Kim Kardashian goes platinum blonde & it's pretty shocking


I'm really convinced Kim Kardashian has lost her mind. Mrs. West made her grand entrance at a Paris Fashion Week event with platinum blonde hair. I mean, it practically looks white! The Kardashians know how to grab media attention, but I never thought Kim would sacrifice her beautiful black healthy locks for a few headlines. Hate on her all you want, but her natural hair is perfection. This drastic change means she's desperate for attention and it's not a good look.  

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20 Latina celeb haircuts that never go out of style

latina PHOTOS

Hair trends come and go with each season, but haircuts that don't have a seasonal expiration date are truly the most beautiful. A haircut that never goes out of style is worth every penny and should be a part of every woman's beauty arsenal. I love looking at Latina celebrities for inspiration on haircuts that are fierce, fun and stylish. Take these with you during your next appointment to the hair salon. 

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Jennifer Lopez's face does NOT look like this anymore


It hardly ever surprises me when a celebrity looks a little "enhanced" nowadays, but when we're talking about Jennifer Lopez it sure does. J.Lo has been one of the rare natural beauties in Hollywood. She never looked tucked, sucked or injected with any ungodly chemical concoction. Recently the Boricua beauty has been looking suspiciously different. After taking a close look at the new photo and an leaked untouched photo of her, I have my own theory on what's going on. 

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Eiza Gonzalez named new face of Neutrogena + 13 other Latina beauty ambassadors


Eiza Gonzalez has a new title to add to her resume--beauty ambassador. The Mexican beauty has inked a deal as Neutrogena's new face and with Gonzalez's beautiful look I can totally see why. The 25-year-old actress has some of the best skin in Hollywood. She shines with confidence and that's what beauty is all about. I loved her reaction to the new partnership and the cute video she posted celebrating her new title! 

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5 Surprising beauty myths that are actually true!

There are countless of beauty myths that have lingered for generations, but separating fact from fiction is the hard part. While many seem to lean on the fabricated side of the makeup aisle, there are a surprising number of beauty myths that are actually true. Are you guilty of some of these? 

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12 Latina celebrities before they were famous


We all know Latinas are some of the hardest working women around! Celebrities are no different except their photos before reaching fame are in full display for the world to see. Selena Gomez has no shame in it, but some of the other celebs we feature definitely do! Can you guess which stars are almost unrecognizable?  

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Repair damaged skin in 10 easy steps


Kim Kardashian recently admitted that she went to bed with full makeup. Talk about breaking a huge beauty rule! We all know it probably takes her hours to get ready, but that's no excuse. Your skin repairs itself at time, so wearing thick and heavy makeup means more clogged pores and acne breakouts. We've all been guilty of breaking this cardinal makeup rule, like Kim Kardashian, but there are plenty of easy ways to repair your skin after you mistreat it. Check out some of our suggestions!

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6 Beauty benefits of chamomile tea


Chamomile tea has been a staple in my family as a tasty way to treat colds, upset stomachs, insomnia and anxiety. There's nothing like a hot cup of that delicious smelling and tasting manzanilla tea to let any and all troubles get pushed aside. But there are other benefits to chamomile tea that you might not have thought about, like the countless beauty boosts it contains. Below, six ways chamomile is wonderful for your hair and skin.

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SEE Zoe Saldana looks better than EVER as a new mom (PHOTOS)


I literally shouted with joy when I saw Zoe Saldana on stage at the Oscars last night. The Latina actress looked stunning in a tight-fitted pale pink gown designed by Versace. This was Saldana's first red carpet appearance since giving birth to her twin boys Cy and Bowie. The dress was breathtakingly beautiful, but what I loved the most was her new and improved curves! Saldana is a classically trained ballet dancer, which means she has always rocked a slender figure. It's refreshing to see that motherhood has blessed her with an amazing real woman shape and a flawless glow. 

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Oscars 2015: How to steal the best celeb beauty looks

oscars PHOTOS

It was all about effortless glam and glowing skin at the 2015 Oscars last night. I love makeup looks that play with a woman's natural beauty. Jennifer Lopez and Zoe Saldana were two of my favorites since they rocked neutral hues and soft peach and pink colors. We have the beauty secrets and tricks straight from the celeb makeup artists and hairstylists of the evening. Getting the celebrity look is a lot easier than you may think!

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