Jennifer Lopez & Giuseppe Zanotti shoe collab is genius!

Shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti has collaborated in the past with big time stars like Beyoncé, Kanye West and Kid Cudi. So it only made sense that he'd team up with pop icon and fashionista Jennifer Lopez on a special, limited-edition footwear and accessories collection set to debut in January 2017. 

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12 Secrets to making your high heels as comfy as flats


Latinas and our tacones! It's one of those love-hate relationships that we can't abandon. I'm not going to lie, the human body wasn't desiged to walk on stilts, so wearing heels is never going to feel like stepping on clouds. But there are tricks you can employ to make them more comfortable. After all, nobody looks attractive as they grimace in pain, no matter if you are wearing Choo, Blahnik or Louboutin.

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15 Fashion trends for 2016 straight from the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

selena PHOTOS

Although some photos of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show had leaked into social media, they really didn't do justice to the whole affair, which was shown on Tuesday, December 8 on CBS. Selena Gomez slayed it, the models were amazing and the looks, just gorgeous. Here are some of the style lessons for 2016 we can start applying right now.

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6 Creative ways to store & organize your shoes (PHOTOS)


I have to admit, I have a pretty crazy shoe collection. And even though I don't even use half of them, I refuse to throw a single pair out. The large jumble of shoes (especially tacones) at the floor of my closet has gotten so out of control I can barely get out of there alive. Struggling with the same shoe clutter? Don't worry! Luckily, there are ways to organize your footwear that will help maximize space. Check out a few of my shoe storage ideas below!

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What do your shoes say about your personality? (PHOTOS)

shoes PHOTOS

We all have that pair of shoes that we LOVE, right? This is so because usually our shoes reveal something about us. Though for some people that doesn't mean a bright, flashy colorful pair--in fact, it's just the opposite.

Your choice in shoes, whether you go for the high heels day and night or are the flip flops and comfort kind of girl, can say a lot about your personality. Plus, according to a study, strangers can actually correctly judge your personal characteristics JUST by looking at your shoes! In fact, people can guess 90 percent of your personality based on the shoes you're wearing. Crazy, isn't it?

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What type of shoe are you?​ (QUIZ)


Your shoes speak for you, don't you think? When you choose a pair you're not only showcasing your style but you're also telling others about your personality, your character and who you are. The colors, styles and even the way you combine it with the rest of your outfit can say volumes about how you approach life, the things you like and even if you're a chic chica on the cutting edge of fashion, practical, bold or seductive. Take our quiz and find out what type of shoes best describe you!

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Can you guess the celeb tacones?


You can't deny that celeb shoes are one of the best accessories to look at! Our shoe game might be tight, but a televised red carpet event always reminds us that there's more work to be done. Whether they are fashion fails or trendsetting pairs, tacones are a universal hobby for all women.


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10 Stylish weather-proof boots


Cold weather cramping your shoe style? I feel ya, chica. It's not easy finding cold weather boots that are both cute and cozy. But that doesn't mean they aren't out there. They exist, and they're awesome! Gone are the days when functional cold weather boots looked like something only a fisherman could love. Thank goodness, because those were fugly. Nowadays, weatherproof boots are actually really chic, and come in different styles and heel heights. In fact, there are almost too many to choose from. I said "Almost". 

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SEE: Chiquis Marin's shoe game is fierce!

Colección PHOTOS

Jenni Rivera's daughter has the whole world in her hands! From a musical debut that shocked us all to her latest adventure in a beauty salon in Los Angeles, Chiquis Marín is winning the hearts of all women with her fabulous shoe collection she's been showing off lately. Check them out! You'll die of envy!

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DIY Projects

5 Brilliant DIY shoe storage solutions


Shoes, glorious shoes! Shoes, wonderful shoes! I love them. I do, I do. I know I'm not alone. Perhaps, you are a lover of shoes like I am. This shoe love affair creates a storage problem. I have many beautiful shoes, but only one pair of feet. I need places to store my shoes and my closet situation is not working out so well for my footwear. So what is a lover of shoes whose husband thinks she should just get rid of her collection do? She trolls the internet for clever shoe storage solutions and she shares her finds with you because shoe lovers need to stick together.

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