Ingrid Macher

I'm a holistic health coach, personal trainer, fitness motivator, and wellness author. After finding the key to losing 50 pounds in 90 days, I've found it my duty as a Latina to help everyone to become more healthy and happy. On my website, I reveal how I did it in my free course 9 Simple Secrets I Used to Melt Away 50 Pounds.

I know I'm Latina when...

...when I can't stop dancing the tropical rhythms of my beautiful Colombia.

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6 Reasons to stop counting calories NOW

It might seem like if you want to lose weight, counting calories comes with the territory. While keeping a food journal of everything you put into your system is a good thing, obsessively adding up the number of calories might not be such a good idea. The claim that counting calorie can lead to weight loss is a myth that has been spewed out so frequently, that people took it as a fact.

Here are 6 reasons why counting calories should NOT be your weight loss solution:

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This salt is your secret weapon for weight loss!

Where table salt falls short by being stripped of the nutritional minerals during processing, Himalayan salt reigns supreme with its pureness and mineral rich content. This ancient and completely natural salt has spent centuries housed around 5,000 feet below the Himalayan mountains, under excruciating tectonic pressure, which kept it safe from any kind of industrial impurities and toxins. It is not heavily processed, and is washed and mined manually. Unlike table salt, Himalayan salt contains 85 percent sodium chloride and 15 percent of 84 different trace minerals. So it's really your secret weapon for weight loss, and here's how!

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7 Reasons you actually need fat in your diet

Contrary to popular belief, dietary fat is very important for the health of our body. Fat phobia is running rampant in today's society, so we hope that the 7 fat benefits presented below will make you realize how important it truly is for our physiology.

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7 Secret ways French women stay skinny


France is the land of cheese, wine, chocolate and rich foods, yet only about 18 percent of the French are fighting weight issues. People are constantly trying to adopt the French diet to get the same effects, but truth be told, the only secret why French women are so lean is that they don't believe in diet; rather, each meal for them is a celebration.

Below, you will find seven basic principles that the French follow to look their best while indulging in the most nutrient dense and rich culinary treats.

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Sugar may actually HELP your diet

Sugar gets blamed for weight gain and a variety of diseases. Because of this, many people are starting to severely cut out sugar from their diet. But the truth is, sugar actually is important for your body; not necessarily in its conventional form, like table sugar, high fructose corn syrup or agave nectar, but in more natural versions like honey or those naturally found in fruits. 

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