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As Editor-in-Chief of MamásLatinas, I am most excited to be a part of a talented team that is vibrant with ideas. Having been raised (in Puerto Rico) as one of five children in a home that seemed to be always awake and in full motion, I'm your typical juggling mom: after work every day and on weekends it's back on high gear running from here to there with my three amazing kids (ages 18, 16 and 10). I'm a hopeless romantic who enjoys photography, is crazy about shoes, and LOVES to travel!

I know I'm Latina when...

fashion, food and music to me have to be colorful, spicy and loud!

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AMAZING mamey sapote smoothie: Slimming and delicious as can be! (RECIPE)


Rich in vitamins A and C, mamey sapote is, without a doubt, one of those fruits that I crave all year long. A mamey shake midmorning is enough to energize you for the rest of the day. Learn more about the benefits of this miraculous fruit (also known in Spanish as zapote) and use them as an excuse to make yourself a delicious shake that I'm sure you'll love!

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Hermana gemela entre las víctimas del FATAL accidente de autobús en viaje estudiantil

Hace apenas unos días, la familia Serrato, de Riverside, California, planificaban el futuro prometedor en universidad de dos de sus hijas, las gemelas de 17 años Marisol y Marisa Serrato. Jamás se imaginaron que un viaje que ellas emprenderían como parte de la realización de sus sueños lo cambiaría todo. El trágico accidente que cobró esta semana la vida de 10 personas en California, les robó a los Serrato a una de las hermanas inseparables.

Lo que se ha revelado en los medios sobre esta joven chica y sobre el dolor inmenso de su familia ante la noticia te hará llorar también... 

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6 Easy tips for taking magazine-worthy pictures with your cell phone!

sunsets PHOTOS

I've loved photography ever since I can remember. Although I learned a lot in college about professional cameras and photography--especially about technique and development--I have to admit, for a busy mom there is no better tool than a cell phone when it comes to taking photos I'd be proud enough to feature in any magazine!

Of course you want to document your first family trip to your homeland, your sons kindergarten graduation, your new manicure or a sunset that left your breathless, and you want your photos to be true to life, colorful and full of all the beautiful depth that you remember in real life. Luckily, it's so much easier than you could possibly imagine to capture all of these precious moments in all their glory. After the break, I'll share some great tips on how to get your camera phone pictures to look like they belong in a magazine spread!

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Cantaloupe & pistachio smoothie to shed the pounds NOW! (RECIPE)


Cantaloupe is one of those fruits that I often forget to add to my weight loss smoothies. I can't understand why, especially when considering its many great benefits: low in calories, easy to prepare, filling, easy to digest, nutritional value. Add to this smoothie a couple of little green factors (spinach and pistachios) and you have yourself not only a refreshing and delicious formula, but also one that will make you feel good inside and out. Try my recipe and tell me how you like it!

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Berry smoothie, the slim down secret you have to try today! (RECIPE)


Horray for berries! These superfoods, which by the way happen to be delicious, are not only amazing as antioxidants and are low in calories, but they have the power to help you and I get rid of the excess fat in our bodies. I don't know about you, but the sound of this is music to my ears. 

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