Yuliana Gomez

I'm the mom to a toddler boy and baby girl. I was born in Medellín, Colombia and came to the U.S. when I was 7 years old. These days, I'm trying to keep up with my kids, who keep me busier than I could have ever imagined! I was previously the Managing Editor for Latina magazine, where I worked for almost 12 years. I live in the N.Y.C. area with my amazing hubby, our kids, and two crazy chihuahuas, Pablo and Arnoldo.

I know I'm Latina when...

I speak in English to my kids, and then immediately tell them the same thing in Spanish.

Yuliana's Latest Posts

No-bake Christmas cookies without the effort with this super easy recipe

Making cookies isn't my cup of tea. I'm a full-time working mom of two young kids, so busy doesn't begin to describe it. That's why this recipe for decorating Christmas cookies, from our friends at Sugar Bowl Bakery and Gimbal's, is perfect! They're made from store-bought madeleine cookies, but no one has to know about that ...

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Receta de tamales dulces de calabaza fáciles y deliciosos

Los tamales son una de las comidas más tradicionales entre los latinos durante las fiestas decembrinas. Esta receta, cortesia de nuestros amigos de IMUSA, tiene un twist dulce y delicioso que te encantará. Ah, y lo mejor de todo es que estos tamales dulces de calabaza son tan fáciles de preparar que te puedes lucir como una verdadera chef. ¡Buen provecho!

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Jennifer Lopez wore this dress to the Tony Awards & I'm speechless…


Jennifer Lopez is always dressed to perfection, but at last night's Tony Awards Red Carpet, she blew us away. Although J.Lo always looks flawless, lately, we've been noticing that we can pretty much guess what her stunning dress is going to look like for any special event: More than likely it's going to be sheer or have some sort of sheer design, lace or sequins; it will highlight her best assets (which are pretty much her entire body, but you know what I mean!); it'll probably be a nude color. And in most of the cases it's going to be designed by her fave, Zuhair Murad. It's a look that works for her, a designer that seems to get her, and one that she knows is going to make her look spectacular. But wait one minute! Last night she broke out of that mold and I have to tell you, it was DIFFERENT, but amazing. You HAVE TO SEE this dress she wore last night, it's beyond words, check it out below …

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10 Temores irracionales que tenía cuando nació mi bebé

Todas las que son madres saben a qué me refiero: esos temores irracionales que sentíamos antes de que nuestros bebecitos nacieran y hasta durante los primeros meses después de su llegada. Desde cosas simples como qué jabones usar hasta los horrores más terribles, como el mal de ojo, todas hemos tenido esos momentos cuando dejamos atrás la lógica. Para ayudar a disminuir algunos de los temores de las madres nuevas o de las que ya casi son mamis, aquí les dejo con 10 de los más comunes miedos que yo sentí y algunas lecciones que aprendí.

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Kim Kardashian looks crazy on new magazine cover


Kim Kardashian is at it again and has just shared a new crazy magazine cover. This time it's the cover of the uber-cool British style magazine Love. And although Kimmy isn't naked or greasy, it's still a pretty shocking image. Are you ready? Take a look after the break.

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