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I'm a raging opinionista and the managing editor of MamasLatinas for Cafemom! I've worked in all types of media (TV, online & print) and was previously the online editor of Latina magazine. On most nights you can find me working my way through my library of cookbooks or playing with my puppy Lola. I have a wonderful hubby who shares my passion for travel. Together, we've formed a semi-professional wine drinking team.

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Kim Kardashian puts North in a matching sheer shirt for Givenchy fashion show


Everytime I see a picture of little North West it makes me squeal. She is just the cutest nugget and I have to admit, she might just be my favorite celebrity baby right now. Ok, maybe a close second to baby Milan, mainly because he's a straight-up genius and my love for Shakira knows no bounds.

North and Kim were recently spotted out and about for the Givenchy show, whom you may recall also designed Mrs. Kardashian West's wedding gown. But the best (or worst) part wasn't even that North West has officially been to more Paris Fashion Week shows than I could ever even dream of attending and is only a year old, no--the best part by far was the matching sheer black blouses on both mommy and her mini-me!

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Jennifer Lopez hit by a drunk driver!

Jennifer Lopez was recently rear-ended by a drunk driver in Los Angeles, CA while riding with her twins and bestie Leah Remini! Can you believe it? Adding insult the injury, the driver of the car didn't even stop to exchange information, he just took off--it was a total hit and run!

Good thing Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini thought fast and immediately reported the driver to police. The deputies rushed to the scene and were able to aprehend the idiotic driver before he was able to cause any more damage. Needless to say, J.Lo and Remini were REALLY mad! I mean, they had kiddies in the car.


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Cristian de la Fuente's mother passes away

Cross-over sensation Cristián de la Fuente suffered a terrible loss this weekend when his mother, Adriana Sabarots, died. The grieving actor posted a short but sweet memorial to his mama on Twitter:

"Avisas partir. Pero negarse a creerlo es parte del trato. Dormiré y cuando despierte quizás nunca te hayas ido"

"You said you were leaving. But refusing to believe it was part of the deal. I'll fall asleep and when I wake up, maybe you will have never left"

Anyone who has ever lost a parent can relate to the terrible pain Cristián de la Fuente must be  feeling right now and out deepest sympathies are with the actor.


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Did mom kill her baby with drugged breastmilk?

Reanne Pederson, 32, decided that it was a good idea to snort the powerful opiate hydrocodone and then breastfeed her helpless 4-day-old infant son. He died the very next day and now the negligent mom is facing charges, though if you ask me, they are no where near strong enough.

Baby Avery's own grandmother had even called local police department to warn them of the mother's disgusting addiction, saying  "As far as I'm concerned, if anything happens to him, she killed him." Unfortunately, it was too late for the newborn.

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11-year-old shoots, kills mom's lover & is a hero!

An 11-year-old girl shot and killed her mother's boyfriend after he stabbed her mom violently. The man, named Leo Henry, broke into the victim's home in the early morning hours, crashing through a glass door at the back of the home.

His ex-girlfriend, Brandy Moreno, managed to survive the stabbing when her daughter Jayda Milsap took matters into her own hands and shot Henry twice. Henry then staggered out of the home and was found down the block. The little girl's neighbors are calling her a hero and I have to say, I agree with them!

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