I don't care if my Brazilian Blowout gives me cancer!

I have a confession to make. I'm addicted to the Brazilian Blowout. It took me years to finally take the leap and do it, and now that I have there is no turning back. Of course, I've read study after study warning about the effects of formaldehyde and why it's so bad for you--but my hair has never been so shiny and lustrous!


I have to keep it real with you all. I'm going to keep going and getting the process done. I don't care if it becomes a black market procedure, I'm relatively sure I'll always be able to find some salon willing to smooth my locks at the temporary expense of air quality.

The thing is, I was never even one of "those girls"--you know the type who would do anything and everything for beauty. My hair wasn't particularly crazy before the treatment. I have soft, large curls, but believe me when I say, my hair could get some serious frizz on.

What really sucked me in was that before I got the Brazilian Blowout, I'd have to schedule at least an extra 20 minutes into my morning routine to handle my hair. After the BB, I could literally roll out of bed into the office without a thought. Ironically enough, I'm addicted to this procedure because it affords me the luxury of not having to think about a major step in my beauty routine anymore (and for at least 3 months!)...it's truly magical.

I'm also a total convert because it didn't make my hair stick straight. Basically what it did was seal my cuticle so now my curls are totally smooth and manageable with not a split end or frizz in sight! Every. Single. Day. Can you see how this revolutionized my life?

So, I guess the moral of the story is, I can't help myself. Maybe I AM one of "those girls" who would do anything for beauty. I mean, I do subject myself to some nasty chemicals every time I get it done. But until they pry the Brazilian Blowout from my cold, dead, hands, I'm going to keep on indulging in this miracle hair smoother.

Am I crazy? Have you tried the Brazilian Blowout? Would you keep getting a beauty treatment done even though you know the chemicals are dangerous?

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