Giselle Castro

I'm the Editorial Assistant at Mamás Latinas. I was born and raised in New York City and graduated from St. John's University as a Journalism and English major, where I was a staff writer for the school newspaper, The Torch, and an on-air host and producer for the school's television club, WRED-TV. I have interned at Parenting, Self, Big Apple Parent magazines, and I love everything fitness and nutrition and enjoy trying out new foods. I'm also a movie buff and a fan of the TV shows Breaking Bad, Modern Family, and Arrested Development

I know I'm Latina when... non-latino friends tell me I'm shouting, but in my head I'm speaking in my normal tone of voice.

Giselle's Latest Posts
Valentine's Day

5 Surprising ways to make your flowers last longer


I'm sure this Valentine's Day will be filled with chocolates, presents, and flowers your man so thoughtfully bought for you. We all love receiving flowers on the most romantic day of the year--or anytime for that matter--but what sucks is keeping them alive! 

If you're like me,then you've experienced that your flowers don't last more than a few days until they start wilting. The good news is there are little tricks out there to have them last longer!

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5 Sex hacks that will shock you


Maintaining a healthy sex life shouldn't be rocket science, but there are times when we all hit a rut. This doesn't mean there is a problem with the relationship or your partner for that matter, instead you may need a little help. Believe it or not there are some hacks out there that can improve your sex life!

When you see which exist you can use them accordingly if you get what I mean--wink wink.

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Man lost over 100 pounds & you will not believe how!


Benji Kurtz used to weigh 280 pounds, but has lost 100 pounds since 2005. He was a well-known crash dieter eliminating carbs only to regain the weight he lost quickly. He finally saw the food documentary Forks over Knives, which focuses on plant-based eating. The movie left him inspired to change the way he ate.

He also read up on the subject matter as he adapted to his new lifestyle. Once he started seeing results, he stuck by it and hasn't looked back since.

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WATCH: Watermelon trick will make you the hero of any summer BBQ

Watermelon is delicious and refreshing to have during the summer time, but cutting it can be tricky. I know I'm always scared I'm going to get cut because unlike many other fruits, the watermelon is round and doesn't have a sturdy bottom for cutting.

Even when I try cutting it down the middle, it is never split evenly. That's why I was amazed when I saw a video of a man cutting up a watermelon in the most unique manner!

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5 New delicious ways to eat cauliflower

cauliflower PHOTOS

Cauliflower is one of those vegetables that can be hit or miss depending on your taste buds. I personally have never had a problem with it but I know plenty of people who say they can't get used to the cruciferous veggie. The good news is there are many ways to eat cauliflower that even the biggest veggie hater will love.

These recipes will not only revamp the food you make at the kitchen table, but help you lose weight too!

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