SEE: Sofia Vergara's shocking makeup-free selfie (PHOTOS)

sofia PHOTOS

There's no denying that Sofia Vergara looks fabulous for 42, but is she just as flawless without makeup on? The Colombian star recently shared a bare-faced selfie, which was pretty daring of her. We never spot Vergara without a full face of foundation, mascara and lipstick! This Covergirl has no shame in her game and she finally revealed what her hubby-to-be Joe Manganiello wakes up to in the morning. He's pretty lucky and you're not going to believe her makeup-free look! Yes, Vergara looks way better than some of these other Latina celebrities without makeup!

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12 Usos sorprendentes del lápiz delineador de labios


El lápiz de labios es una de aquellos productos de belleza que no puede faltarte en tu bolsita de maquillaje. Aunque no tengas tiempo de usarlo todos los días, es importantísimo tenerlos en varios colores. Lo que probablemente no sabíamos es que su uso no está limitado solamente a pintar el borde de los labios. Existen muchos otros usos que te van a fascinar. 

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VIDEO: Mira cómo cambia esta mujer al quitarse el maquillaje

Es cierto que algunas personas no se ven bien sin maquillaje pero la transformación que sufrió esta mujer al limpiarse la mitad del rostro es impresionante. Ella tuvo la valentía de poner una cámara frente a ella y mostrarle al mundo su verdadero rostro. Algo que pocas mujeres se atreven a hacer.


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11 Cringe-worthy ingredients you never knew were in your makeup

lipstick PHOTOS

We wear makeup practically every day. Often times, I use more beauty products in my daily routine than I can count. I hardly stop to wonder what key ingredients are inside my favorite makeup products. It got me thinking that an investigation was long overdue. After doing my research, I uncovered that there are countless of products containing weird and shocking ingredients that are totally cringe-worthy. Trust me, you will look at your makeup bag in a totally different way after you read this! 

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Tips para maquillarte cuando no tienes tiempo en las mañanas (VIDEO EXCLUSIVO)


Aunque me encanta mi trabajo y viajar, reconozco que al principio era un gran desafío verme bien cuando tenía que estar subiendo y bajando de aviones, en especial cuando es en la mañana temprano. Sin embargo, he ido perfeccionando unos truquitos de maquillaje que me hacen ver fresca y hasta descansada a toda hora. Aquí te los paso y hasta te doy un tip de peinado, para que luzcas como toda una jet-setter a toda hora.

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10 Ways to clean everything in your makeup bag the RIGHT way

makeup PHOTOS

We always make sure to carry the best products in our makeup bag, but we often don't take the time to sanitize our favorite beauty items. Believe it or not, your makeup bag could be covered in dangerous bacteria without you even knowing it. With these easy tips, you'll know how to clean your favorite makeup and beauty items like a pro! Don't hestitate and start cleaning for a fresh makeup bag everytime! 

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10 Shocking photos of Latina celebrities without makeup!

salma PHOTOS

Latina celebrities are amazing at looking youthful, fabulous and glamorous. There's hardly ever a moment we don't spot these stars looking flawless and well put-together on the red carpet. When these ladies aren't working, they are perfectly fine with going bare faced and they have no shame in it either. While some of these ladies look amazing without makeup, others will look unrecognizable. Check out these photos of Latina celebrities without makeup for yourself! 

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Repair damaged skin in 10 easy steps


Kim Kardashian recently admitted that she went to bed with full makeup. Talk about breaking a huge beauty rule! We all know it probably takes her hours to get ready, but that's no excuse. Your skin repairs itself at time, so wearing thick and heavy makeup means more clogged pores and acne breakouts. We've all been guilty of breaking this cardinal makeup rule, like Kim Kardashian, but there are plenty of easy ways to repair your skin after you mistreat it. Check out some of our suggestions!

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Eva Mendes launches makeup line + 10 celebs with cosmetic lines


Makeup lovers rejoice! Eva Mendes officially has her own makeup line. The Cuban beauty just signed on as the face and creative director of the drugstore cosmetic line Circa. The brand will be inspired by old Hollywood glam and will include a variety of pigments. She also wants to cater to "all types of ethnicities." I love this idea! We all know there could be more diverse products catering to all skin tones in the makeup department. Wait until you hear what Eva has to say about her new business venture and balancing motherhood!

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5 Easy ways to figure out your skin's undertones


I can't stress enough how much I HATE shopping for foundation. Buying mascara, eyeliner and shadow palettes are easy, but finding a makeup base that perfectly matches my skin tone is a real challenge. The hardest part for me has always been finding my undertones. Are they yellow, pink or golden? How can I even tell? And how do I know whether or not a foundation has hints of those warm colors? You see, it seems like it's not that easy to figure out!

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