Johanna Ferreira

I'm the Beauty and Fashion Staff Writer at MamásLatinas and a proud Dominicana! I was born and raised in Queens, New York and have hopes of one day moving to Manhattan. Obsessed with all things beauty and fashion, you'll normally find me either trying on a new lipstick, experimenting with DIY beauty remedies or bargain shopping. I graduated from Baruch College with a Journalism major and English Literature Minor in 2009, and have interned at various magazines like SELF, Latina, Popular Science and InStyle.

I know I'm Latina when...

I find myself eating platanos or bananas with every meal!

Johanna's Latest Posts

The 10 best affordable products for curly hair


It's not always easy finding curly hair products that actually work and don't cost an arm and a leg. With the amount of product most of us have to use on our rizos, it can be painful to cough up 30 bucks just for a curl cream. Looking for some cheaper fixes? Don't worry, I got you covered. From shampoos to styling sprays, here are 10 affordable products that will keep your curls looking their best!

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Surprising reason you should NEVER put a lemon wedge in your water again!


I've never been a big fan of water. In fact, I practically have to force myself to drink it and it's for this reason whenever I go to a bar or restaurant, I specifically request they add a lemon wedge. But after a recent discovery, I can guarantee you that I will NEVER EVER request a lemon wedge again. Not for my water, not for my beverages, not even for my food! You're not going to believe the kind of germs experts have found in restaurant lemon wedges. Trust me--it will make you gag!

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The 8 best classic Latino beauty products (PHOTOS)

classic PHOTOS

As much as I love to splurge on high-end beauty products and make fun trips to department stores, sometimes nothing quite seems to do the trick like the old-school Latino beauty products I grew up using.  Even though they all come from our países, these awesome beauty buys are also available here in the states! From the hair treatments I've used in the Dominican salons to the ultimate Colombian nail hardener, here are my favorite iconic Latina beauty products!

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The 12 best beauty tricks of all time

beauty PHOTOS

My abuela's old-school tricks are priceless and the other day one totally saved my life: Last week, I realized my feet needed help. My nail polish was still pretty fresh and not a single nail was chipped, but my heels were horrifyingly dry and chapped! So what did I do? I slathered on some petroleum jelly all over my feet before bed and put socks on right after to smooth away any rough or dry skin. And guess what? It totally worked! Abuela: 1, nasty feet: 0!

It's funny how a simple DIY fix can totally rescue you from a beauty blunder, not to mention save you some cash! Here are the best ever simple and practical at-home beauty tricks that will keep you looking beautiful without breaking your wallet!

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The 11 best fajas that will help you tone your post-baby tummy


I have to admit, when I first heard that Jessica Alba wore a double corset for three months straight to flatten her post-pregnancy belly, I really wasn't surprised at all. Latinas have been using this trick for years and it seems like now is when everyone is catching on, including shapewear brands that are designing girdles especially for women who want to get their pre-pregnancy bods back. The difference is the shapewear from today is WAY more comfortable than the ones our mamás and abuelitas used to wear back in the day. So if you're looking to lose that tummy, I might just have the perfect solution. Check out a few of these 11 tummy-flattening fajas that will snap you back into shape in no time!

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