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I'm a Staff Writer at MamásLatinas. I am a native New Yorker who graduated from NYU as a Journalism and English major in 2011. Throughout my undergrad career, I contributed regularly to NYU's paper, Washington Square News, and held internships at the Long Island Press, amNewYork, The New York Times Local: East Village, and Seventeen Magazine. A self-professed literature nerd and news junkie, I love to relax by reading magazines, newspapers, and books while sipping iced caramel macchiatos. I am addicted to shoes, coffee, yoga and all things John Hughes.

I know I'm Latina when...

I could literally eat beans with or for every meal, with no problem whatsoever.

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6 Tips for great beach sex this summer!

Summer is here but the temperature outdoors isn't the only thing getting hotter--our libidos increase during this season as well! One of the most popular places to get frisky during the summer is of course, the beach. But while sex at the beach may sound appealing and spontaneous, it actually requires a little bit more planning than you think ... that is, if you want to ensure that you and your partner have a good time and escape uninjured (seriously, it can happen). Check out six tips for having great beach sex below:

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WATCH: Kids trying things for the first time will crack you up!

As many parents will tell you, there's nothing quite like watching your baby try something new for the first time. Case in point? A video of an adorable baby trying a lemon for the first time was recently uploaded to YouTube and is quickly going viral--and once you watch it, you'll know why. The little boy's reaction is so priceless, it's sure to have you cracking up!

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Gisele Bundchen goes BALD + 5 shocking celeb hair changes


STOP THE PRESSES 'cause theres some seriously huge beauty news breaking right now: Gisele Bundchen, aka the queen of perfectly tousled sunkissed beach waves, has--wait for--it just gotten a buzzcut. GASP!

It may seem impossible to imagine the Brazilian beauty without her signature long locks, but it's true. The supermodel reportedly totally chopped off her famous hair for the new Balenciaga campaign. And she could not look any more different! Check out the stunning transformation after the jump.

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Your facewash could be deadly!

If you like using the type of face wash that contains those exfoliating microbeads, I have some not-so-great news. States like Illinois, New York, and California are actually in the process of banning the use of those beads in cosmetics and cleaners. Why? As it turns out, they're poisonous to the environment!

That's right--the stuff that you've been scrubbing on your face daily is reportedly getting into the water supply, killing fish and other wildlife, polluting the ice, and just causing general damage to the earth. Uh-oh!

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6 Hilarious photos of kids holding babies prove none of us know what we're doing


Holding an infant for the first time ever is scary and anxiety inducing, no matter what age you are when it happens. Actually, holding an infant for the 10thtime, even as an adult is nerve-wracking. I refused to move at all while holding my two-day-old cousin in my arms for the first time a year ago. He was just so small and fragile!

Well, never has that feeling been more accurately captured than in a photo recently uploaded to Reddit by user sho3. In the hilarious snapshot, sho3's nephew holds his baby sister in his arms for the first time ever--and let's just say, the priceless look on his face is worth more than a thousand words. Check it out after the jump!

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