Khloé Kardashian explains her nose contouring method following plastic surgery rumors

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The magic of makeup. Khloé Kardashian shared a makeup tutorial with Vogue and addressed the reason why her nose appears to look different in her recent Instagram photos. The reality star sparked rumors that she had gone under the knife for a nose job after she shared some photos of herself in June on the social media platform.  

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While sharing her quick new mommy makeup routine with the publication, Khloé said it's all about the contouring she and her glam squad use that sometimes changes the way her face looks in photos. 

Khloé sparked rumors that she got a nose job with this photo.

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She looked absolutely stunning in this Instagram photo she posted in June. Some fans thought that her nose looked slimmer than usual and wondered whether or not she had gotten plastic surgery. While some people simply accused her, others came to her defense. "Khloe Kardashian got a nose job and all I have to say is 🤔," one fan tweeted at the time. "Good for her. There is nothing wrong with plastic surgery. People can alter their bodies to feel their best."


She said that sometimes lighting and makeup change how her nose looks.

Khloé showed that she adds a darker contour line starting at her eyebrows and goes down the bridge of her nose creating two lines. “So one of my favorite things is nose contour. But this does stress me out a little bit. In person and how cameras reflect and light, everything looks different,” Khloé said. “So sometimes I will contour my nose and in real life I think I look so good and then in some photos I look crazy!”


Khloé also said that she likes that her makeup artists have different techniques.

By drawing darker lines on the side of her nose, it makes her bridge appear slimmer and narrower. She said her makeup artists all have their own styles, which alter the way her face looks. "Everyone has their own technique and I do know that some people make my face look different," she said in the video. "I think that’s really cool. I mean it doesn’t offend me,” Kardashian said. “I just think it’s what makeup is supposed to do."

Some fans weren't convinced by Khloé's explanation.

Khloé defended her contouring but her fans weren't too convinced by her explanation. Some people still stuck to their beliefs that she had gone under the knife and said makeup has nothing to do with how different her nose looks now. 


Khloé shared a lot of her makeup secrets and how her routine has changed.

Now that she is a mommy to daughter True, Khloé has pared down her makeup routine so it takes less than 20 minutes. Every new mom knows that having a 1-year-old running around makes it harder to take your sweet time getting glamorous. The Revenge Body host shared tips she learned from her sisters Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, as well as which tools and products she can't live without. Check out the full routine above.

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