10 Ways eyebrows can change your entire look


I'm a firm believer in the power of a good pair of face-framing eyebrows. If shaped and groomed correctly, your brows can make you look much younger and, te lo juro, thinner! Just look at Jennifer Lopez. She's always been fly, but back in the day her brows just didn't do her face any justice. They were just too sparse for her heart-shaped carita. As a result, her face looked broader and, dare I say it, older. However, now that they've grown out and have been groomed, she looks like a completely different, much younger person! 

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The Perfect Body campaign​ by Victoria's Secret needs to stop


Victoria's Secret is catching some serious heat after unveiling its latest ad campaign, which features models with impossibly flat abs, stick think legs, and gaps between their thighs posing in push up-bras and low-cut panties--the words "The Perfect Body" superimposed over the image in large white letters. British students Frances Black, Gabriella Kountourides and Laura Ferris drew up a petition on demanding that the company apologize for the use of the phrase "Perfect Body" and acknowledge the harmful impact these words have on young girls, many of whom already struggle with insecurities regarding their bodies. In their call to action, the activists also urged people to tweet @VictoriasSecret using the hashtag #iamperfect. As of Thursday morning, the petition had amassed over 9,000 signatures.

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What it's really like when you get plastic surgery


Remember that horrible, horrible reality show called The Swan where two women who were considered "ugly" got a complete transformation that included extreme plastic surgery and one of them would get the honor of competing with other swans at a season finale pageant? One of the contestants was Lorrie Arias, she emerged from her transformation pretty much unrecognizable, it has now been 10 years since her transformation and what with all the recent hullabaloo over Renee Zellweger's change in appearance and whether or not she's had plastic surgery, Huffington Post decided to check in with Arias and see what it's really like to undergo such extreme plastic surgery and I can tell you it's NOT pretty. 

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5 Beauty benefits of pumpkin seed oil you never knew about

Being a beauty junkie and health conscious woman, I pride myself on using beauty products that aren't just effective but made from good and natural ingredients. My friends joke that I use more food than creams, serums or conditioners in my beauty routine and they're so right. Take a look at my vanity table and you'll find everything from coconut oil, argan oil, rosemary oil, almond oil--basically everything oil! But there's a new ingredient that's grabbing my attention this season and coincidentally enough, it's one of the most fall-centric foods out there. No chica, I'm not talking apples. I'm referring to pumpkin seed oil!

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Adamari Lopez's beauty transformation throughout the years

Adamari Lopez has a lot to smile about lately. The Puerto Rican beauty is expecting her first child with fiancé Toni Costa and is loving the pregnancy experience so far! In our exclusive vlog with Adamari, she shares, "My pregnancy is a miracle I have been celebrating day after day." She looks amazing while pregnant, but Adamari always had great style before the baby bump came along. We are taking a look at the star's beauty transformation since she hit the telenovela scene in the early 2000's. She proves that Latinas just keep getting better with age!

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11 Ways to use a pumpkin


With Halloween just a few days away, there's probably no shortage of pumpkins at your local store just begging to be taken home and carved. But did you stop to consider all the other ways you can put that pumpkin to use? Yes, they're good for so many other things that don't necessarily involve a sharp knife and a candle. Below, eleven ideas that will make you rush to your nearest farmer's market to bring one home with you right now!

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Model wears extreme faja for years to get a 16 inch waist


Holy corset, Batgirl! Fetish model and apparent masochist Kelly Lee Dekay has perhaps one of the tiniest waists I've ever seen on a human being. And that's really saying something. As a Latina, I grew up watching Thalia flaunt her practically ribless torso across the stage and small screen. But I have to admit, this chica's tiny waist makes Thalia's look almost normal. That's because, despite having some Kardashian-esque curves, the 27-year-old's waist is only 16 inches, all around. How is that even possible? Well, unlike Thalia and other celebs whom shall not be named, Dekay totally cops to the fact that her whittled middle isn't natural--not in the least. No, she just did it the really, really, reeeeeally ol' fashioned way.

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Woman's shocking makeup transformations are almost hard to believe


Lucia Pittalis is an Italy-based freelance makeup artist and portrait painter who is so talented she can pretty much paint a portrait of anyone you want over your face or her own. What she creates with makeup are complete and total mind-blowing transformations. You will not believe your eyes.

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The 10 best concealers for Latinas with dark skin

For Latinas with medium or dark skin, one of the hardest beauty products to shop for is concealer. I'm talking even harder than foundation. Unlike foundation, concealer shouldn't perfectly match your skin tone. You need it to be just one or two shades lighter in order to properly conceal dark spots, circles, manchas, or hyperpigmentation. But finding that perfect color can be a serious challenge. So what are the best brands and formulas you ask?

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You should never use antiperspirant again!


If you're like most women, chances are you apply antiperspirant on a daily basis, which is nice for everyone around you, but it can possibly spell trouble for your health. Scientists recently discovered that shaving your armpits, then applying an antiperspirant containing aluminum on a daily basis may potentially increase your chances of developing Alzheimer's and chronic fatigue. Well, that stinks.

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