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10 Latin love songs that will bring your sexy back

latin PHOTOS

We all know that Spanish is the language of love, so how exactly can you harness this power for good and not evil? Well, one way is to make a smoking hot playlist for you and your man to crank up after the kiddies have (finally) gone to bed this Valentine's Day.

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Snooki shows off AMAZING post-baby body just 4 months after baby #2!

Snooki is a LOT of things but I don't think I would've ever called her an inspiration before. But, times change and this pint-sized Jersey Shore star has proven that you really CAN get a banging post-baby body.

Everyone knows how much harder it is to get into shape after your second baby than it is after your first. However, Snooki stuck to her fitness regime with dedication and perseverance all throughout her pregnancy and the results REALLY show. Check out that flat tummy!!!

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Mom burns newborn alive in the middle of street

A young woman set her newborn baby girl on fire in the middle of the road in Pemberton, NJ--much to the horror of her neighbors, who witnessed the whole thing.

Reportedly, Hyphernkemberly Dorvilier, 22, calmly got out of her car and set something on fire. When approached by her neighbor Dave Joseph, 45, who asked what she was burning, she coolly replied, "Dog feces." But shortly thereafter, Joseph's wife realized that it was actually a live newborn baby and began screaming hysterically.

Is that NOT the most horrifying news you've heard in a while?

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Scott Disick does the ONE thing Kourtney Kardashian can never forgive

Scott Disick and Khloe Kardashian are the main reasons I still watch any of the Kardashian reality series any more. I admit, as ridiculous as they are, I still watch them. Sigh, I have problems, but my addiction to Keeping up with the Kardashians pales in comparison to my boy Scott's issues.

This past season on Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons, Scott hit rock bottom with his drinking and pill popping and got so sick he had to be rushed to the hospital to have his stomach pumped. When Scott returned to the mansion the family was renting in the Hamptons, Kourtney had locked him out and told the security to refuse him entrance with one final ultimatum...

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Gina Rodriguez wins Golden Globe for 'Jane the Virgin'!


Gina Rodriguez
made history tonight with her Golden Globe Award win for Best Actress, TV Musical or Comedy in Jane the Virgin! Rodriguez is only the second Latina actress to win a Best Actress Golden Globe in this category. America Ferrera broke down the barrier in 2007 with her turn as Betty Suarez in Ugly Betty.

Ironically, Rodriguez also won the award for an adaptation of a Spanish-language telenovela with her role as Jane Villanueva, a woman who accidentally gets artificially inseminated by a bumbling OBGYN and also happens to be a virgin. The show is a delight in every way, Rodriguez deserved the award, but I'm pretty sure everyone, included Rodriguez herself was pretty shocked when her name was called. Except for me, of course, mainly because I'm seriously obsessed with this show...

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