Giselle Castro

I'm the Editorial Assistant at Mamás Latinas. I was born and raised in New York City and graduated from St. John's University as a Journalism and English major, where I was a staff writer for the school newspaper, The Torch, and an on-air host and producer for the school's television club, WRED-TV. I have interned at Parenting, Self, Big Apple Parent magazines, and I love everything fitness and nutrition and enjoy trying out new foods. I'm also a movie buff and a fan of the TV shows Breaking Bad, Modern Family, and Arrested Development

I know I'm Latina when... non-latino friends tell me I'm shouting, but in my head I'm speaking in my normal tone of voice.

Giselle's Latest Posts

Recall alert: Popular baby monitor can burn your infant!


If you're a mom who uses baby monitors to check on your little one, then you need to hear about this latest recall. Summer Infant is recalling 800,000 of their rechargeable baby video monitors which include 15 of their products such as the Baby Touch, Safe Light, and Slim & Secure monitors.

The problem? The company says that they pose as a burn hazard due to overheated and ruptured batteries. If you own one of these products, keep reading to find out what you have to do...

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Teen kicked out of her prom for ridiculous sexist reason


I never went to my high school prom, but if I did I would assume that whatever I chose to wear would be appropriate for the event. One North Carolina teen however got in trouble after she showed up to her prom wearing something other than a dress. Shafer Rupard Instead opted to wear pants to her prom held at the Cherryville Golf & Country Club on Saturday.

However her unique fashion sense struck the attention of a teacher chaperoning who asked her to leave because of her attire. How rude!

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Bachelorette contestant Eric Hill dies after terrible accident


The new season of The Bachelorette hasn't even begun yet and the show is already facing a terrible tragedy. One of their contestants, 31-year-old Eric Hill, who was looking to woo 26-year-old Andi Dorfman has died after an inexplicable incident. He was hospitalized on Sunday after being in a paragliding accident in Utah.

His sister confirmed via Facebook that after being in a coma for a couple of days, he succumbed to his injuries. How sad!

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Former 430 pound virgin loses more than half his size!


Remember a few weeks ago we told you about the 430 pound guy who sent his girlfriend to the hospital the first time they had sex? As you can imagine that was a mortifying moment for 21-year-old Gregg Casarona who was trying to share an intimate moment with his then 22-year-old girlfriend Jenn Gerakaris.

The couple appeared on TLC's Sex Sent me to the ER after the man (portrayed by the actor in the image above) plowed Gerakaris' head through the wall during their first time all because of his weight. Things have changed since then and they are no longer together. However, Casarona, now 26, is also turning heads but not for the reason you would think!

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Teen smuggled gun into jail in her vagina & OMG


Getting arrested for driving with a suspended license is bad enough, but one teen managed to do something even MORE unthinkable. Nineteen-year-old Dallas Archer from Tennessee was being booked in jail when the female corrections officer spotted something abormal on the teen during a body search.

What she found and where you will NEVER believe!

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