Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek/Instagram

Salma Hayek looks so good in a bathing suit that we sometimes wonder why she doesn't just wear one every day. We're kidding, but not really, because she wears the heck out of a bathing suit regardless of whether it's a one-piece, a bikini, or anything in between. We know this because she's not shy about sharing pictures of herself--in all her curvaceous glory--wearing any of her many bathing suits.

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The woman owns more bathing suits than most people own pants, but it makes sense since she's in them so often, and for good reason. You don't have to be close to Salma to know that she loves being by, in, or around water. She posts pictures of herself on social media enjoying water activities all the time.

She always looks incredibly happy when she's in a bathing suit, but we think that has more to do with how being around water and nature makes her feel than it does with how she fills out a bathing suit. Another part of what makes her look so good in a bathing suit is that she seems so comfortable and at ease in her body, and it shows.

Go ahead: Take a look at Salma Hayek showing off her killer curves.

Why is she talking about turtles? 1

Never mind that she's wearing a cute pink and red bathing suit that we'd like to see in its entirety. Salma looks rather pensive in this picture that she posted and captioned, "I like #turtles on the beach 🐢 Me gustan las tortugas en la playa." OK, cool, but kind of random to just talk about turtles--until you see the next picture.


Now it makes sense why she was talking about turtles. 2

Not only do we get to see the whole pink and red bathing suit in this picture, but Salma also clears up the turtle talk in the last picture. "Oops... I posted the right caption but the wrong picture without the #turtle #ISuckAtSocialMedia 🐢 Vaya... escribí las palabras correctas pero me equivoqué de foto y puse una sin tortuga. Soy un caos para las redes sociales," she wrote.


And once from behind. 3

In case you needed proof that Salma looks good coming and going in a bathing suit. She posted this picture in August of 2019.

Just another Saturday in Salma's world. 4

No makeup, in a bathing suit, and wearing a cute pair of cover-up palazzo pants, Salma posted this picture and wished everyone a "#happysaturday #felizsabado."


Laid-back in Gucci. 5

Baywatch babes have got nothing on this babe. She looks like fire in that red Gucci bathing suit.


Pin her up! 6

Doesn't she look like an old-school pinup in this bathing suit? She's got that timeless beauty thing going on.


This is how Salma's hair frolics in the wind. 7

Take your eyes off Salma in that black one-piece for a second to look at the ocean. That water looks so clean, clear, and welcoming.

Getting her zen on at the beach. 8

On occasion, Salma likes to take a break from frolicking on the beach so she can meditate. She's all zenned out in this pic.


Bombshelling in a bikini. 9

It's true that the actress tends to favor one-piece bathing suits, but she looks phenomenal in a bikini as well. Her curves are on full display in this navy number.

There's a reason she owns so many bathing suits. 10

Other than looking fantastic in bathing suits, she loves being in, by, or around the ocean. She captioned this photo, "I adore the ocean 🌊 adoro el mar."


What's under her swan? 11

We didn't even look under Salma's swan until we read what she wrote to go with this picture. "There is a merman under my swan  #swan #summer. Hay un sireno debajo de mi cisne." Do you see the merman?

Throwback photo to her pre-pregnancy waist. 12

"This was my waist before pregnancy. Now it's not the same but my life is so much better. Esta era mi cintura antes de embarazarme pero ahora mi vida es mucho mejor," she wrote when she posted this throwback photo. Not for nothing Salma, but your current waist looks just as good.


She's also into Sundays. 13

She posted this photo of herself in the same bathing suit the day after her #happysaturday post and wrote, "Embrace your Sunday ✨ Deja que tu domingo te abrace."

This is what 53 looks like on Salma. 14

The day before her birthday in 2019, she posted this picture and wrote: "Yes, tomorrow I’m 53. So!? Si, mañana cumplo 53. Y!?" Honestly, she doesn't look a day over GORGEOUS!


Surrendering to the waves. 15

Lying on the beach and letting the waves wash over her in this lavender bathing suit, she looks at peace. She captioned the photo:

"Sometimes you just need to surrender and let the waters move and embrace you. A veces hay que dejarse ir y dejar que las aguas te muevan y te abracen."

One more because she makes surrendering look so good. 16

Doesn't this photo make you want to go lie on the shore and let the waves wash over you? She looks so at peace and comfortable.


And now in slow motion. 17

Seriously, this looks like it is so therapeutic. Immersing yourself in nature will do wonders for your state of mind.

She looks great in a halter top bikini. 18

Her famously ample bosom looks like a million bucks in this halter top bikini. Truthfully, it always looks like a million bucks, no matter what she's wearing.


She even swims in the rain. 19

That green bikini pops in this picture, and so does Salma. She was floating in a pool while it was raining when this photo was taken.