Chiquis Rivera

We have loved keeping an eye on Chiquis Rivera in 2019. She's been radiant, and watching her have fun with fashion has been a blast, for sure. But you know what else we've enjoyed about her looks all year? Her hair and makeup. Chiquis isn't one of those people who always wears her hair the same exact way or who always has her makeup done exactly the same way. Nope, she mixes it up.

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We've curated some of her best hair and makeup looks of 2019 to share with you. The great thing about all of the looks we're sharing is that they are highly doable, and they may inspire you to try something new as well. Even her looks for red carpet events aren't complicated and can be re-created easily.

We did notice that the one consistent thing that Chiquis does do is go big with the eyelashes. Aside from that, she seems to be game for anything else. Check her out for yourself!

Hair down and pink lips on. 1

We love how Chiquis parted her hair down the middle and gave it a sleek front and behind-the-ears treatment, while wearing the rest in long, loose waves. The pink lips and pink palette of her makeup look goes perfectly with her entire look.


When in doubt, go with a bob. 2

A sleek bob always looks good, and Chiquis has been known to rock a bob on many occasions. On this particular occasion, she opted for a center part with curled-under ends.


Fresh-faced and looking casually hip. 3

This is a perfect daytime look. Her makeup is fresh and light-looking, and it doesn't really matter what's going on with her hair because she's got most of it covered with a beanie.

Red carpet lips and an updo. 4

Those glossy red lips look glam on the red carpet. Her updo makes her look all pulled together and sophisticated.


Sideswept bangs and side-eye. 5

A high ponytail with sideswept bangs works for daytime or nighttime. Wear it with pink lips during the day like Chiquis did, and change up your lip color for a more polished evening look.


Goddess hair and smoky eyes. 6

On June 26, in honor of her birthday, Chiquis posted this picture of herself and invited haters to kiss her you know what. She looks incredibly sultry, not just because of what she's wearing but because of those long, luxurious tresses and her smoky eye makeup.


'70s vibe hair and big eyes. 7

Her hair has a Farrah Fawcett look going on. Her eyes are poppin' with big lashes and frosty eye shadow.

Windswept side ponytail for hanging out. 8

This casual-looking side pony probably took some effort to put together, but it manages to look effortless. Great for when you want to look like you just woke up like this.


Makin' waves and wearing them, too. 9

Who doesn't look good with loose waves framing their face? Chiquis looks great in that rose-hued lipstick.

Fishing for compliments, perhaps? 10

Well, we're more than happy to compliment her on her fishtail braid and nude lips. You look good, Chiquis. Go on and bask in that light.


A glam take on a rocker bandana. 11

Chiquis swapped the usual rocker bandana for a scarf, and it totally works. It's an elegant take on a rock star look.

Keeping it neutral all the way. 12

Neutral-colored clothing with neutral-shaded makeup and straight hair parted down the middle. Who knew neutral could have such a positive impact?


Channeling some old-school glam. 13

Her hair is like a modern version of the sideswept looks of Old Hollywood starlets. Her well-defined eyebrows add to the feel.

A curly bob worthy of early Madonna. 14

The curls, dark roots, and lace remind us of early Madonna. But it's all Chiquis.


The queen within came out to play. 15

When Chiquis posted this picture in April, she wrote: "We all have a QUEEN within. Discover her!"

A headband might be more accessible to most. 16

If wearing crowns isn't your thing, how about a fun headband like this one? Cotton-candy lips are optional.


Unicorn hair, don't care. 17

How fun is this braided unicorn hair look? Grab some faux hair and find someone who has braiding skills to help you replicate this look.

Who is this blonde? 18

Here's Chiquis looking more blonde than usual. The ponytail with face-framing waves looks great.


Let's call this look La Snow Bunny Rivera. 19

The bedazzled beanie and bright pink lips are so much fun, especially paired with that bright pink fur. This snow bunny is super cute!

Pageboy cap and a loose trenza. 20

This makes us want to get a pageboy cap. Bad hair day be gone when you can just braid your hair and pop on a cap.