Kim Kardashian accused of lying to promote her body foundation

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kim Kardashian got a wicked sunburn, and she used it as an opportunity to promote her KKW Beauty Skin Perfecting Body Foundation through a series of posts on her Instagram account. It shouldn't really come as a surprise to anyone that Kim would use any opportunity to promote her products, but somehow lots of people are shocked and--dare we say?-- disgusted.

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Basically, what happened is that Kim shared a carousel that included videos and pics of a sunburn that she got on her chest being covered up with the KKW Beauty Body Foundation. The sunburn looks painful, but by the end of the process you can't even tell its there.

Check out the whole process for yourself.

In the first one of the videos posted, Kim says, "Hi guys, so I got a major sunburn, so Mary is going to put on my body makeup." Her makeup artist Mary then proceeds to slather on a generous coating of body foundation on Kim, and by the end of it all, you can't tell that Kim has a sunburn.

Note that the caption on the post reads: "Sun Burns! UGHHHH I haven’t had this happen in years but thank goodness I had my body make up with me last week! We RESTOCKED all @kkwbeauty body foundation and skin perfecting liquid shimmer today on"


Why are people mad at Kim for pimpin' her product?

Here are just a few of the not-so-positive comments left on the post. The general tone is, basically, that it's irresponsible to tell people to cover up a sunburn with makeup instead of properly treating it so that it will heal. Some even go as far as to accuse Kim of making up the sunburn just to sell product.


Remember when we told you to note the caption on Kim's post?

Kim's no dummy; she knows exactly what she's doing. In the caption of the post in question, she wrote: "We RESTOCKED all @kkwbeauty body foundation and skin perfecting liquid shimmer today on" Well, guess what is no longer in stock because it sold out in a hot minute? The body foundation!

That sunburn and posting about it helped Kim make another bucketload of bills regardless of what haters are saying in the comments section. Here's our takeaway: Always wear sunblock so that you don't get a sunburn. Period. End of story. You won't have to cover it up if you aren't sunburned!

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