretending when he asked “Oh, you’re serious?” before he quickly does as asked. He totally takes his pants off to show off white boxer briefs while Ellen stealthily unbuttoned his shirt. Ooh la la! Mario tried to hide his body away, but bigger cheers from the audience and Ellen pulling it open to show everyone his chiseled abs definitely got me blushing a little bit this morning.

There’s nothing quite like seeing one of our hottest guys to start your week off the right way. Maybe next time Ellen can bring on Enrique Iglesias, Javier Bardem or Demián Bichir and maybe them strip, too. I know we’d all enjoy it.

What do you think of Mario Lopez showing off his underwear, and body, on the Ellen DeGeneres Show? Would you buy his underwear for your man?

Image via YouTube