Pat Sajak reminds us that Vanna White is a Latina

Pat Sajak admitted to Dan Le Batard (who has a show on ESPN2) that he’s hosted Wheel of Fortune while drunk. And we admire his ability handle his liquor while taping the show without a sign of slurring. We’re equally impressed by Pat Sajak’s tolerance. It could stand up to a frat boy's.   

In the same interview, however, Pat Sajak says he wasn’t alone. In fact, fellow Wheel of Fortune co-host, Vanna White, joined Sajak at a local Mexican restaurant to drink “two or three or six” margaritas.

Having not thought of Vanna White in years, it occured to me, wait, isn't she Latina?



For those, like me, who grew up watching Wheel of Fortune, guessing which words or phrases would come out of the combination of letters, the news is surprising. It doesn’t quite fall in the same realm of disappointment as when I found out that some wildlife shows were staged. Yet, it has changed my view of a childhood pastime a little.

A fact I wish I had known as a child watching: Vanna White is half Puerto Rican (and also the author of many crochet books--who knew). It could be obscure knowledge because her Puerto Rican dad abandoned the family when she was young and she took her step-father’s name. She’s still a Latina, though. 

Which would explain why after decades on TV, Vanna White looks like she hasn't aged. (Come on, I know you've wondered why Vanna White still looks the same.) Latinas are genetically blessed with skin that retains oils, leaving you looking like you’re glowing and keeping the wrinkles at bay. It should have been my telltale sign.

Can you think of other incognito Latinos? Was Pat Sajak wrong telling the world Vanna White joined him?

Image via Getty Images