Giselle Castro

I'm the Editorial Assistant at Mamás Latinas. I was born and raised in New York City and graduated from St. John's University as a Journalism and English major, where I was a staff writer for the school newspaper, The Torch, and an on-air host and producer for the school's television club, WRED-TV. I have interned at Parenting, Self, Big Apple Parent magazines, and I love everything fitness and nutrition and enjoy trying out new foods. I'm also a movie buff and a fan of the TV shows Breaking Bad, Modern Family, and Arrested Development

I know I'm Latina when... non-latino friends tell me I'm shouting, but in my head I'm speaking in my normal tone of voice.

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6 Easy tips for sharing finances with your partner

If you've ever lived with another person, you know that money is a major factor when determining how to pay for expenses. If you've just decided to move in with your significant other (or not!), Money can sometimes make or break a relationship. But it doesn't have to be an issue if you choose the right way to manage your finances together. A survey given by Learnvest and Chase Card Services revealed that more than 44 percent of couples keep their finances separate from their live-in partners—whether they are married or not.

Those statistics are shocking because  it shows how fearful people have beome from sharing their expenses. But there are plenty of strategies you can tackle whether you're both working, if one of you out earns the other, or if one of you is the main provider. Check out these methods and see which style is most ideal for you!


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5 easy ways to get rid of your muffin top fast


Summer is just around the corner which means you will soon be showing less skin. However if you packed on some pounds during this awful winter we had, chances are you are far from bikini ready. If you have been trying to hide that muffin top, the good news is you no longer will have to!

That's if you follow these tips to get rid of that muffin top in time for beach weather!

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Argentinian monster fathered 5 children with daughter he held captive for decades


A 53-year-old Argentinian blacksmith is under investigation after it was discovered that he fathered five children with his now 31-year-old daughter.

Police found out about the horrible situation when another member of the family reported him. The unnamed father was supposedly abusive towards his family and would pass his daughter off as his wife in public. 

Ugh, what a creep!

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Sofia Vergara talks about her first threesome


Sofia Vergara is one of the hottest ladies in Hollywood and her latest role is in the raunchy film Fading Gigolo as a  client. You would think that someone with as much sex appeal as Sofia would be a natural when it comes to filming sex scenes, but in the latest Woody Allen movie, she reveals that she was shy!

In fact, Sofia stars in a very steamy threesome scene with legendary actress, Sharon Stone who showed her the ropes!

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Famous Hollywood director accused of having orgies with underage boys


There are some serious allegations going around surrounding X-Men: Days of Future Past movie director, Bryan Singer. He is being accused of raping former child actor, Michael Egan repeatedly for three years when he was between the ages of 15 and 17. Egan who is now 31, says that orgies with minors in Tinsletown are NOT uncommon and that tons of major players in Hollywood partake.

In fact, he says many of these big wigs in the entertainment industry openly sexually assault these aspiring child actors. The worst part is that Egan reported the sexual assault to the LAPD and FBI in the late 90's and they did NOTHING to help him.

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