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I'm Deborah, online I'm  @TruthfulMommy. I'm the creator of The TRUTH about Motherhood. I am a writer, a wife, and a work-at-home Mami who's trying to do it all well. I live in the Midwest with my 2 little girls and my husband. I love them more than I thought was possible and my greatest hope is that I raise them well. I have a lot of degrees from a bunch of schools but mostly spend my days shuttling people under the age of 7, while trying to maintain my sanity. I talk a lot. I may not always say what you want to hear but it will always be my honest viewpoint.

I know I'm Latina when...

my inner monologue is in spanglish.

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Nurse rapes 2-month-old baby & there are no words


Just be warned, this post may make you simultaneously sick to your stomach and overcome with blind rage. Michael Lutts, a 50-year-old male pediatric nurse in San Diego County, was arrested for sexually molesting a prematurely born 2-month-old baby in his foster care and taking cell phone pics and video of the entire thing while it was happening. The images and video show graphic and REPEATED acts of molestation over several weeks, "with the baby crying throughout one video."

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Idiot 911 dispatcher refuses to help mom who accidentally locked toddler in car

Tampa, Florida mom Shauna Dees strapped her 10-month-old son, Jack, into his car seat in a store parking lot. She closed the door to secure a shopping cart and little Jack pressed the lock button, locking himself in the car.

The car wasn't running and temperatures were high, near the triple digits. Freaking out, Dees borrowed a phone from a passerby and called police. But the dispatcher not only didn't send help, he hung up on her.

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Mom rejects disabled twin from surrogate, calls her "dribbling cabbage"

What would you do if you were having twins and you found out that one was severely disabled? Would you abort? What if you didn't find out until you gave birth? Would you abandon the baby at the hospital? Is that even legal? Well, that's what one couple in Britain did. They abandoned their disabled baby girl because according to the mom, "She'd be a f****** dribbling cabbage! Who would want to adopt her? No one would want to adopt a disabled child!"

Are you pissed? Me, too! 

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Rape victim forced to deliver baby at 25 weeks after being denied abortion


A young woman who was raped was forced to give birth by C-section at 25 weeks after being denied an abortion in Ireland. She demanded a termination at eight weeks because she was suicidal at the thought of being pregnant with her rapist's baby but was refused.

Ireland's 2013 Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act allows for abortions in Irish hospitals in limited circumstances, which includes if the woman's life is put in danger by the pregnancy going to full-term or if the woman is suicidal because of rape or incest. Obviously, this Act didn't help in this instance at all. Setting a precedent and making it harder for women in need to get an abortion, even under the protection of the Act.

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Abuelos spend thousands on boob job for granddaughter

Amy Hart, a 22-year-old from the U.K., suffered from low self-esteem because of her size 34A breasts. For her 21st birthday, her grandparents, Dee and Harry Giles, made Amy's dreams come true by paying for a boob job.

The beautiful airline stewardess originally asked her mother, Susan Hart, to pay for her breast implants but her mother said that it no so she went to her grandparents. They said no, but Amy told them she was willing to take out a loan to finance her breasts, they gave in. A few days later, Amy went under the knife to get her boobs upgraded to a size 34DD.

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