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10 Ways to keep your hair fresh between shampoos

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The truth is, sometimes there just isn't enough time in a day to wash, dry, and style your hair. Believe me, I feel you there! But the good news is, according to hair experts, it's actually better not to wash your hair every day. I know what you're probably thinking, eww that's gross, but believe it or not, washing your hair every day strips it from its natural oils. Check out a few tricks that can help you transform sad, greasy hair into fresh, gorgeous-looking locks!

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Stretch mark help: 8 natural remedies that you have to try!


Stretch marks are our natural markings of growth and life. Whether it's due to weight or pregnancy, stretch marks symbolize all of the hard work our bodies go through to be amazing. We should embrace them and show them off to the world. Of course, there are natural remedies that can help reduce their appearance too, if you don't want to flaunt them that much. Check out these awesome natural remedies for stretch marks that are easy and work wonders!

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Your complete guide to a bigger butt fast!

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Big booties are here to stay and they're fabulous. Curves have always been in style in our culture, but nowadays the mainstream is all about the rear too. The issue is that not all of us were born with a natural big rear and that's okay. There are simple ways to lift your booty and get it in the best shape and desirable size possible. It's time to get strategic and motivated! Here's your complete guide to having a bigger booty naturally! 

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REVEALED: The Kardashians' best beauty tips & tricks

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The Kardashian sisters get one thing right: And that's their beauty routine. Kourtney, Kim and Khloe make sure to always look on-point and they don't just rely on their makeup artist to get the job done. The Kardashian sisters are pros when it comes to the best skin regimens, beauty tricks and anti-aging products. Judge them all you want, but we can learn a few things from their mastered beauty secrets. Luckily, the Kardashian look is easier than you may think (and, yes, a little bizzare at times).  Read on for their best-kept secrets REVEALED!

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8 Things you do that are giving your wrinkles!

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Avoiding wrinkles is every woman's secret mission. We buy the top oils, serums and facial treatments to make sure we keep our youthful glow. But there could be some ways that we could be countering those anti-aging remedies everyday. There are daily habits and routines that could be causing us premature wrinkles without even knowing it! Find out what they are so you could cut the bad habits.

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10 Baby products that have beauty benefits for mom


During the first few months of motherhood, it's all about the baby. It could be difficult for moms to find time to beautify, but it surely isn't impossible. You can quickly achieve soft skin and silky hair by sharing some of your baby's top products. They don't call it baby soft for nothing! Find out how to make these baby products work as your beauty must-haves. 

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12 Trucos para embellecerte mientras duermes

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¿Qué tal si mientras duermes te pones bella? Además de dormir tus ocho horas diarias, puedes poner en práctica algunos trucos de belleza para que al día siguiente te despiertes como si hubieras acabado de salir de un spa. Aquí te dejo con 12 truquitos para que te embellezcas mientras duermes. Tu piel, tu pelo, tus dientes, tu cabello y tu rostro te lo van a agradecer.

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5 Surprising beauty myths that are actually true!

There are countless of beauty myths that have lingered for generations, but separating fact from fiction is the hard part. While many seem to lean on the fabricated side of the makeup aisle, there are a surprising number of beauty myths that are actually true. Are you guilty of some of these? 

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The 10 BEST treatments for thinning hair


Whether it's caused by stress, genetics or pregnancy, hair loss seems like the dreadful stepchild no one wants to babysit. No matter how much we try to avoid thinning hair, the comb never lies. All those chunks of hair you lose while showering or combing your hair is never a healthy thing. Luckily, there are natural remedies and quality products to prevent and combat thinning hair. 

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6 Beauty benefits of chamomile tea


Chamomile tea has been a staple in my family as a tasty way to treat colds, upset stomachs, insomnia and anxiety. There's nothing like a hot cup of that delicious smelling and tasting manzanilla tea to let any and all troubles get pushed aside. But there are other benefits to chamomile tea that you might not have thought about, like the countless beauty boosts it contains. Below, six ways chamomile is wonderful for your hair and skin.

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