Roxana A. Soto

I'm a Peruvian immigrant who moved to Miami at 14. As a journalist, I've been creating bilingual/bicultural content for print, online and television for 20 years. I'm also a mom and my Puerto Rican husband and I are raising our two kids – Vanessa + Santiago – in gorgeous Colorado where they're growing up between two worlds and in two languages. In 2009, I co-founded SpanglishBaby a site for parents raising bilingual and bicultural children. Our first book Bilingual is Better was published in September 2012.

I know I'm Latina when...

my children call me mami.

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5 Easter books in Spanish your bilingual kids will love


Easter is right around the corner and besides making cascarones with my bilingual kids, I also like to take the time to talk to them about what this celebration is all about. One of easiest ways to do this in a fun and understandable way is through children's books in Spanish--especially if you have little ones who are still too young to understand some more difficult concepts. 

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5 Fun videos to teach your kids Spanish

One of the most important tips I always give parents raising bilingual kids is to make sure they make the journey as fun as possible. The minute learning Spanish starts becoming a chore or a burden for your kids, I guarantee you'll run into all kinds of resistance. 

Music and games are a great way to expose them to Spanish in a super fun way, but letting them watch videos online is also an option. Check out some of my kids' favorite ones and you'll be surprised how much vocabulary your niños will pick up without even realizing it just by watching them! 

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6 Reasons why every child should be bilingual

Being bilingual has been a real blessing in my life. It has opened the door to so many opportunities that would've been unthinkable had I been monolingual. Although my reasons for raising bilingual kids have more to do with heritage than anything else, I'm not going to deny that the added benefits that you'll find below don't make me extremely happy that my kids speak both English and Spanish.

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5 Cosas que debes saber sobre Obamacare (ACTUALIZADA)

El primero de octubre se abre el periodo para que puedas escoger un seguro médico bajo el nuevo programa gubernamental comúnmente conocido como Obamacare. Es muy posible que esto no te afecte en lo más mínimo, pero como prácticamente TODOS los que vivimos en este país tendremos que contar con seguro médico y parece haber mucha confusión acerca de este nuevo programa, queremos compartir contigo 5 cosas importantes que debes saber para que el Obamacare no te agarre desprevenido.

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Honda recalls nearly 1 MILLION Odyssey minivans for fire risk, here's what you need to know!

Honda has announced it's recalling 886,815 Odyssey minivans because they can catch fire. How scary is that? Like many suburban moms with small kids, I drive a Honda Odyssey minivan. That's why I freaked out as soon as my husband told me about it. Luckily, ours is not involved in the recall.

Here's what you need to know to check if your's is and what to do next:

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