Johanna Ferreira

I'm the Beauty and Fashion Staff Writer at MamásLatinas and a proud Dominicana! I was born and raised in Queens, New York and have hopes of one day moving to Manhattan. Obsessed with all things beauty and fashion, you'll normally find me either trying on a new lipstick, experimenting with DIY beauty remedies or bargain shopping. I graduated from Baruch College with a Journalism major and English Literature Minor in 2009, and have interned at various magazines like SELF, Latina, Popular Science and InStyle.

I know I'm Latina when...

I find myself eating platanos or bananas with every meal!

Johanna's Latest Posts

5 Genius tricks to prevent annoying inner thigh chafing

Any curvy chica or flaquita with thick legs (like me) has struggled with inner thigh chafing--you know, when your inner thighs constantly rub against each other. No thigh gap here! I've gotten it so bad that I've actually made holes in the inner thighs of some of my stretchy skinny jeans. But as you probably already know, this problem definitely presents the most challenges during the summertime.

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10 Ways to save your thinning hair


I've lost a lot of hair over the past year or so. My strands have been to hell and back after some bad heat-styling decisions and much damage. Right now my hair is still slowly recovering from everything, but I've finally managed to get the thinning to stop.

I've been nurturing, nourishing and styling my hair for years, but no one ever told me that heat-styling could ruin your texture and even lead to hair loss. Ugh! When I first noticed my hair was thinning out, I literally cried. But these days I'm putting on my big girl pants and fighting hair loss. Here are seven tips that are helping my hair grow back thicker and healthier!

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10 Frizz-fighting hair products that will keep your strands looking great all day

frizz PHOTOS

The truth is most women struggle with frizz during the summer, despite their hair texture. It's like the minute the temperature starts to rise and the humidity starts to kick, your hair starts to pouf up. Or in my case expand into a fluffy, curly pajón. It's annoying and definitely NOT attractive. So what's a girl to do?

Luckily, we live in a day and age where frizz-free products are easily accessible and quite affordable. These hair savers will not only keep your strands smooth and soft throughout those hot summer days, but some of them even include nourishing, moisturizing, and shine-boosting benefits. Check out some of the best ones in the market to help you keep the frizz at bay this season!

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What your manicure says about your personality may surprise you! (PHOTOS)

manicure PHOTOS

For the last couple of months, I've been walking around with short, ridged, and unpolished nails--definitely NOT cute (I'm trying to get them stronger and healthier, don't judge!). I'm finally going back to polishing them, but the whole ordeal made me wonder what other chicas thought of me whenever they got a glimpse of my hands. Because you'd be surprised how much your nails say about you as a woman.

Whether you're the type who never has time to primp and polish (like me) or won't be caught dead leaving the house without your nails perfectly wrapped in acrylic and designed, one thing we can all admit is that we all do appreciate a good manicure. I rounded up 10 manicures to help you figure out what your nail personality is. Check them out and figure out your amiga's, tíaa's and prima's personalities while you're at it!

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Abuela's beauty DIY: Grow long hair with this all-natural home remedy


I've had pretty long hair for most of my life, but after a terrible haircut gone wrong, I got my long locks to come back in just a matter of months. What's my secret you ask? I like to whip up an old rosemary and coconut oil remedy that my mamá and abuelita like to use for thinning hair--and it also works great for fast hair growth!

While rosemary oil helps stimulate the hair follicles to promote growth, coconut oil deeply hydrates and nourishes strands. It's no wonder my pelo always looks so shiny and feels so soft whenever I use this easy-to-do DIY treatment!

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