Aleira Avendaño/Instagram

Aleira Avendaño can say that she has the title of the Latin American Barbie ... or the Queen of the Micro Waist. Both "titles" she's won thanks to the 38 surgeries she's undergone during her life. Besides that, she wears a faja 23 hours a day and puts herself through a rigorous diet and exercise regimen. The model's figure is so out of this world, you won't believe her extreme measurements.

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The Venezuelan model revealed that at 19 years of age, she had her first plastic surgery, breast augmentation. From then on, her obsession with aesthetic procedures only grew because, as she says, she "loves perfection." To achieve the body she has today, she's had to undergo multiple operations, plus she has to make other huge sacrifices.

Avendaño is so fixated on continuing her reign as the Queen of the Micro Waist that for the last nine years, she's been wearing an unforgiving corset almost around the clock. She only takes it off to shower, even though she knows it could have repercussions on her health down the road. She is more than willing to have more surgeries done to keep her body looking the way it does now. Check out more about this South American Barbie whose drastic measures to achieve this seems "perfection" are going to shock you.

This is how Aleira Avendaño looks today. 1

"For me, perfection isn't just beauty, but also a woman who is intelligent and pretty, able to do many things," the model said in an interview with Despierta América.


The Latin American Barbie has spend around $200,000 on surgeries. 2

Aleira has no qualms about revealing the huge investment she's made on the surgeries to change her physique. Wow! 


The Venezuelan model is 29 years old. 3

Aleira began her transformation--and her first surgery--at 19. In these last 10 years, she's been looking for a body and face ideal that she has in her head as "perfect."

The model did not like how she looked when she was younger. 4

"When I was little, I didn't like how I looked physically, I didn't like my face, I didn't like many parts of my body. That's why I started my transformation," she said.


Bullying in school left Aleira traumatized about how her face looked. 5

"My face was pretty, my nose in particular, but I always had this feeling like, No, no, my face is not pretty," revealed the Venezuelan model when talking about why she wanted to change her features in the first place. 


She had surgeries on her nose six times. 6

"I did my nose six times. At one time, so that my nose looked perfect, I recorded the surgery and I had it done with local anesthesia so I could see how my nose was looking. It's amazing, but the last surgery I had is when my nose was finally perfect, because I was awake telling them how I wanted the tip to look," the model revealed. Aleira must really have an obsession with perfection because being awake for this surgery must have been excruciatingly painful. 


She's very honest and hasn't removed any of her pictures pre-surgery. 7

"[The photos] are still on the internet, because it was the before and after of Aleira," she said with all sincerity. It seems like she's not out to hide her journey to achieving the body and face she's always wanted. 

Aleira is planning to undergo more surgeries. 8

It seems that 38 surgeries haven't been enough to achieve perfection, so the model is planning on having more surgeries to fix other parts of her body and achieve another one of her dreams.


Aleira wants to be the new "Nuestra Belleza Latina" queen. 9

"This year I'm gonig hard core prepping with surgeries, the corset ... Right now, we're planning to do a breast and gluteal reduction, but before that, we have to prep, not just with surgeries, but with diet and exercise," Aleira confessed during her Univision interview

Aleira admits she was obsessed with surgeries. 10

"I don't see it so much as an obsession; I already stopped, but now I have to focus on Nuestra Belleza Latina and that's it. But at first, it was definitely an obsession. I say that because there's a point where, let's say, you get surgery on your nose and it comes out great, then you say, let's do one more little thing, then one more little thing."


For Aleira, it's very important to be in the care of great plastic surgeons. 11

"You can't just get operated by just anyone," the model recommends. She emphasizes that any aesthetic procedures should be done only by licensed professionals. 

How did she get this teeny tiny 21-inch waist? 12

On Univision's Despierta América, presenter Alan Tacher measured her waist and it was indeed 21 inches. Aleira herself revealed that she's suffered with the way she's gotten to that tiny midsection. "It's a painful corset," she admitted.


This is Aleira's painful faja, which she wears 23 hours a day. 13

The model has been wearing this rigid corset during the last nine years, 23 hours a day. Basically, she says: "I take it off to shower. I use it all the time."

The model admits she's suffered while using the corset. 14

"In the beginning, yeah [she felt sick and suffered using the faja], but everything is a matter of getting used to it. You get your body used to something, like waking up very early, and your body reacts," she answered when talking about her secret to her teeny tiny waist.


The use of extreme corsets can impact her health, and she knows it. 15

Aleira feels that her organs have moved and apparently are out of place. She's also conscious of the fact that she can have spine problems because of all the pressure down the road.

Massages are also a part of her routine. 16

Aleira often gets body and facial treatments. For example, she gets abdominal massages so that fat gets broken down and she looks even smaller and firmer.


Aleira's lips are also done. 17

The model confessed that she's also modified her lips through a painless procedure at a Miami clinic.

Aleira has her own beauty brand. 18

"A queen is one that builds her own castle with the bricks they have thrown at her to see her fall. Thank you God and thank you to everyone who has supported me on this mission," she wrote on IG as she launched her own beauty and makeup products.


Aleira has a message for young people who don't feel happy with their bodies. 19

"I don't really recommend to any young woman, honestly, honestly, that they get surgery. I don't think I'm a role model for any young person. There are priorities. First, women have to be smart, they have to study," she said during her DA interview.

The Venezuelan model knows that she's gone to the extreme. 20

Aleira admits that all the surgeries she's done, as well as the crazy corset, have been radical means to get to the body that she's always wanted.