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I'm a raging opinionista and the managing editor of MamasLatinas for Cafemom! I've worked in all types of media (TV, film & print) and was previously the online editor at Latina magazine. On most nights you can find me working my way through my library of cookbooks or playing with my puppy Lola. I have a wonderful hubby who shares my passion for travel. Together, we've formed a semi-professional wine drinking team.

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Selena Gomez lets it ALL hang out in the shortest shorts ever

Selena Gomez just wore the shortest shorts I have possibly ever seen in my entire life this week. I choose to see it as her cheeky way of telling the media to kiss her you-know-what in light of all the caca they've been spewing in connection with the Justin Bieber/Orlando Bloom fight that kind of, sort of went down in Ibiza last weekend.

Ever since then, there's been tons of speculation that not only was Bloom salty because little Biebs flirted with his ex-wife Miranda Kerr like a mad man when he performed at the Victoria's Secret fashion show last year, but also because Bloom was photographed taking a smoke break with Gomez at an LA night spot a few months ago. Who knows? But back to what matter: Selena's microscopic shorts. Wait until you see them from BEHIND!

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Mom didn't know her son was dead until his body started to smell

Kimberly Tutko says she had no idea her son had died until 4 days after the fact when the smell of his decomposing body became too much to ignore. At that point, she asked her husband Jarrod Tutko what the smell was and the father returned with their dead 8-year-old son wrapped in a blanket and laid his body on the bathroom floor.

It's a story that's almost too horrifying to believe, but Kimberly doesn't think we should judge. "I'm being picked on for being a bad mom: 'Oh you didn't know that something was wrong with him?' I didn't, because every single day, it was a normal routine," Kimberly told CBS affiliate WHP-TV.

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Beyonce talks elevator brawl in new "Flawless" remix with Nicki Minaj!

It's the moment we've all been waiting for ever since that fateful night when Beyonce, Solange and Jay Z were caught on tape getting into a decidedly undignified family scuffle. You remember, Solange repeatedly tried to punch and kick Jay, all while Queen Bey looked on cooler than a cucumber.

Ever since, there have been non-stop rumors about Bey and J's impending divorce, what actually caused the fight (it was Rachel Roy, no, it was Rihanna!) and why Beyonce just kind of sat back and watched the fight like she was at the movies. Even her trusty body guard Julius, who is always by her side, minded his own business for the most part, though he did get Solange to simmer down before the elevator doors opened.

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Largest closet in America is robbed, leaving Texas millionaire with a lot of empty space

Theresa Roemer has a 3,000 square foot closet. That's bigger than most homes in the U.S. I would venture to guess. It is the largest closet in the entire country and she was even featured on Good Morning America for it. 

The three-story closet held an inumerable amount of shoes, handbags, and furs (yuck!) and cost $500,000 to build. Or at least it used to. Roemer claims that last night someone broke in and cleared her out. Um, hate to say it, but does this seem a little bit like karma to anyone else?

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WATCH: Misty Copeland is the baddest ballerina in America!

And by bad, I mean so, so good! Ever wondered if ballerinas are really athletes? Well, Misty Copeland answers that question pretty definitively in this amazing Under Armour ad that's gone viral. First of all, her body is SICK, and I mean in the most inspirational way possible. It's hard to imagine that the very thing that has propelled her to national fame almost kept her from ever becoming a ballerina.

You see, Misty didn't even start dancing until she was 13 years old, while most ballerinas begin classical training when they are super young (I'm talking like 4 and 5). So how did she conquer all the doubters?

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