Lucia Ballas-Traynor

I was born and raised in Chile until I moved to New York when I was 11 years old. My family went back to Chile but I stayed behind after marrying a very supportive Gringo of Irish descent. We have two beautiful children (a boy and a girl, ages 14 and 16 respectively). I am  proud of my Latin culture and roots and work hard at retaining and passing on my heritage and traditions to my kids. I love all types of food, spending time with my familia, music, diversity and constant discovery. I feel fortunate to be able to take the best of my two cultures and create my own!

I know I'm Latina when...

I love, when I celebrate and when I feel pain!

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Different parenting styles and their impact on our children


There have been many studies on parenting styles and their impact on children.  In the 60s, psychologist Diana Baumrind conducted a study that identified two important parenting factors:  "demandingness" and "responsiveness."  Based on these two aspects, Baumrind came up with three parental styles: authoritarian, permissive (or indulgent) and authoritative. Latinas like me tend to be raised by authoritarian parents while gringas are more likely to be raised by permissive parents.  According to most studies, both extremes have negative effects on children.

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14 Reasons I love being Chilean

It was tough for me to keep the reasons as to why I love being Chilean to just 14! Even though I've lived in this country most of my life, my Chilean heritage, values and traditions are an integral part of my identity; what defines me and what makes me unique.

I married a gringo, stayed in the U.S. and have raised two beautiful gringuitos. However, the minute that I became a mom, my pride and desire to pass on my culture and traditions to my kids intensified. Like so many latinas who come from other Latin American countries, Chileans share a heightened sense of familia, spirituality and passion for life so I decided to focus on other aspects that are unique to being Chilean and here they are:

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Hispanic Heritage Month

10 Eating habits only Latinas can relate to

I think most Latinas would agree that the role food plays in our lives is an important expression of our identity and culture, as well as a key difference between us and our gringa friends.  Here are 10 food habits that scream "I'm a proud Latina!"

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8 Things every Latina has to consider when choosing her baby's name

In addition to all of things that our Anglo peers need to take into consideration when it comes to naming their baby, Latinas have a host of other issues to think about. Some of our concerns seem pretty amusing when you see them in writing, but I remember totally stressing out for months over the name decision. Here are 10 considerations that are typical to Latinas who are trying to name a baby born here in the U.S.:

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Famous life lessons every Latina should share with her kids

I remember getting an email years ago about how different life would be if we could "live life backwards." Just imagine starting your life with all of the lessons you've learned; your regrets on opportunities that you've passed on; the trivial things that sucked all life out of you that shouldn't have; the things that you have never seen as a top priority. I could go on and on! Unfortunately, as Helen Keller said "Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood." 

Although it will take some time for my kids to understand what my life lessons mean, I want to share 11 quotes that embody the principles that I've tried to live by:

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