5 Infections you can get at a nail salon & how to be safe


Getting your nails done should be a relaxing experience, but that could quickly turn ugly if an infection hits. Dr. Robert Spalding, a Tennessee-based podiatrist and author of Death By Pedicure: Dirty Secrets of Nail Salons, found that 75 percent of nail salons in the U.S., "do not comply with the state's standards of disinfecting nail equipment." That means it's important to take your health into your own hands when visiting a nail salon. Here are the most common infections and red flags to look for.

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10 Must-have beauty tools that will change your life forever

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Let's face it--we all count on beauty tools to make us look more flawless in an instant. This year, beauty companies have really stepped it up and are using groundbreaking technology to give you maximum results. We're counting down five incredible new beauty tools (and five that are just fantastic) that will change your life and daily routine forever. 

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SEE: Khloé Kardashian rocks a new hairstyle that makes us do a double-take


Khloé Kardashian changes her hairstyle way more often nowadays. Koko went from having signature dark long tresses like the rest of her sisters, to rocking a lob and dying her hair blonde. Now the youngest Kardashian sister is going with a new hair flow and it made us do a double-take! She clearly got extensions too. Look for yourself! 

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Kim Kardashian regrets having THIS procedure + her shocking transformation over the years


There's no question that Kim Kardashian's face has changed over the years. The reality TV star is secretive about the cosmetic procedures she's had, but confessed to getting Botox. Bueno, she recently admitted which cosmetic procedure she regrets getting. Find out what it is and check out her drastic transformation over the years.

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Gwyneth Paltrow's bee sting beauty treatment + 11 horrific beauty trends we can't understand

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Gwyneth Paltrow's bee sting beauty treatment is the latest routine to make us go, "WTH?!" The Hollywood star confessed to getting intentionally stung by bees for the sake of flawless skin. This is not a joke. Find out about this treatment and check out other bizarre and horrific beauty trends out there.  

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10 Hair products for perfect tresses this spring


Spring has officially sprung. If you're thinking about a hair makeover, consider adding these products to your beauty arsenal. Spring hair is all about wavy, effortless, frizz-free hair and we have the beauty must-haves to help you achieve the look without much fuss. 

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Chiquis Rivera's best 12 hairstyles ever

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Chiquis Rivera is a hair chameleon. The 30-year-old singer isn't afraid of switching up her hairstyles. She's always surprising us with a new cut, color or hair texture. Best of all, she rocks her looks with confidence. We're counting down Chiquis' hair looks that inspire us to hit the salon. 

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Chiquis Rivera goes makeup-free & you HAVE to see the videos


Chiquis Rivera has no issue with going makeup-free and sharing her beauty secrets! The 30-year-old singer, who launched Be Flawless makeup and skincare line earlier this month, encourages fans to be natural beauties. She created a skincare tutorial that shows how to look flawless without makeup. You have to see her natural look and check out her videos!  

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Jessica Cediel se arrepiente de haberse inyectado los glúteos


Jessica Cediel abrió su corazón para hablar sobre la experiencia más traumática de su vida. La copresentadora colombiana de Sal y Pimienta de Univision describió todo lo que ha sufrido por someterse a unas inyecciones de biopolímeros en los glúteos. Mira su conmovedor testimonio.

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Jennifer Lopez reveals her most flawless skin ever + 11 of her beauty secrets


Jennifer Lopez is aging backwards and has no problem with showing it off. The 46-year-old Boricua diva recently flaunted her most flawless skin ever. What's her secret? We are revealing all of her anti-aging ingredients, including what she loves using the most. Ready to get your J.Lo on? 

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