Lucia Ballas-Traynor

I was born and raised in Chile until I moved to New York when I was 11 years old. My family went back to Chile but I stayed behind after marrying a very supportive Gringo of Irish descent. We have two beautiful children (a boy and a girl, ages 14 and 16 respectively). I am  proud of my Latin culture and roots and work hard at retaining and passing on my heritage and traditions to my kids. I love all types of food, spending time with my familia, music, diversity and constant discovery. I feel fortunate to be able to take the best of my two cultures and create my own!

I know I'm Latina when...

I love, when I celebrate and when I feel pain!

Lucia's Latest Posts

20 Things only Latinas say

Every morning this month we've been posting "You Know You're Latina When…" quotes on Facebook inspired by Latinas like you and I. It doesn't matter if you were born in the U.S. and only speak English or if you were born in Latin America, but have been living in the U.S. for decades, we can all relate!

I have listed the quotes based on the responses they've gotten from the fans of our "I Love Being Latina" Facebook page. Take a look!

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3 Tips that will guarantee your child's success

A recent study revealed that Latino kids are "half as likely to have family members read to them, and a third less likely to be sung to or have stories told to" compared to their white, non-Latino peers. This basically means that Latino kids are starting kindergarten with a clear disadvantage over non-Latino kids who are also more likely to attend preschool!

When my son was diagnosed deaf, his speech therapist gave me three tips that I credit for my son's success. He is now 17.  He is profoundly deaf but uses a cochlear implant to "hear" and he ranks among the top 5% in his high school. I promise you that if you and your family implement these tips from birth through Kindergarten, it will pay off for the rest of their lives!

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5 Things you might not know about Puerto Rico

My familia and I recently spent five amazing days in Puerto Rico. This time, we stayed with friends who grew up on the Island which was a totally different experience! Here are 5 things that we learned and experienced about Puerto Rico that I didn't know!

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Easy "create-your-own" omelette the whole familia will love

My family loves when I make meals that can be adapted to fit their individual tastes.  These dishes are usually easy to make, affordable and fun.  This "made-to-order" food can be made with quesadillas, tacos and pizza. Take a look at my make-your-own pizza recipe.

This week I tried this custom-made approach with omelette and it was a hit!

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13 Latin songs your friends will LOVE!


Every summer I create a playlist that includes the best Latin and American hits that my familia and friends--a blend of Latinos and Gringos--can enjoy while barbequing, hanging at the beach or at our house. Before recommending them to my friends I make sure that the Latin songs are popular with my gringo audience--in other words that they've been gringo approved and tested.

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