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10 Tanning disasters that will make you ALWAYS wear sunblock

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Summer and beach just go together. Beach and a gorgeous sun-kissed look do, too. That is, of course, when we take care of our skin, which not everybody remembers to do. In case you're thinking of foregoing sunscreen, here are some scary results of tanning fails. Get ready to cringe and laugh.

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10 Hacks to fight frizz this summer

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I love summer, but I hate what it does to my hair. It can either get flat and it sticks to the sides of my head or becomes seriously frizzy and very unflattering. Luckily, I've found tips that actually work to control my otherwise unruly hair in super humid weather. Take a look!

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8 Lipsticks you need NOW

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I'm one of those women who feels naked when not wearing something on my lips. And until recently, it was hard to find the right product to use on hot summer days. Luckily, beauty companies have developed summer-friendly formulations in some delicious lipstick shades. Take a look at our picks. 

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Kim Kardashian swears by these 10 drugstore products


Kim Kardashian loves a beauty bargain just like any makeup enthusiast. The reality TV star's makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic recently revealed her favorite drugstore products on her app. Yes, we can all get Kim's famous glow and no-makeup makeup look on a budget. Click through to check out her faves.  

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Eva Mendes reveals her biggest beauty regret + 7 looks she probably wants to forget


Eva Mendes is picture perfect just about every time we see her, but that doesn't mean she hasn't made mistakes over the years. From dying her hair blonde to teasing her tresses like crazy, Mendes has been there! Find out what her biggest beauty regret is and seven looks she probably wants to erase from red carpet history. 

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8 Ways to get your feet sandal-ready for summer


Sandal season here and those first days are not easy for our feet. After being protected by socks and closed shoes for months, our toes are not ready to face the elements. And if you're like me, your feet are not ready to face the public. Don't worry, though. Here's how to make them gorgeous in no time!

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11 Curly hair products to help protect your rizos this summer

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Summer is right around the corner, which means humid days at the pool or beach. The elements really aren't the greatest for curly or wavy hair, but we have your hair guide to keep your tresses perfect as a summer sunset. #LoveYourHair, ladies! 

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Kim Kardashian's hair care routine is gross & expensive


Who doesn't want a hair like Kim Kardashian's? I do, but after reading the secrets of her hair care routine, I'm having second thoughts. Neither her hygiene or the price of her products are appealing. Let me show you what I mean--and give you some alternatives.

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5 Easy ways to hide your skin imperfections


Concealer can leave anyone's skin looking flawless, but it's actually a lot trickier to use than you might think. Too little concealer can leave dark circles, wrinkles, and blemishes all on display. Too much concealer can highlight what you want to hide. Here's the scoop on how to use concealer to score a perfectly flawless face!

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8 Ways to stop looking like a tired new mamá


Naya Rivera has said one thing that all new moms can relate to: #SOtired. The mom in black recently admitted that the tired look sometimes requires sunglasses and only sunglasses. But what if you don't actually want to look tired? We've got 8 tips on how to not look like a tired mami. Well, at least not ALL of the time. 

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