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The 4 best natural oils for hair growth

When the hair oil craze first began I was NOT into it. Just the thought of putting oil in my hair and be left with greasy results made me absolutely want to cringe. But after months of extensive research and discovering that things like coconut oil and argan oil could actually leave my strands healthier, softer, shiner and stronger, I finally gave in and decided to give it a shot. And let me tell you girl, I haven't looked back. Not only do hair oils work wonders but they stimulate growth too!

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5 Surprising ways to prevent split ends

No matter how much hellfire you apply to your hair to make it sleek and shiny, split ends can still make your mane look dull and damaged. In fact, it's that very exposure to blowdryers and hot irons that can cause those fragile tips to fray. Long exposure to sun, chlorine and saltwater can also leave hair brittle while brushing your wet hair and wreak havoc on your ends. (Seriously, my wide tooth comb is my curls' BFF!) But don't despair because there are ways to keep those splitting tips to a minimum. Here are five tips to keep those split ends away:

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7 Mistakes you NEED to stop making with your eyebrows

If there's one thing I'm anal about, it's my eyebrows. Maybe it's because my naturally thick and long brows require high maintenance or maybe I've seen too many bad brows in my lifetime. Either way, I definitely know a thing or two when it comes to brow mistakes. Don't think you need tips? If you're still sporting tadpole brows that date back to the 90s or brows so dark they look like you filled them in with a Sharpie, then you might want to sit down and read this. And yes girl, there is such thing as too big and bold!

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These 5 emergency beauty tricks will save your life!


Let's face it, we all have good and bad days at the office--and I'm not talking about work, I'm talking about appearance! Yes, a bad hair days, a day with swollen eyes, another with stains, and wardrobe malfunction day to mention a few. There are some beauty emergencies at the office that make our day a little tougher. The solution is here!

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These 6 Beauty "myths" are actually true!

We're all constantly hearing of new beauty do's and don'ts, so sometimes it can be hard to tell the fact from the fiction and what works from what doesn't. But it turns out there are several common beauty-related "myths" out there that actually aren't as made-up as you may think. In fact, not only are they true, but they could change the way you approach your skincare and beauty routine altogether! Below, check out six common beauty myths, debunked!

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5 Ways to look sexy in seconds!


Have you ever noticed how sunglasses have this dramatic way of changing the way you look? I'm not saying that you're unattractive, but don't you think you look hotter with a pair of shades on? A study done in the U.K. by Vanessa Brown, a lecturer at Nottingham Trent University, proved that somehow wearing sunglasses can make you instantly more attractive.

Hmm, I wonder why that is?!

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Makeup Genius + 12 other amazing beauty apps you have to try

One of the downsides to buying cosmetics at a drugstore versus a beauty department store like Sephora is that you can't actually try on the products. But imagine walking into your local pharmacy and being able to test out a cool eye shadow or a new lipstick before buying them? Well now you can thanks to a new innovative beauty app, Makeup Genius by L'Oréal Paris (now available for downloading). I actually got to test-drive this thing out and I swear to you--it WILL change your life!

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Curly Qs: The 6 best travel products for curls

I love myself a good vacation or getaway. Who doesn't? This year I'm hitting up the Bahamas with my fiancé and I'm thrilled. But I have to admit there is one itty bitty problem: I have a really hard time traveling light and it's not just my clothes and shoes that take up all my luggage space (I like packing two outfits per day), it's all my hair products! Curly hair is pretty unpredictable which is why I refuse to use any of the mini hair products available at the travel section at my local pharmacy. I need stuff that's going to keep these curls in check!

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8 Anti-aging skin rules you MUST follow this summer

It's summer which means it's time to start loading up on the SPF! The strong UV rays can take a huge toll on your skin, resulting in everything from wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, dullness and even hyperpigmentation. A lot of us tend to get careless when we're out in the sun and then suffer the consequences come fall. But the damage isn't always reversible and the best way to deal with signs of aging is to prevent them from appearing in the first place!

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7 Ways to look skinnier INSTANTLY in your bikini

Lose the one-suit missy: I've got the ultimate trick to help you slip into that teeny tiny bikini with confidence! Ever heard of slimming beauty products? While hese goodies will never replace a healthy diet and exercise, they can help tone and smooth out certain areas of your body. Let's just say they work sort like a miracle dress, by creating the illusion of a slimmer-looking cuerpazo!

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