Ingrid Macher

I'm a holistic health coach, personal trainer, fitness motivator, and wellness author. After finding the key to losing 50 pounds in 90 days, I've found it my duty as a Latina to help everyone to become more healthy and happy. On my website, I reveal how I did it in my free course 9 Simple Secrets I Used to Melt Away 50 Pounds.

I know I'm Latina when...

...when I can't stop dancing the tropical rhythms of my beautiful Colombia.

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Radish: 5 Ways this root boosts weight loss


One of the easiest and fastest ways to give a boost to your weight loss and your body's overall health is by adding radishes to your diet. These pink beauties are a powerhouse of nutrients, yielding every part of your body the necessary vitamins and minerals required to get strong, healthy and fit. They are crunchy, colorful and are filled with healing properties. They can be added to salads or to your sandwich as a quick way to add a punch of nutrients to your meal. Here are five reasons why you need to include this ravishing root vegetable in your diet:

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Jackfruit: 5 ways this superfood is great for weight loss


Just like its size, this huge fruit contains huge benefits. The smell, flavor and even the appearance of jackfruit makes it highly distinctive. Its tree is one of the largest in the whole world, and it is very commonly found in south India. Since its presence is so prevalent, the nutritional significance of jackfruit is very undervalued, but this versatile fruit is brimming with nutrients. It can be boiled, roasted or eaten dried. The fleshy part can be juiced or made into jelly or ice cream.

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Onions: The surprising ingredient that can help you lose weight fast


Yes, they can make you cry, but onions also make your fat cells weak with fear. This versatile vegetable holds some very powerful benefits when it comes to slashing pounds and making your body stronger inside and out. In just 45 calories, this bulb shaped vegetable, can add immense flavor and a powerful punch of nutritious goodness to any dish.

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Freekeh: 5 ways this miracle grain can help you lose weight


The unique strength of Freekeh comes from the fact they, unlike other grains, are harvested when still young. They are then roasted which gives it its characteristic nutty and smoky flavor. Mostly used in Middle East and North Africa, it is slowly finding its way into the west. This wheat product is bursting with nutrients and as a healthier substitute, they can replace your ordinary grain. Simply put, they are a highly nutritious addition to any meal. Here are five ways how Freekeh boosts your health:

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5 Ways complex carbs can help you lose weight


With the prevalence of diets promoting low carb lifestyle, people are starting to clear their kitchen of carbs. But what many don't realize is that carbohydrates are macronutrients and are just as important as protein and fat for weight loss. Carbs, especially long chained complex carbs, provide us with energy and many important vitamins and minerals necessary for weight loss.

Here are five ways Complex carbs help you lose weight:

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