Shakira debuts shocking new haircut

Shakira never ceases to amaze us! Most female celebrities rock long, luscious locks as a sign of their sex appeal, but not our beloved Shaki, who is once again going against the grain.


The Colombian singer, 34, just debuted a drastically shorter new hair do via her Twitter page. Going from long, loose waves to a choppy bob was a risky move for the pop star, especially because she is so well known for her wild hairstyles!

As a chica with short hair, I have to say that her willingness to cut it all off is refreshing! Many Latinas feel like the only way to look feminine is to have long hair (my mother literally cried the first time I chopped my locks). I just don't agree with that. Some of our sexiest stars have rocked shoulder length hair or even shorter (Jessica Alba and Salma Hayek, just to name a few) and their femininity has never been questioned!

But we want to know what you think about Shakira's hair and short hair in general. Would you ever go for the big chop? Do you like short hair on women?

Weigh in the comments below and tell us what you think about Shaki's new look!

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on Jan 16, 2012 at 5:05 PM

I personally like her better with her longer hair, but I suppose I'll adjust to this.   She's an awesome chica who can do anything.  My dad still can't get over my short hair.  He raised me to have long hair, and when I chopped it off at age 21 he was not too pleased lol.  But I feel better than ever, liberated and confident.  I show my face!

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