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I'm a Staff Writer at MamásLatinas. I am a native New Yorker who graduated from NYU as a Journalism and English major in 2011. Throughout my undergrad career, I contributed regularly to NYU's paper, Washington Square News, and held internships at the Long Island Press, amNewYork, The New York Times Local: East Village, and Seventeen Magazine. A self-professed literature nerd and news junkie, I love to relax by reading magazines, newspapers, and books while sipping iced caramel macchiatos. I am addicted to shoes, coffee, yoga and all things John Hughes.

I know I'm Latina when...

I could literally eat beans with or for every meal, with no problem whatsoever.

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Time 100 Most Influential list: Alfonso Cuaron & 4 other amazing Latinos honored

Time magazine has just released its annual list of the "Top 100 Most Influential People" in the world, including artists, politicians, and scientists who have pioneered new ground and led to significant breakthroughs in their respective fields.

I always enjoy reading through this list, as learning more about the stories behind these amazing leaders is definitely inspiring. This year's top spot went to a famous face we all know and love, Beyonce ... and I can't say I'm surprised, given her stellar year. But I was also thrilled to see several Latinos, from all different areas of work, make the cut. Check out who made the list below!

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Joan Rivers taunts Ariel Castro victims, reaches new low

Joan Rivers is in hot water after making a cruel joke about the three victims kept captive in Ariel Castro's Cleveland "House of Horrors." While making an appearance on the Today show on Tuesday, Rivers compared the guest room at her daughter's Malibu house to the women's horrific decade-long ordeal, saying, "Those women in the basement in Cleveland had more space."  Wow ... that's a new low, even for her.

The shock on the Today anchors' reactions was evident, but Rivers has since refused to apologize. In fact, she went on to make even more jokes at their expense.  What is wrong with this lady?!

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Girl finds her birth mother & you have to see how she did it

Thanks to a little help from the Internet, Iowa teen Hannah Stouffer recently celebrated her birthday in a truly unforgettable way: by meeting her birth mother!

The teen, who was adopted as a baby, turned 19 last week and marked the occasion by posting a photo of herself on her social media accounts. In the photo, she explains that she's looking for her birth mother and asks Internet users to help spread the word. Well, she definitely got her wish!

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Little Latino hero uses money he saved for PS4 for something much better

When 9-year-old Texas boy Hector Montoya decided he wanted to buy Playstation 4, he didn't just ask his parents. He started saving up his own money, eventually getting up to an impressive $300. But then he saw a news report of a fire that killed a mother and daughter in his Grand Prairie neighborhood and all of his plans changed.

Instead of using the money to buy the game console, the young boy selflessly opted do something way more generous.

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SEE: $1,000 sundae + the 8 most expensive dishes in the world


Just a little over a week after a Chicago restaurant unveiled their extravagant $100 grilled cheese sandwich, a New York eatery is now selling a $1,000 ice cream sundae. That's right…a grand for one freakin' dessert!

So what exactly makes Bagatelle's "Malboussin Mega Sundae" so pricey? Read on to find out!

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