Eiza González sparks plastic surgery rumors with new pic + SEE her transformation


Leave it to Eiza Gonzalez to stir up plastic surgery rumors! The Latina celebrity is known for having gone through a drastic transformation over the years, but she was recently snapped with a new look that is raising suspicions once again. Look at the photo yourself and judge whether you think she went under the knife. I think it's pretty obvious and all of these photos prove it! 

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Gaby Espino shares video without makeup & the look may shock you!


Gaby Espino loves going all natural for a cause. The Venezuelan beauty recently shared a makeup tutorial for fans and revealed her natural face without a drop of coverage. There's no doubt that Espino is one of the most beautiful Latina celebs out there, but some may be shocked by her makeup-free look! Check out the video she posted along with other celebs without makeup. 

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5 Shocking ways petroleum jelly can make you look instantly younger

While vacationing in Paradise Island, Bahamas I met this gorgeous 39-year-old Bahamian woman. She had a flawless complexion that didn't show the slightest sign of aging. Was she drinking insane amounts of water or using the most amazing skincare products known to woman? Nope, she was using plain ol' petroleum jelly. And no, I'm not joking!

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7 Mistakes you make every time you wash your hair


Washing your hair seems like a no brainer--but apparently we've all been doing it wrong. You'd be surprised how badly you could ruin your hair by not washing it right. In fact, bad shampoo habits are actually worse than not shampooing at all. It might sound crazy, but believe me it's true. Forget everything you knew about shampoo and find out how you SHOULD be washing your hair!

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11 Best natural beauty recipes from abuela's kitchen

woman PHOTOS

Abuelitas always know best! Many are especially savvy when it comes to at-home beauty remedies that instantly make us feel like goddesses. Whether it's a cure for cellulite, stretch marks or thin hair, there's a beauty recipe out there that has been passed down from generation to generation. Let your inner and outer beauty shine with these natural beauty remedies courtesy of abuela.  

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Bubble nails + 10 horrific beauty trends we can't understand

nails PHOTOS

Bubble nails are the latest beauty trend taking over social media! Seriously, how did this become a thing in the first place? Paying to have your nails look like they popped out of a gum ball machine seems a little crazy. Find out how manicurists achieve this look and check out the most horrific beauty trends out there. Be very afraid! 

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Khloe Kardashian goes braless for mag cover + 10 other racy photos of the celeb

khloe PHOTOS

Khloe Kardashian is quickly becoming the most talked about Kardashian. Between her recent weight loss and racy cover spreads, she's giving sister Kim Kardashian and Caitlyn Jenner a run for their money! Koko is gracing the latest cover of Women's Health posed braless. See the photo alone with ten of her raciest photos--ever! 

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SEE: Rosie Rivera chops off her hair + her beauty transformation over the years

rosie PHOTOS

Rosie Rivera doesn't look like this anymore! The famous sibling decided to chop off her hair into an edgy and chic bob cut. She looks amazing! Between the new hairstyle and recent weight loss, Rivera is starting to look like a completely different person! Check out her new haircut along with her beauty transformation over the years.  

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6 Surprising ways to use baking soda in your beauty routine


We're living in an age where everyone is trying to take a greener, more holistic approach to life. With that said, we can't all afford to buy organic beauty products. I sure can't! So if you want a more natural beauty routine, it's all about DIYing your regimen as often as you can. Don't know where to start? Begin by adding some baking soda into your beauty madness. You'd be surprised how many things you can do with this thing. Check it out!

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Sofia Vergara + 10 other celebs who get real about their insecurities

sofia PHOTOS

News flash! Even someone as beautiful as Sofia Vergara has insecurities. The Colombian star may have been voted more attractive than Kim Kardashian, but Vergara recently got real about her biggest insecurity. Find out what it is along with 10 other Latina celebrities who have revealed their biggest self doubting thoughts. We can all relate! 

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