Ingrid Macher

I'm a holistic health coach, personal trainer, fitness motivator, and wellness author. After finding the key to losing 50 pounds in 90 days, I've found it my duty as a Latina to help everyone to become more healthy and happy. On my website, I reveal how I did it in my free course 9 Simple Secrets I Used to Melt Away 50 Pounds.

I know I'm Latina when...

...when I can't stop dancing the tropical rhythms of my beautiful Colombia.

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7 Ways to lose weight without even trying

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My readers often tell me they would like to exercise more. They know it's part of a healthy lifestyle, but they simply don't have time for the gym three or four times a week. So, I'm going to tell you seven easy ways to burn extra calories without an intense workout. They're free and you can start today!

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Burn MORE fat in just 4 minutes with this trick


When I finally got serious and decided to drop the extra pounds on me, I knew I'd have to exercise and eat healthy. It was that combination that helped me drop 50 pounds. But it wasn't always easy. This is one complaint I often hear from my readers: "How can I find time to work-out with a job, and kids, and all my other responsibilities?" Read on for the 4-minute weight-loss trick. 


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6 Reasons this miracle ingredient is the key to weight loss & good health


Recently, I have been helping my dear friend who's been diagnosed with thyroid cancer and one of the most incredible things I came across was wheat grass. This miracle ingredient is not only good for curing diseases, but it can actually help our body to lose weight and here is why:

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4 Refreshing drinks that boost your fat-burning potential

A major part of weight loss is keeping your body hydrated with the right liquids. Many people don't like to drink plain water. If you're one of them, check out four incredibly refreshing drinks that hydrate your body and nourish it with the essential nutrients, enzymes and other compounds needed to melt those unhealthy fat deposits away.

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5 Ways kombucha can help you lose weight

Made from a combination of fermented yeast, bacteria, sugar and black tea, Kombucha is famously known as the health elixir of life. This probiotic has been credited with many health benefits, one of which includes weight loss. Although this claim doesn't necessarily have any scientific backing, regular drinkers do promise some amazing weight loss benefits.

Here are some ways Kombucha is said to help slash weight:

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