Giselle Castro

I'm the Editorial Assistant at Mamás Latinas. I was born and raised in New York City and graduated from St. John's University as a Journalism and English major, where I was a staff writer for the school newspaper, The Torch, and an on-air host and producer for the school's television club, WRED-TV. I have interned at Parenting, Self, Big Apple Parent magazines, and I love everything fitness and nutrition and enjoy trying out new foods. I'm also a movie buff and a fan of the TV shows Breaking Bad, Modern Family, and Arrested Development

I know I'm Latina when... non-latino friends tell me I'm shouting, but in my head I'm speaking in my normal tone of voice.

Giselle's Latest Posts

5 Ways coconut oil can help you lose weight fast!

Coconut oil has long been used as a beauty remedy meant to soften your skin and hair. But did you know that it also helps you lose weight? It might sound far-fetched because we're taught to believe that consuming foods with saturated fat can make us gain weight, when in fact this miracle oil can help you drop the pounds in ways you couldn't imagine.

So what's the big deal about coconut oil anyway? Behold the answer to all your dieting and weight loss worries…

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Avoid these 6 foods & banish belly fat FOREVER!


Losing weight is no easy feat, especially when your trouble area is your stomach. Yes, ladies, we all yearn for that flat stomach with no side chichos creating undesirable muffin tops. But no matter how many sit ups and crunches we do, those abs remain hidden in a blob of fat. But there's a saying that goes: "Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym." So all that hard work you've been putting in to exercise and tone up probably has been backfiring because your diet is not on point.

By switching up certain foods and adding others into your daily meal plan, you'll be able to achieve that six pack in no time. But first you have to make sure to eliminate certain foods that could be harming your diet and the chances of getting rock hard abs. Here are the six of the worst foods to avoid if you want a flat stomach!

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5 Power juice recipes that will help you lose weight for good!


Juicing cleanses are all the rage right now, but they are NOT cheap. In fact some juices can cost you up to $12 a bottle and--let's be honest--that's not ideal when you're on a tight budget. If you're looking to do a cleanse but don't want to cough up $300 for a week's worth of juices (yes, it can cost up to THAT much), then we have the perfect solution for you.

You can do it from the comfort of your own home WITHOUT having to spend more ridiculous amounts of money. In fact, you will even gain more nutritional value simply by freshly juicing them yourself!  

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Lose weight with this yummy chia fresca drink!

You may be familiar with the chia fresca drink or "agua de chia". The chia seed is the ultimate superfood--it has been around for ages and was popular among the Aztecs. This seed is perfect to get in your daily omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, calcium, protein, and so many more vitamins and minerals. The issue with it is that most people purchase it and then don't know how to use them.

That's when I recommend trying a delicious chia fresca to quench your thirst and nourish your body.

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Try the mushroom diet to lose the weight without losing your curves

It's not uncommon that during weight loss women's butts and breast sizes shrink along the way too, but the M-Plan diet promises to prevent that! Celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne and Katy Perry swear by the M-Plan, a diet which consists of replacing one meal a day with a mushroom infused dish.

The diet claims that in a matter of 14 days, you can drop up to a dress size, but STILL keep your sexy curves. You're probably wondering what it is about mushrooms that make them so great. Well, read on to find out!

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