SEE: Jacqueline Bracamontes debuts new look

It's not often you see Jacqueline Bracamontes switch up her look. The telenovela star has been sporting long brown hair with soft lowlights for the longest time now. So I was very surprised (and kind of excited) when I saw her new 'do on Instagram. Turns out she got brand new bangs and she looks gorgeous! See, change can be a good thing!

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Marc Anthony's girlfriend Shannon de Lima shares her beauty rules

Shannon de Lima is making sure she isn't just known as "Marc Anthony's girlfriend." The Venezuelan mom recently launched a beauty and fashion blog titled, ShadeLima. De Lima dishes on belleza and style tips for everyday women and some of her advice sounds, well, kind of useful. This new venture sounds way more promising than stirring up engagement and wedding rumors on her Instagram. We forgive you for that, Shannon. Kind of. So, what are some of her best beauty and fashion tips?

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Model without hair & cleft palate will change what you think is beautiful


If you needed more proof that true beauty comes from within, then you need to see Melanie Gaydos' emotional new video for The What's Underneath Project, a project that interviews both men and women while they take off their clothes, proving that style isn't just about what you wear but what's underneath. The high-fashion model who was born with a condition called ectodermal dysplasia, refuses to let her unique looks stand in the way of her dreams and from feeling confident. You have to check this amazing chica out!

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JWoww shocks with no makeup selfie


Jennifer "JWoww" Farley, a.k.a. Snooki's best friend and also new mama to baby girl Meilani, has been known to get pissed off at things written about her and to respond via social media. I remember that when she was pregnant, TMZ ran a "joke" post about her that was in really bad taste and referred to her as Lil' Kim. Well, JWoww wasn't having it so she posted a picture of her very pregnant self giving TMZ the finger. Flash forward to the present and JWoww is currently annoyed by all the talk that's she's gone overboard with the plastic surgery, so she posted a makeup free selfie on Instagram to let people see what she really looks like.

I have to say, she looks pretty darned good without makeup. Check it out!

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Crazy woman gets $150K plastic surgery to look like a cartoon

If you've ever visited a big city, a carnival or a state fair, chances are you've had a caricature done of yourself. You know, those drawing artists create that make you look like a crazy cartoon character. The last one I had of myself made me look like a Powerpuff Girl on acid, which is why I was shocked when I heard there was a 30-year-old woman out there who spent over $150,000 on plastic surgery just to look like her cartoon (pictured here).  Is she for real? You HAVE to see her to believe it!

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10 Fall nail polish colors we can't wait to rock

You probably haven't even started making Labor Day weekend plans yet, much less prepped for fall but you have to start thinking about fall nail polish colors. Why? Because the shades next season are already starting to come out and trust me--they're gorgeous! I'm literally losing my mind over all the colors available to choose from. Okay, maybe not losing my mind, but I am pretty darn excited!

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7 Super foods taking over your beauty products

It was only about a month or so ago that my sister came to me for beauty advice. She had suddenly and surprisingly started developing pimples all over her face and didn't have the slightest clue what to do. I've never struggled from serious acne, but I definitely do get occasional breakouts so I broke down my beauty regimen to her. Try a gentle cleanser, use a face brush and apply an acne-fighting serum all over your face before bed. The poor girl went weeks trying my tricks and nothing seemed to work. It wasn't until she started cleansing with Shea Moisture African Black Soap that her face finally cleared up!

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Why Latina celebs should stop hiding their curls!


You hear about people of color being under-represented in the entertainment industry. I think we all realize that needs to change and I also think change is happening, although not fast enough. But you know what else is under-represented--vilified even--in the entertainment industry? Curly hair. Yup, there is not enough curly hair on camera and I'm sick of it. I just read a piece by Meena Heart Duerson that is basically an open letter asking celebrities to stop straightening their hair and I hope that celebrities listen because all this phony straight hair is making my curly-haired daughters think their hair is "crazy" and "messy" and "out of control."

Inspired by Meena Heart Duerson, I have a request to make to curly haired celebrities too. Listen up, especially my curly haired Latina sisters!

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8 Celebs show you why you have to try sombré-colored hair

Jessica Alba is hands down one of my favorite celebs when it comes to style inspiration. The girl can dress--and I know I don't have to remind you how her hair and makeup is always on point. Speaking of hair, have you noticed how nicely her color gradually fades from top to bottom? That's because she ditched the obvious ombré for sombré, a much softer and more subtle ombré. This is the next big thing, chica--trust me!

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7 Gross ingredients that may be in your lipstick

When it comes to makeup, I think lipstick is a must-have--and I'm not talking just one or two tubes. Every woman should own a classic red, a hot pink, a berry, a burgundy and a nude lipstick. Heck, I own so many of every shade I've lost count. Yes, I'm a tad bit obsessed with lipstick, I know. But what I didn't know was that my favorite beauty product is actually made of the most horrifying ingredients ever. Honestly, do you have any idea what's in your lipstick?

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