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Abuela's beauty DIY: An all-natural facial mask that fades manchas for good

The only thing I hate more than acne are the annoying dark spots they leave behind. And unfortunately this is especially noticeable on Latinas with olive, medium, or dark skin (ugh!). So how do you deal with this pesky problem? Well I've tried every product out there and the only thing that seems to work for my manchas is an old school beauty remedy my abuelita swears by!

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10 under $10: Affordable concealers that actually work

Listen up chicas: Just because you don't have perfect skin, doesn't mean anyone has to find out! A good concealer brightens, lightens, highlights, color-corrects, and even covers pesky manchas! How do you find one that actually works and at a bargain price? Well, that's where I come in. I rounded up the best drugstore concealers--all for under $10 a pop.

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Productos de belleza con tres "B" esenciales: Buenos, bonitos y baratos

No hace falta superar los treinta años para darnos cuenta que la ley de gravedad  hará su efecto en nuestra  piel, que todo lo que estaba terso empieza a denotar signos de madurez –para no decir vejez-. Nos lanzamos a la búsqueda de productos que nos ayuden a mantener la lozanía de la piel, pero la mayoría de las veces, los que funcionan son tan costosos que nos quedamos como un chiquillo viendo golosinas desde el mostrador.

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Why are Latinas so obsessed with plastic surgery?

We all know that as a nation, the U.S. is pretty fixated on appearances--we are home to Hollywood after all! But according to a recent report by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there are six other surprising countries that also have no qualms about getting nipped and tucked, including two in Latin America: Brazil and Colombia.

On the list of the top 7 plastic surgery spots in the world, Brazil, Colombia and the United States take the fourth, fifth, and sixth spots respectively. In all three countries, liposuction was the most popular of the invasive surgeries with breast implants coming in a close second. And according to the data, Colombia has actually become a tourist destination for those loking for a little nip and tuck for a lot less money.

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Do you feel ugly without makeup? Cause I do!

Confession: I never leave the house without makeup. Unless I'm going to sweat my butt off at hot yoga or something like that, I always at least wear tinted moisturizer and mascara. And sometimes I even buy waterproof mascara so that I actually can wear it to yoga!

Why go to such extremes? It's not that I'm supremely self-conscious or that I always wear a ton of makeup--it's just that I feel so naked without a little something on my face. Plus, I grew up listening to my old-fashioned abuelita call my mom and aunts "palidas" whenever they didn't wear blush.   

Well, apparently my abuela and I aren't the only ones who feel this way. A recent study by the Renfrew Center Foundation found that nearly half of women in the U.S. said they felt unnatractive when they weren't wearing makeup. 14 percent also said that (like me!) they felt naked without makeup and 25 percent started wearing makeup between the ages of eleven and thirteen.

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Retouching can make you look good but how far is too far?

We all know that magazines retouch photos. Whenever I look at the cover of my favorite beauty and fashion magazines I can't help but be simultaneously filled with jealously over the star's beauty and a God-I-wish-I-looked-like-her feeling. And then I remind myself: she was probably heavily photo-shopped.

I remember once seeing a story in a magazine about how much retouching they do. They took one of their normal, healthy fit staffers and did a "before" and "after" photo. In one, she looked pretty average but cute. In the second, they revealed that typical retouching includes narrowing the waist, increasing the breast size, whitening teeth, getting rid of unwanted hair and making hair shinier. In the end, she looked fantastic—but a little plastic, too. So how much retouching is going too far?

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