SEE: Rosie Rivera takes shocking makeup-less selfie + 13 other bare-faced celebs

rosie PHOTOS

Rosie Rivera is letting her natural beauty shine. Jenni Rivera's little sister is always looking glam from head-to-toe, but she recently posted a shocking photo showing her bare face without a drop of makeup. Rivera is unrecognizable! Check out Rosie's makeup-free selfie, along with 13 photos of celebrities without makeup. 

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4 Easy steps to contouring your face in minutes


If you weren't born with defined cheek bones like Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez--don't stress it! Chances are they weren't either and I'm not talking about plastic surgery. A little contouring and highlighting can go a very long way girl. Sure, it might seem scary and super complicated to do but it's actually a lot simpler than you'd think. In fact, I got a few amazing tips from celebrity makeup artist, Jackie Gomez (she's works with stars like Beyonce and Zoe Saldana) who hooked me up with some AMAZING tips!

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Gaby Espino shares video without makeup & the look may shock you!


Gaby Espino loves going all natural for a cause. The Venezuelan beauty recently shared a makeup tutorial for fans and revealed her natural face without a drop of coverage. There's no doubt that Espino is one of the most beautiful Latina celebs out there, but some may be shocked by her makeup-free look! Check out the video she posted along with other celebs without makeup. 

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Latina makeup pro transforms into the Kardashians & you have to SEE it!


You always hear the saying, "makeup does wonders," but this Latina mom is really showing us the meaning to the phrase. Makeup artist Kandee Johnson is known for her creative and drastic transformations. She recently put it to the test by transforming herself into four members of the Kardashian family, including Kylie Jenner. Now this is impressive! Johnson has also transformed herself into Disney characters and other celebrities. Here are her best pieces of work yet! These photos are seriously mind-blowing!

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Kim Kardashian + 12 shocking photos of celebrities without makeup


Kim Kardashian is going for a fresh-faced look for a change. The pregnant celebrity graced the latest cover of Vogue Spain without a drop of foundation, concealer, lipstick or fake eyelashes. What a shocker! Kim is definitely a high-maintenance girl who is hardly ever caught looking just like the rest of us. Her makeup-free cover look is actually pretty impressive! I don't think Kim needs as much makeup as she puts on. See if you feel the same way-- especially about these Latina celebrities without makeup!

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8 Reasons we're obsessing over MAC's new Selena makeup line

selena PHOTOS

Every Latina makeup enthusiast's dream has just come true! Yesterday, M.A.C cosmetics officially announced the release of a limited-collection makeup line inspired by Selena Quintanilla. Yes, bow to the queen! As a little girl, I remember applying my mom's red lipstick, playing "Amor Prohibido" and pretending to be Selena in front of the mirror. The launch of this collection touches a nostaglic place in my heart and makes me feel like Selena's memory is truly timeless. The collection is set to debut in 2016. "Selena's talent and beauty, inside and out, have left a colorful, meaningful impact in the world that has continued to grow over the last two decades," said M.A.C creative director James Gager to People

We couldn't agree more. Let us count the reasons we can't wait for #MACSELENA to drop. 

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10 Pasos para contornear tu cara y lograr efectos como los de Kim Kardashian


Se llama contouring y es un procedimiento para sacarte mayor provecho a tus atributos a través del uso adecuado del maquillaje, según el tipo de rostro que tengas. Kim Kardashian fue la encargada de poner de moda esta técnica que utiliza bases de maquillaje, sombras, correctores y polvos para iluminar el rostro y conseguir el efecto deseado. Aquí de decimos como lo puedes poner en práctica paso a paso.

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SEE: Sofia Vergara's shocking makeup-free selfie (PHOTOS)

sofia PHOTOS

There's no denying that Sofia Vergara looks fabulous for 42, but is she just as flawless without makeup on? The Colombian star recently shared a bare-faced selfie, which was pretty daring of her. We never spot Vergara without a full face of foundation, mascara and lipstick! This Covergirl has no shame in her game and she finally revealed what her hubby-to-be Joe Manganiello wakes up to in the morning. He's pretty lucky and you're not going to believe her makeup-free look! Yes, Vergara looks way better than some of these other Latina celebrities without makeup!

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12 Usos sorprendentes del lápiz delineador de labios


El lápiz de labios es una de aquellos productos de belleza que no puede faltarte en tu bolsita de maquillaje. Aunque no tengas tiempo de usarlo todos los días, es importantísimo tenerlos en varios colores. Lo que probablemente no sabíamos es que su uso no está limitado solamente a pintar el borde de los labios. Existen muchos otros usos que te van a fascinar. 

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VIDEO: Mira cómo cambia esta mujer al quitarse el maquillaje

Es cierto que algunas personas no se ven bien sin maquillaje pero la transformación que sufrió esta mujer al limpiarse la mitad del rostro es impresionante. Ella tuvo la valentía de poner una cámara frente a ella y mostrarle al mundo su verdadero rostro. Algo que pocas mujeres se atreven a hacer.


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