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My life is a beautiful tapestry threaded with contradictions. My dad was the cook and nurturer. I was raised to be the professional woman I became (I've worked for companies of the caliber of The Wall Street Journal). Having children turned my world upside down. From manicures every week I became one of those moms that makes bread from scratch. It is not unusual for me to be taking notes from an interview while surrounded by piles of laundry waiting to be folded.

I know I'm Latina when...

i wouldn't survive without at least one telenovela a day!

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The 5 most outrageous things people are saying about the migrant children crisis


I've been trying to avoid the topic of the migrant children from Central America from a while now. My kids check out some of my posts and I'm convinced that knowing about how their country is treating thousands of children like them would break their hearts. However, the stupid things that some people are saying about this humanitarian crisis are just too much. It's gotten to a point that I feel it's immoral to keep quiet. 

These 5 are some of the worst. I have to warn you, they range from stupid and ignorant to plain racist. Since there is little we can actually do to help in practical terms, the least we can do is to spread the word. Ready?

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5 Vacaciones con niños que también dejan descansar a los papás


Seamos sinceras, las mejores vacaciones ante los ojos de la mayoría de los niños es ir a los parques de Disney, Universal y Sea World en Orlando, pero aunque nos encanta verlos disfrutar y hasta si nos gustan las atracciones, no es el plan ideal para que los grandes descansen. Todavía no conozco a un adulto que regrese de un viaje para niños y no necesite tomarse una vacación de la vacación.

Sin embargo, hay lugares maravillosos que funcionan para toda la familia. Me consta.

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Special Kids, Special Needs

10 Things you need to know about Asperger syndrome


The rumor that Argentinian soccer super star Lionel Messi has Asperger syndrome has been floating around for years. It started when his talent started to show in the Barcelona Fútbol Club. Many journalists went to his hometown in Rosario and discovered the story of a small boy --very short for his age-- who was known for being withdrawn. His classmates called him "El mudo" (The mute).

Further research revealed a quiet and reserved young man, with quirks and social differences. Then, Romario, the Brazilian player, tweeted: "Newton and Einstein also had a certain level of autism. I hope that like them, Messi surpasses himself every day and continues giving us his beautiful brand of football (soccer)."

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5 Películas que no puedes dejar de ver este verano con la familia

Planes: PHOTOS

Me encanta ir al cine. Antes de tener hijos hacía un esfuerzo para haber visto TODAS las nominadas para los Oscar antes de la premiación y tenía bastante buen tino con las ganadoras. Ahora mi especialidad son las cintas para toda la familia y te aseguro que son mucho más divertidas. Mis hijos y yo no nos perdemos ni una. Hasta fuimos a ver Frozen, aunque decían que era más que nada para niñas.

Este verano ya llevamos varias imperdibles, pero a partir de este fin de semana la maquinaria de Hollywood acelera los motores y nos trae una tras otra, comenzando con la segunda cinta de los hermosos avioncitos de Planes. Se llama Planes: Fire & Rescue

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Premios Juventud: Chiquis channels her mom in moving performance

Unless you have zero contact with Hispanic television and social media, you probably know that Chiquis Marin Rivera, La Diva de la Banda's daughter, chose last night's Premios Juventud 2014 to make her live debut as a singer. I don't know if you saw her, but I'm convinced Jenni Rivera's spirit was right there with her!

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