Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lopez inspire us on '¡Q’Viva! The Chosen'

Let’s be honest, in the run up to the premiere of ¡Q’Viva! The Chosen, we were all more interested in how the reunion between Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez would pan out than what would actually happen on the show. How would they talk to each other? Would they still seem in love? After all, there were rumors floating around that there was still a spark of love between the two exes.

Not even 10 minutes into the program, which premiered this weekend Jan 28 on Univision, and the ex-power couple (arguably the most famous Latinos in the world) managed to steal my heart.


In reality, their show about traveling through 21 Latin American counties in search of talent to participate in a huge show in Las Vegas is more than just a straightforward documentary--it’s actually a trip through the idiosyncrasies of every country they visit.

Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and choreographer Jamie King (with the help of super producer Simon Fuller) are willing to explore the most unknown corner of the Latin American continent to get a taste of diverse Latino artistic talent. We saw artists from Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Guatemala, Puerto Rico and Mexico who were all dreaming to go far. One of the contestants, whose group made it to final auditions Los Angeles was a dancer from Cali, Colombia who said that when "one is Hispanic, you have a certain flavor, you have touch of madness." What that salsa dancer defined as “craziness,” for me translates into passion, dedication and diversity.