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Writing has been a longstanding passion. My career began as a reporter at Fortune Magazine, before I became an editor at Selecciones. These days I write for various websites and run my social media consulting company. I have a love-hate relationship with running, but managed to complete a half-marathon in decent time. I love to discover new places to eat and our family's travel often revolves around food and fitness. At home I love discovering ways to lighten up meals to keep myself and my family healthy.

I know I'm Latina when...

I need to wear loud nail polish for a pop of color.

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Crecer Bien

5 Trucos para alimentar a los niños activos y en crecimiento

Mi hijo es extremadamente activo por lo que siempre está con hambre cuando tiene una etapa de aceleración en su crecimiento o si tuvo un largo día corriendo por todas partes. En vez de limitar lo que come, hemos tomado algunas medidas para permitirle tomar sus propias decisiones en cuanto a comer saludablemente se refiere. Aquí van algunos consejos para alimentar a los chicos activos en crecimiento.

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Summer Sports & Family Fun Guide

Tricks to feeding active & growing children

Having a very active son who loves to play just about every sport and whose membership on multiple baseball teams posed a huge challenge for us when it came to his nutrition. Hours of practices and games made my already hungry child a ravenous monster. We call him a vacuum cleaner because he can easily take down three plates of food well before any of us have finished our first serving.

He is constantly hungry when he's going through a growth spurt or has had a long day of running around. Rather than limit his food intake, we took certain measures to set him up to make choices that set him up to eat healthy as an adult without making him feel like he's missing out on food.

Here are some tips to feeding an active and growing child:

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How to raise successful children: advice from a Latina NASA Geologist

The Latina, the geek, and the mother in me was excited as I spoke to Adriana Ocampo, a Space Geologist at NASA. What Ocampo does and how she got to where is provides an inspirational story for Latinas--and our children.

Ocampo, born in Baranquilla, Colombia and raised in Argentina, before moving to the U.S. at 14, leads programs for space exploration missions to Jupiter, Pluto, and other faraway places in our universe. Mind-boggling, I know! When she lived in Argentina, she was denied entrance to a school because it was only for boys. Shortly after, her family arrived in Pasadena, CA, not too far from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Like any newcomer, she struggled to learn English. Still, Ocampo was determined to succeed and work for NASA.

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9 apps no busy mom should live without!


Like most working moms, I've got an endless to-do list, I run on very little sleep, and I just hope and pray that I can get through the day without forgetting something important.

I often joke that managing my son's social activities requires a full-time personal assistant, but really--it's true. When you add work, doctor's appointments, managing a budget, household errands and events to the mix, the combination can induce a panic attack.

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Michelle Obama tells Vogue "Family always comes first" & makes us love her even more

The April issue of Vogue stars First Lady Michelle Obama in a classy blue sleeveless Reed Krakoff dress on its cover, showing off her signature buff arms. The takeaway from the interview inside is not so much that she's fit and stylish (which she so is!), it's the heart of the article in which the First Lady emphasizes the importance of her family, especially 14-year-old Malia and 11-year-old Sasha, that makes us love her more.

I honestly can't get enough of Michelle Obama. From busting moves with Jimmy Fallon, showcasing stylish clothes, or her campaign, Let's Move, to decrease childhood obesity, Michelle Obama is seriously the coolest FLOTUS we've had in a long time.

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