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My life is a beautiful tapestry threaded with contradictions. My dad was the cook and nurturer. I was raised to be the professional woman I became (I've worked for companies of the caliber of The Wall Street Journal). Having children turned my world upside down. From manicures every week I became one of those moms that makes bread from scratch. It is not unusual for me to be taking notes from an interview while surrounded by piles of laundry waiting to be folded.

I know I'm Latina when...

i wouldn't survive without at least one telenovela a day!

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10 Canciones latinas que te mantendrán feliz todo el día

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La música es mágica. Te puede transportar en el tiempo y te puede cambiar el humor en un instante, por eso siempre es útil tener a mano un playlist de esas canciones latinas que te suben el ánimo y te hacen sonreir de oreja a oreja sin que te des cuenta. Aquí tienes algunas que te mantendrán feliz todo el día.

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10 Must-have aphrodisiac cocktails for Valentine's Day

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If you want to make your Valentine's Day extra special this year, look no further than these 10 aphrodisiac cocktails. They are tasty, gorgeous-looking, and according to the experts a sweet way to guarantee a celebration with lots of passion.


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Vacaciones en familia

10 Trucos infalibles para que viajar con toda la familia sea un éxito

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Viajar con toda la familia, papá, mamá, niños, tíos, abuelos, primos, suele crear recuerdos para toda la vida. Claro, también seguro que da para muchas situaciones estresantes y desgastantes. Sin embargo, después de toda una vida en estas aventuras multifamiliares, he descubierto formas de reducir los roces y los malos momentos. Aquí te las cuento a ver si te sirven.


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Vacaciones en familia

10 Tips for a great family vacation on a budget

travel PHOTOS

Who has unlimited funds for a vacation? I don't and yet my family and I have had great fun and traveled to amazing places. Here are my best tips on how to stretch your dollars when traveling and have a rich person's trip with a poor person's budget.


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10 Natural ways to repair dry winter skin

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Extreme weather is your skin's worst enemy and it's not easy to overcome the havoc that intense cold does on your face. Luckily, there are natural solutions to this problem.  Here are 10 home remedies that will repair the damage winter causes on your skin. 

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