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I'm a raging opinionista and the managing editor of MamasLatinas for Cafemom! I've worked in all types of media (TV, film & print) and was previously the online editor at Latina magazine. On most nights you can find me working my way through my library of cookbooks or playing with my puppy Lola. I have a wonderful hubby who shares my passion for travel. Together, we've formed a semi-professional wine drinking team.

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Pregnancy contracts: Terrible idea or brilliant solution?

My husband and I want to have a baby soon, but I have to keep it real with you ladies. I'm kinda terrified. So much about the reality of having kids is stressful. Sleepless nights, endless worry about whether or not your doing it "right," dealing with family--and that's not even mentioning the huge effects having a baby inevitably has on your relationship with your hubby.

It's undeniable, having kids changes EVERYTHING. That's why I was super intrigued when I read about the idea of pre-pregnancy contracts. Sound crazy business-like and cold? Well, it kind of is!

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Little girl forced to sit in her own pee on Jetblue flight

I don't think anyone would have expected a flight attendant to deny a 3-year-old girl the chance to use the potty, and then to refuse to let her mom clean her up when she had an accident on herself. 

It can be a harrowing experience traveling with kids, expecially really young ones. From the long waits, to the delays, to the lack of FUN distractions—flying with babies or toddlers is kind of brutal. Even so, what happened to poor Jennifer Devereaux and her little girl Summers seems especially horrible.

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Casey Kasem's death marred by terrible family feud

Casey Kasem has passed away, according to a recent report by his publicist. Kasem, a legendary radio host and Top 40 countdown personality, was 82 years old and had been battling Lewy body disease, a progressive form a dementia for years. My grandmother had Alzheimer's and lasted for 10 years before she finally passed, so I understand how hard it must have been for his family to watch him slipping away from them before their very eyes.

But I have to say, the ugly feud broiling between his second wife Jean and Kasem's children make me think that it may be a while before the iconic radio personality is able to rest in peace.

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Happy first birthday North West!


Love or hate Kimye and their circus, there is absolutely no denying that they created one of the cutest darn celebrity babies EVER! Seriously, have you seen those cheeks? Even cooler is that baby North is celebrating her very first birthday today, on Father's day! Could it get any more perfect?

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Jennifer Lopez has a message for all the World Cup haters

Did you watch the World Cup opening ceremony yesterday? It was AMAZING! I love the World Cup because of the way it really brings the whole world together to do the same thing at the same time. Also, hot guys. The best part of the ceremony, hands down, was when Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez and Claudia Leitte performed their song "We Are One".

Not only because their pop-up stage malfunctioned (seriously, the look on their faces was pretty hilarious) but because a lot of people didn't think J.Lo was going to show up at all!

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