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My life is a beautiful tapestry threaded with contradictions. My dad was the cook and nurturer. I was raised to be the professional woman I became (I've worked for companies of the caliber of The Wall Street Journal). Having children turned my world upside down. From manicures every week I became one of those moms that makes bread from scratch. It is not unusual for me to be taking notes from an interview while surrounded by piles of laundry waiting to be folded.

I know I'm Latina when...

i wouldn't survive without at least one telenovela a day!

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Perez Hilton's shower picture with his son is not child abuse, it's actually amazing


I don't use the word stupid lightly, but I am going to go for it to describe the people that are bashing Perez Hilton for posting a picture with his son on Instagram. Actually, stupid may be too mild. What about ignorant, prejudiced and immature? I think that fits the situation better. Take a look at the image and tell me if I'm being too harsh.

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Benicio del Toro says Hollywood just doesn't understand Latinos (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)


Benicio del Toro--en carne y hueso--sat down with me to talk about Latinos in Hollywood and his favorite Puerto Rican dish, among other things. The actor came to Miami with co-star Maximiliano Hernández to promote their new movie Sicario. Check out the video and you'll understand why I'm seriously still pinching myself!

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William Levy is in Africa slaying zombies + 9 Latinos that have faced the walking dead

William PHOTOS

Thanks to The Walking Dead, I'm obssesed with zombies. So you can only imagine how excited I got when I heard that William Levy is the newest addition to Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Truth be told, he is not the only Latino star fighting the undead, although to me he is the hottest! Take a walk down zombie apocalypse memory lane and check out a few other zombie luchadores!

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Cuida lo que más quieres

10 Cosas que DEBES hacer en tu casa antes de que llegue el invierno


¡Ya viene el frío! Yo sé que no queremos pensar en eso, pero las casas necesitan ser preparadas para el otoño y el invierno. Te aseguro que si no haces estas 10 cosas antes de que lleguen las bajas temperaturas, lo vas a pagar caro, y no solo porque te vas a congelar, si no que tu presupuesto va a sufrir inesperadamente.

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SEE: Larry Hernandez in handcuffs & jail clothes


It was a sad, sad sight. There he was, Larry Hernández, in handcuffs and dark green jail clothes in court, pale and sad looking, as he accepted voluntarily to be extradicted from California to South Carolina to face aggravated assault and kidnapping charges. The images will shock you!

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