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Women are going under the knife for this SHOCKING reason


You've probably taken a selfie with your smartphone at one point or another. Admit it, sometimes you are happy with the way your hair, outfit, or makeup looks that you'd like to flaunt it on social media. However, this becomes a problem if you feel the need to get plastic surgery simply to appear better in your pictures.

Yep, this sudden trend has swept the world of plastic surgery where doctors say one in three people who come in saying they want to look better ONLINE.

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10 Iconic Latina celeb hairstyles that will NEVER go out of style

Ever noticed how some celebs turn into instant style icons just from one really amazing haircut? Take Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham or Jennifer Aniston, for instance. I bet you money these chicas wouldn't be half as famous as they are now if it weren't for their iconic strands. That's why whenever I'm looking to switch up my hair I take a cue from some of my favorite Latina stars. I figure I can't go wrong with a famous celebrity hairstyle, right?

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6 Super cute Carnaval-inspired nails

Carnaval in Brazil is hands-down one of the most vibrant and exciting festivals in the world. Not only is it filled with tons of samba dancing, celebrating and, of course, food, expect to see a ton of beautiful people getting their Carnaval on! The festivities have me wanting to doll myself up in bright tropical hues like corals, pinks and yellows. But since walking around in a colorful feathered headdress and bejeweled thong isn't exactly an option for me, I think I'm going to go Carnaval crazy on my nails instead!

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Nicole Richie shows us how to do pastel hair right

I don't know what it is about Nicole Richie, but the girl has this natural ability to make any trend (bad or good) look incredibly chic. Did you see the picture she recently posted of herself sporting lavender colored strands on Instagram? I'd look out of my mind crazy with purple hair, but she makes it look cool and edgy. I'm really not surprised though. This is the same chick that rocked a head full of white hair at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala last spring and still looked like a million bucks!

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NYFW: 9 beauty trends that can work on every Latina

I'll be the first to admit that a lot of the beauty looks from New York Fashion Week aren't exactly Latina-friendly, meaning they don't work for our skin tones or our textured hair. But to my surprise, there were actually a lot of wearable trends for Fall 2014 that look great on olive, tan, and brown complexions along with cute hairstyles that work just as well on curly or wavy hair as it would on straight strands. It's about time we see some runway looks that work for us, right?

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Woman tries hypnotherapy to become brainless like Barbie

Why are more and more chicks trying to look like Barbie recently? A 38-year-old woman from California has become so dedicated to transforming herself into Barbie she has regular spray tans, Botox, lip fillers, and has even had five breast enlargement procedures done. But unfortunately, it gets worse. Blondie Bennett (who by the way legally changed her name to Blondie a year and a half ago) also gets hypnotherapy sessions once a week because she wants to be "brainless" just like her idol. Who does that?

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Our favorite celebs shows us how to rock short hair

Christina Milian was recently spotted in West Hollywood, California going out on a dinner date with fiancé, Jas Prince and guess what? She cut her hair! She cut her tresses into a chic asymmetrical lob (long bob) and I have to admit the new look suits her well. The pics she has on Instagram prove it. Trust me, after checking them out you might consider chopping your long locks off too! After all, I'm calling this chic style the hairstyle of the year!

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Latina mom dies after getting an illegal "vampire facelift"


A massage therapist is being investigated for illegally performing "vampire facelifts" and other cosmetic procedures from her Los Angeles salon illegally. The 45-year-old woman, Sandra Perez Gonzalez, was arrested by police after one of her patients, 36-year-old mom Hamilet Suarez, died of a heart attack while receiving cosmetic injections.

Police are investigating the suspicious death that occured after Suarez walked in to the Areli's Barber Shop & Beauty Salon where Gonzalez runs her business. The mom leaves behind a 5-year-old son. How heartbreaking!

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NYFW: The cutest new mani trends straight from the runway

New York Fashion Week is in full swing and I couldn't be more excited. But while the clothes are fabulous, it looks like the big trend happening for Fall 2014 is the nails. They caught my attention from day one with funky twists on the French manicure, classic nudes, and edgy shimmery metallics. I'm telling you, there's nothing subtle about these manicures. They all make a statement and in a very bold and BIG way. Heck, with nails like these who needs clothes?

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Bleach facials are a thing now & it's not OK

Most people have used bleach as a common household cleaning tool at some point or another, but now it is also being used as a beauty ingredient! After researchers at Stanford University suggested that bleach could have anti-aging benefits, reports of woman undergoing "bleach facials" are now popping up on social media.

OK, I've seen and heard of a lot of absurd beauty fads in my day, but this might seriously be the craziest yet!

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