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8 Celebs show you why you have to try sombré-colored hair

Jessica Alba is hands down one of my favorite celebs when it comes to style inspiration. The girl can dress--and I know I don't have to remind you how her hair and makeup is always on point. Speaking of hair, have you noticed how nicely her color gradually fades from top to bottom? That's because she ditched the obvious ombré for sombré, a much softer and more subtle ombré. This is the next big thing, chica--trust me!

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8 Beauty trends you MUST try this fall

Seriously, I'm all for the runway beauty looks during Fashion Week, but it's not often I find something I can actually pull off. Sorry, but blue lipstick and embellished eyebrows just aren't for me! But fortunately this fall is all about minimalist (aka wearable!) beauty styles. I'm talking everything from classic red lips to brown smoky eyes, even cobalt blue winged liners. Seriously, who doesn't look good with a nice cat-eye?

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This miracle stretch mark removal procedure is torture, but it works!


Good news: There's a new skin treatment procedure that promises decrease the appearance of stretch marks by a whopping 90 percent! But before you get your hopes up, you should know there's a catch. The treatment requires patients to undergo a procedure so painful, it's been compared to actual torture. Still game? Well, then keep reading for the rest of the cringe-worthy deets.

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JWoww is officially blonde now!

Now that Jenni "JWoww" Farley is a mom, she's making some big changes and one of them includes her hair. The former Jersey Shore star has been rocking dark brown tresses for as long as any of us can remember. But she recently decided to lighten her look with some blonde streaks and I have to admit she looks pretty darn good. I'm surprised she never thought of this before!

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SEE: Brazilian women are BURNING their hair to make it healthier!

If you know me well (or have read any of my curly hair stories), you know that I've been slowly trying to recover from extreme heat damage. What's heat damage? It's basically when heat-styling tools take a toll on your hair, leaving it dry and messing up your natural curl pattern. I don't go near a blow dryer without first applying a heat-protective spray throughout my damp hair, I keep the settings low and I sure as hell don't use flat irons (or even curling irons) anymore. So when I heard that Brazilian supermodel Barbara Fialho has her heir hair burned with open flames (yes BURNED) to make it "healthier," I flipped out. That sounds like BS to me!

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Men are getting plastic surgery for the LAST place you'd expect


Women tend to be behind the terrible beauty trends we see nowadays, but I knew it was only a matter of time until men caught on and found their own thing to obsess about. Which brings me to a new procedure called Male Bikini Laser treatment or "ball ironing".

At first it sounds like it's a manscaping treatment, and it is but when you get down to the nitty gritty of it, it's A LOT more than that. And now many men in Hollywood and beyond are joining in on the ball ironing fad. So what exactly is it?

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8 Braided hairstyles you have to try this summer

Braided hairstyles are romantic, practical and perfect for hiding a bad hair day, which is why they are such a summertime essential. Trust me, when it's hot and humid out, these styles are a godsend. Heck, it's probably the smartest way to wear your hair all season. And I'm not talking a plain ol' Pochontas braid either!

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7 Tips para que evites infecciones al hacerte la pedicure en un salón de belleza

Me encanta mi visita al salón, especialmente para arreglarme los pies. Es mi momento de apapacho, de consentirme y además mantener mis pies presentables. Confieso que la parte que más disfruto es ese masajito que me dan después del pedicure, creo que las manos de mi pedicurista son perfectas para el relajamiento.  

Aunque hace unos días note que una señora sentada a mi lado tenía varias uñas llenas de hongos, y no pude evitar pensar que tal vez la bacteria la contrajo del salón, y peor aún, que tal si más adelante me harían la pedicure con los mismos instrumentos que estaban utilizando en ella…¡nooo!

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SEE: 7 Celebrity hair disasters

We've all had our fair share of bad hair days, but we also don't have stylists and glam squads like celebs--so what's their excuse? Even the most stylish of stars have fallen victims to bad hair days and even worse VERY bad hairdo's that makes me want to cry for them!

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Lace-front eyebrows are crazy & creepy!

I'm all for bold, big brows but I feel like women are taking the trend a little bit too far. It's getting so out of control that some women are even wearing lace-front eyebrows. Yes, lace-front eyebrows. Seriously, how weird is that? And I thought brow transplants were crazy!

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