Ingrid Macher

I'm a holistic health coach, personal trainer, fitness motivator, and wellness author. After finding the key to losing 50 pounds in 90 days, I've found it my duty as a Latina to help everyone to become more healthy and happy. On my website, I reveal how I did it in my free course 9 Simple Secrets I Used to Melt Away 50 Pounds.

I know I'm Latina when...

...when I can't stop dancing the tropical rhythms of my beautiful Colombia.

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Eat healthy & lose weight with this easy trick

We have all done this. We've gone to a restaurant and ordered something that sounded nice, but when the server came in with the dish, the first thing we said is, "Wow, that looks good". It 's like the way the ingredients were artistically plated on the dish had suddenly enhanced its taste. It 's like the way the colors of each of the items played with each other made the food even more appetizing. What's interesting is that in every such instance, we had tasted the food with our eyes, before our taste buds got a chance to do its job.

The main reason why people have qualms about eating healthy foods is because of this preconceived notion that all healthy foods taste bad, bland or rather uninteresting. But there's a way you can fall in love with eating healthy food and become a healthy food fanatic. Read on to find out!

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4 "Healthy" snacks that could kill you


Snacking between meals is incredibly important because studies have shown that it prevents us from overeating by keeping our insulin and sugar level balanced. The problem that many people face is picking the right snack, because in the snack world, appearance can be deceiving. What might look healthy could actually be masking hundreds of unhealthy calories just waiting to find a home in your cells. In this article, we are going to look at four unhealthy "healthy" snacks that might just be the reason why you are still not able to fit in your favorite little black dress. Trust me, some of these are sure to shock you:

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5 Easy steps to a hot bikini body before summer

We all want to look our best for the summer time! With family vacations, trips with our girlfriends and beach days on the horizon, we're all feeling the pressure to look out best. So, what's a girl to do in order to lose weight quickly and most importantly, in a HEALTHY way before the dog days are upon us? 

Check out these 5 easy steps below to get your mind and body on the right track to the bikini body you want!

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80:20 Rule: The weight loss miracle you've been waiting for

If there is anything that ties the majority of people in this country together, it is their quest to become healthy- not necessarily thinner- but healthy. Statistics show that more than two thirds of U.S adults are overweight. That might just seem like a number to you, that is, until you become a part of it.

When that happens everything changes. Your health suffers, and so does your social and personal life. Desperate situations can cause us to take desperate measures. Most people go from one diet to the next, trying to find some solace, or a miracle that could snap them back out of their current situation and put them in a healthier state.

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The truth about going gluten-free


Ten years ago, no one even knew the term "gluten," but lately it has become all the rage. Gluten seems to be receiving a lot of negative criticism regarding its role in promoting weight gain. This claim does not have any scientific validation. That said, this idea has sort of become a fad, attracting proponents who unknowingly seem to be spewing the myth, and making others go on a gluten free shopping spree, as if that's the secret to miraculously melting those fats away. But is it? The answer will surprise you.

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