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I'm Deborah, online I'm  @TruthfulMommy. I'm the creator of The TRUTH about Motherhood. I am a writer, a wife, and a work-at-home Mami who's trying to do it all well. I live in the Midwest with my 2 little girls and my husband. I love them more than I thought was possible and my greatest hope is that I raise them well. I have a lot of degrees from a bunch of schools but mostly spend my days shuttling people under the age of 7, while trying to maintain my sanity. I talk a lot. I may not always say what you want to hear but it will always be my honest viewpoint.

I know I'm Latina when...

my inner monologue is in spanglish.

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8 Totally weird things that happen to your body during pregnancy that no one will tell you


When I was pregnant the first time, I had no idea what to expect. None whatsoever. In fact, everything was new and exciting and potentially life threatening. There were a lot of ups and downs in those first days. My hormones were out of control. I don't remember being extra moody, but then again that is one of the perks of being a moody person regularly. I do however remember feeling like everything was upside down and wishing someone had warned me of some of the weirder side effects of pregnancy and the hormones that come with being with child.

Here are some of the weird things that happen to you during pregnancy that are completely normal. So don't freak out. Well, you can a little bit but it won't help.

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5 Ways fajas can help you to get a perfect body like Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is getting married to Kanye West in 6 weeks and has reportedly taken to not only wearing a faja during the day, but sleeping in a corset too! So, can the faja really help you get the body you want? You bet it can!

Commonly used in Latin American countries after childbirth to help women recover their pre-pregnancy figure, fajas come in all shapes, sizes and materials. What used to be just for new moms, overweight women, and ladies recovering from plastic surgery, is now a super hot trend with everyone from abuela to your tween daughters embracing the faja.

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Woman kills her mother-in-law in most gruesome way you can imagine

One 20-year-old Colorado Springs woman, Ellyzabeth Rainey, gave new meaning to the words "hating your mother-in-law" and was recently sentenced to 41 years in prison for gruesomely murdering her.

I know many of us have more often than not wanted to tell our mothers-in-law to butt out and mind their own damn business. Who hasn't given their mother-in-law the "Die old lady" look? Granted, I adore my mother-in-law 98 percent of the time, but every once in a while I find myself at a loss for words and feel that perhaps a throat punch would be a better solution. But I get over it and move on for the sake of our relationship.

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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West expecting TWINS this fall!


Kim Kardashian is pregnant again. You heard it here first. Prepare yourself for the demise of the belfies and prepare for the bumpfies. While the whole world is in an tizzy  about Kim and Kanye gracing the cover of Vogue this month (which I totally don't get. It's a fashion magazine and these two are fashion icons who look amazing), no one was paying attention. It's the old obvious is oblivious strategy. Kim and Kanye are hiding a baby bump beneath those perfect, strategically placed hands of theirs. Did no one notice the damn pregnancy glow?

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How to conceive a baby boy


When you found out you were pregnant, did you want a boy or a girl? When a couple finds out that they are pregnant, whether they admit it or not, we secretly (or not so secretly) prefer one sex over the other. Sure, we all say that we don't care as long as the baby is healthy and I think that is true, for the most part, but there is a little part of us, the un-PC part, who has a preference. I gave birth to two beautiful little girls so I've got that under control but I did some research and found out the answer to how to get yourself a bouncing baby boy.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you conceive a boy.

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