Alfonso Duro

I'm Alfonso Duro, a Spanish journalist, and I've lived in the U.S. for 18 years of my life. During that time, I've learned many things, one of them has been loving and adoring women, instead of trying to understand them! I've worked for various media outlets including,, ESPN, XM Radio, and I've collaborated with Ocean Drive, Maxim, and Siempre Mujer magazines. After 6 years in New York City, I now live in Madrid, and I hope to bring to the old country the amazing Latino treatment toward women.

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Secrets of a Latin lover: Just touch him!

On the heels of Valentine's Day overload, which I am certain you enjoyed the most passionate and wild sex of your life, comes a time for reflection: How do you keep that momentum going and not lose that sex drive? Here's how: Touch him. Just touch him. Touch it as many times as possible--all day and every day.   

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Secrets of a Latin lover: Have the hottest sex of your life in these unexpected places

The other day I wrote that one of the cardinal sins a woman can make is to not be adventurous enough. In fact, I think it's such an important point that is merits its own post. And what better day to talk about it than on St. Valentine's Day.

I was talking to my friend Ruben, a Miami-based journalist, and I was shocked when he told me that the last conversation he had with his ex-wife (he's been separated for two years and divorced for one) was about the best sexual moments they had while married! I imagine that after 10 years of marriage that remembering unforgettable moments are, well, forgettable. But he assured me that they both remembered some moments of "hot" sex, which include the 4 times they had sex in public places or outside their bedroom.

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Secrets of a Latin lover: Behold the power of a hot kiss

Cher sang about how the art of the kiss is the secret to knowing whether a man is your ideal match in "It's in his kiss." Well, I will you assure you that men also look for great kissing skills in a partner.

If a woman kisses you for real, passionately, the kind of kiss that splits your jawbone in half, it's really tough not to fall for her. That said, sloppy kissing techniques can make a man run for the hills, even if you're a hot lingerie model.

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Secrets of a Latin lover: 3 Sins that will kill any romance instantly

How many times have you said that you aren't having more sex with your husband or your man because of one excuse or another? His fault, of course, always ... or almost always. I've heard it (almost) all and I think that in many ways, my wife is right. But if this Valentine's Day week you're really aiming to put that fire back in your relationship, listen to me and try NOT to committ the following three capital sins that will scare the romance out of any bed instantly...

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Secrets of a Latin lover: How to put SEX back in your marriage

Now that Valentine's Day is just a few days away, what better way to celebrate than with a week of uninhibited, wild sex with your man?

For those of us like me that have been in a long term relationship for a while, it might be difficult to remember those days when sex with your significant other was as impulsive and impetuous as could be. I still get turned on just reminiscing about the early days of my relationship with my wife when all we wanted was to be all over each other. 

Back then, there was no need to plan to do it. The car, the kitchen, the office... any place or time of the day was perfect to let ourselves go absolutely crazy and be totally immersed in each other. 

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