5 Latinas to root for during the SAG Awards

Guess what I’m doing tonight? Starting at 8pm EST I’ll be sitting in front of my TV to watch the Screen Actors Guild Awards airing on TNT and TBS. Although they’re not one of the big award shows of the season, they’re considered a big determinant for who wins in the Oscars since they’re voted on by the same people that vote for Academy Awards.

Although with the Oscars we’re looking forward to the diverse red carpet and a possible Best Actor win for A Better Life Latino stud Demián Bichir, there’s 5 big possible Latina wins that I’m really excited to see.

  1. Bérénice Bejo in The Artist, Best Supporting Actress. This is the year’s most applauded movie and I’m really excited that a Latina may win in this category. But the thing I’m most excited to see is what beautiful dress she’ll undoubtedly be wearing.
  2. Naya Rivera as Santana in Glee, Best Comedy Series. With a compelling story this season about her accepting her sexuality and coming out to her grandmother, I’m rooting for Glee to win so that they can keep showing her (and the other kids’) fascinating story.
  3. Sofia Vergara in Modern Family, Best Actress in a Comedy Series. Nobody makes me laugh quite like Sofia’s portrayal of loud Colombiana mom in a mostly-white family. Her accent may be funny, but she brings a lot of heart and some of our fun traditions to the show, too.
  4. Lauren Vélez as Lt. LaGuerta in Dexter, Best Drama Series. She’s a powerful woman in the Miami police and she knows it, too. With only two seasons left in the show, I’m excited to see where the is-she-good-or-just-selfish character will go next.
  5. The women of Bridesmaids, Outstanding Cast in a Comedy. Okay, fine, they’re not technically latina. But they’re women. Really, really funny women that made us all believe in the magic of female-powered comedies. A win here will only mean more of them, and perhaps the next one will star one of our community’s comic voices.

What are you most looking forward to about the SAG Awards?

Images via: Getty Images, Fox, Showtime, The Weinstein Co.