SEE: Chiquis Marin's shoe game is fierce!


Jenni Rivera's daughter has the whole world in her hands! From a musical debut that shocked us all to her latest adventure in a beauty salon in Los Angeles, Chiquis Marín is winning the hearts of all women with her fabulous shoe collection she's been showing off lately. Check them out! You'll die of envy!

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DIY Projects

5 Brilliant DIY shoe storage solutions


Shoes, glorious shoes! Shoes, wonderful shoes! I love them. I do, I do. I know I'm not alone. Perhaps, you are a lover of shoes like I am. This shoe love affair creates a storage problem. I have many beautiful shoes, but only one pair of feet. I need places to store my shoes and my closet situation is not working out so well for my footwear. So what is a lover of shoes whose husband thinks she should just get rid of her collection do? She trolls the internet for clever shoe storage solutions and she shares her finds with you because shoe lovers need to stick together.

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5 Pairs of bridal heels all for less than $100

Most newly engaged girls are quick to start planning their weddings. Not me! The only thing I'm thinking about is my dress (which I'm super picky about) and where I'm going to find myself some affordable bridal shoes! As fashion-conscious as I may be, just the thought of spending 500 bucks or more on a pair of shoes I'm probably NEVER going to wear again gives me anxiety. Is it possible to even find stylish high-heels for your wedding day on the cheap?

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The 6 craziest high heels in the world

Ladies, we've all been there: you spend a solid amount of money (aka too much) on a nice pair of heels only for them to make your feet like they're on fire whenever you wear them--and then get all scratched up and scuffed just a few months later. Sigh.

But now, UK-based label The House of Borgezie is claiming to have created the "World's Most Comfortable" heel, called Borgezie Riviera Stainless Steel & Sterling Silver Stiletto. And not just that! The company is apparently so confident in the shoe, it's offering a 1,000-year warranty. Yes, 1,000 years as in THREE zeros! Say what?!

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Stretch out your tight tacones with these 5 easy steps, guaranteed

Nothing gets me more aggravated than buying a pair of gorgeous heels only to discover later that they're WAY too tight to actually wear. Unlike most women, I refuse to return a pair of beautiful pumps just because they put me in pain. Instead, I do everything possible to get those high heels to fit me nice and snug. If you have wide feet like me, or if your foot expanded a half size up after pregnancy, you might want to check out this useful tip for expanding your shoes. Trust me, it really works!

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7 Cute spring shoes under $50

I'm counting the days til spring so I can finally start shoe shopping! I don't know about you, but I'm SO over riding boots and booties, I'm ready for some light and bright strappy heels or buckled wedges--or even a sleek pair of cut-out stilettos. Heck, I just want to show my toes already!

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Lista para el bebé

5 Cute shoes that will keep your feet happy during pregnancy

Your body goes through so many changes when you are pregnant, which means you change the way you dress. You adapt your style to work for you during pregnancy. Sometimes that means buying maternity clothes, sometimes it means buying maternity-friendly styles with the added benefit that you can keep wearing them when you are no longer pregnant. But what about shoes? I wish I could tell you, Oh you can just keep wearing all your shoes even your stilettos during pregnancy, but I would totally be lying to you.

No, there are no "official" maternity shoes, but you may find that your feet get larger or swell during pregnancy. You may also find that what is comfortable when you are not pregnant isn't all that comfortable when your body is busy making another human being. Not to worry, there are options and they are even cute. Plus great excuse to go shoe shopping!

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Holiday Chic

6 Pretty party shoes you can actually walk in!

It's the holiday season and that means pretty clothes and pretty heels. But what I'm really excited about is wearing pretty heels to festive parties. But sometimes a girl just doesn't want to suffer. I want to look cute without being in pain all night long. And I want stylish shoes that aren't just comfy when I sit. I want shoes I can literally dance around in. Cause that's what you do when you hit up a Latino holiday party. You DANCE!

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Man designs high heels based on his exes that you have to see to believe

I swear guys can't handle squat. In fact, one loser who can't seem to get over his exes so he created a collection of women's shoes, 12 shoes for 12 Lovers inspired by 12 women he used to date. For each of Sebastin Errazuriz's (aka the ultra sensitive guy) beautiful high-heels comes a brief anecdote about the girl who inspired it. But I must warn you, as pretty as these shoes are some of the description behind them are NOT. Like "Gold Digger" Alison, the shoes you see here. Oh god! This dude needs to get a life and move on!

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6 Knee-high boots, ALL under $100

As much as I love ankle booties, knee-high (and over-the-knee) boots are on the top of my list this fall. My wardrobe just isn't complete without them. These classic and versatile cold-weather staples practically go with everything in my closet from skinny jeans, to pleated skirts, and even my fit-and-flare summer dresses. The good news is that you don't have to break the bank to find a good pair!

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