Jennifer Lopez spring nail trends
Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

Don't you just love how some people freshen up their nail looks with every season? For example, Jennifer Lopez. J.Lo works her nail art just as hard as she works everything in her life, and it's totally inspiring. We see her doing all kinds of fun things with her nails, and we're like, "Dang, that's so cool." But then when it's time to get our nails done, we're like, "Oh, I don't know, just give me the same ol', same ol'." Well, not this time around! This time around, we decided to look into spring nail trends so that we have ideas at our fingertips when it's time to get our nails done.

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And since we're all virtual amigas here, you know we're going to share our favorite spring nail trends with you, because sharing is caring, and we totally care. Take a look at the fabulous nail art we found that is sure to be trending all spring, and the next time you go get your nails done, you'll have ideas for fun new colors, looks, lengths, or a combo of all of it. Have fun, spring is sprung, and you deserve a mani that makes you smile every time you look at it.

Don't be afraid to go nude! 1

What? Are you thinking that nude nails aren't a trend because they're pretty much a classic? Well, think again, because they are completely on trend for spring this year. They are also a great base to work from, because you can add some interest with other elements if you feel like it.


Eva Longoria voted nude. 2

OK, so maybe she didn't vote while nude, but she did vote while rocking nude nails. Also, she clearly is voting in favor of nude nails for spring, and that's something that most can agree upon regardless of political party. The nude shade she's wearing here has a pinkish tint. If that color doesn't work for you, there are plenty more nude shades to choose from.


We're absolutely loving bright yellow. 3

This color says, "Hello, sunshine!" It's bright, fun, and flattering, and it makes us want to embrace brightness. It's bordering on neon, and we're not mad about it at all. This kind of brightness would work with any citrus shade, don't you think?

Vanessa Hudgens got the yellow memo, too! 4

Sorry, J.Lo, but you can't keep bright yellow nails all to yourself. Vanessa Hudgens knows a good thing when she sees it and isn't afraid to adopt a trend that makes her get noticed. If yellow nail polish has never been on your radar before, it is now.


Combine nudes with brights. 5

So we showed you some nudes, and we showed you some bright brights. Now we're showing you a combination of nude and neon. In this instance, it's done in a French manicure style, and it totally works. It's a fun, unexpected take on a classic style.


Or what about nudes and bright florals? 6

This is a kind of twist on the bright color with a nude base. It's a bright floral with a nude base. It makes us feel like we're on a tropical vacation. Getting the nails is more affordable than taking the vacation, though, so for now, we'll take the nails.


Go with a matchy-matchy nails-and-makeup look. 7

Do like Jennifer and pick a pastel color that works for both your nails and your eyes. Most of the time, you don't go out of your way to match your nail color to your eye shadow, but spring colors lend themselves to this kind of pairing, so why the heck not?

Here's another option for a monochromatic look. 8

If matching your nails to your eye shadow just doesn't work for you, try out a monochromatic mani instead. Pink on pink is cuter than you would think. You could do this with any number of colors and it will work. Pick a color, and then complement it with a lighter shade of the same color.


Why should Easter eggs have all the fun? 9

Matte pastel colors look great on Easter eggs and even better on nails. This particular manicure combines a matte trend, a pastel trend, and a different-color-on-every-nail trend for a winning spring option. The colors are just perfect for the season.

You can also opt for a subtler take on the trend. 10

If you like the idea of a different color on every nail, but pastels just aren't your thing, you can still do the trend using a more subtle take like this example. Or you could even go totally wild and do the trend with super-bright colors. Whatever works for you.


Every shade of blue is welcome. 11

We don't want you to feel blue, but we wouldn't mind seeing this blue, blue, and more blue trend on you. Even though blue might not be a color you normally associate with spring, it's having a moment on nails. Stick to your favorite blue shade, or do a combo of many shades of blue.

Opt for not-your-average shade of blue. 12

Guess whose pretty hand this is? It belongs to the lovely Selena Gomez. What would you call this shade of blue that she is wearing? Periwinkle? Or shall we just call it perfection? Perfection it is! Also, Selena could totally be a hand model if the whole singing and acting thing doesn't work out.


A good ombre is always welcome. 13

We told you that blues are welcome for spring, and a good ombre is always welcome, so why not combine the two? Blue ombre nails like these look sharp. We're loving the turquoise shade at the bottom so much. That's another great blue shade to work into your rotation.

Check out Kylie Jenner's sexy ombre. 14

The way that the colors on Kylie's nails just sort of melt into each other makes us want to melt. The length of her nails might not be practical for most, but a shortened version with those colors would look just as great. Such a good-lookin' ombre.



There's nothing wrong with a subtle shout-out to a brand you love. 15

Can you tell this is Thalía? It is! Even if you can't tell that this is Thalía, you for sure can tell that the person with these nails has a thing for Louis Vuitton. If you've got a thing for a certain brand, this look might appeal to you.

Use your nails to pay tribute. 16

Here is yet another instance of Jennifer Lopez expressing herself through nail art. Do you see how the top nails have the number 2 and the number 24 on them? Those numbers are there to honor Gianna Bryant and Kobe Bryant, who died in a helicopter crash earlier this year. Gianna wore a number 2 basketball jersey, and Kobe wore a number 24 basketball jersey.


Are you up for some funfetti? 17

Confetti always seems like a fun idea until it's time to clean it up. The best part about these funfetti nails is that the fun stays on your nails. It's like having a party at your fingertips 24/7 without any of the downsides.

Is there such a thing as subtle confetti? 18

Yes, there is such a thing, and you are looking at that beautiful thing! These nails are proof that confetti can be fun, elegant, and subtle. Who knew? We love how some nails have a larger version of confetti, while others are decorated with tiny, glittery versions.


Parlez-vous français? 19

It's no big deal if you don't speak French, because you can ask for a French manicure in English. Stick with a classic French manicure like Beyoncé is modeling in this picture, or let your imagination go wild with all of spring's nail trends to create your own version.

French manicures are completely customizable. 20

This double French take is too, too lovely. Other ideas to make a French manicure feel fresher than fresh are to do the tips in neon, pastel, blue, or glitter. Get creative, have fun, and enjoy spring regardless of what your nails look like.