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Daisy Fuentes/Instagram

When we see women who are over a certain age who look amazing, our immediate reaction is to ask, "What's their secret?" One look at Daisy Fuentes' Instagram page and it's almost hard to believe she is 52 years old. She often shares photos of herself rocking bathing suits and enjoying time outdoors, and she looks better than ever. One recent pic she shared wearing a monokini is getting some attention and her fans are commenting on how timeless and beautiful the TV host looks.

Her youthfulness is in part thanks to her active lifestyle and her plant-based diet. She believes that the best secret to anti-aging is how we treat and take care of our bodies based on the foods we eat. She wrote an essay for PopSugar in 2017 about her decision to be a vegetarian and said it was driven by her love of animals but also for health purposes.

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"I have been reading, researching, and watching films regarding health, fitness, and anti-aging for many years," she wrote. "I love sharing all the wonderful, cutting-edge secrets I've learned from the best experts in the world. I always emphasized that a plant-based diet is the most important thing. Beauty and anti-aging [happen] from the inside out. I believe that eating a plant-based diet is essential to long term health and wellness."

It seems like taking that step has paid off because Daisy looks just as wonderful today as she did back in her MTV days. The best part of it all is that she is doing it in a natural way and feeding, loving, and taking care of her body so that all that goodness radiates on the outside. Scroll through to take a look at some of the most gorgeous photos Daisy has shared on her Instagram and see how amazing she looks these days.

Daisy is living her best life. 1

She shared this amazing photo of herself relaxing in Miami, Florida, in May 2019. At 52, she is truly living her best life.


The Cuban model looks stunning in this pic. 2

Daisy looked beautiful in this photo she shared while on vacation. Her skin looks so flawless and she is definitely timeless.


Daisy looks just like she did during her days on MTV. 3

It's been a long time since we saw her on our TV screens as a VJ on MTV, but nothing much has changed as far as her appearance goes.

Daisy definitely loves the beach. 4

Daisy posed for a gorgeous photo while on vacation wearing a leopard print black and white one-piece bathing suit. There's something about the beach that makes us all look more peaceful and youthful.


Daisy stays in great shape. 5

Based on her photos, Daisy is always out about, hiking, walking her dogs, or doing some sort of physical activity! She hasn't maintained such a great physique by accident, she's definitely done the work.


This was taken during her 50th birthday celebration. 6

This is what 50 looks like for Daisy Fuentes. She headed to Mexico for her birthday vacation in 2017, and looked so beautiful with her natural curly hair. 


Daisy has definitely been doing some squats. 7

Daisy shared this amazing photo of herself standing in front of the ocean, and it looks like her healthy eating and active lifestyle are really paying off for her. 

Daisy knows how to rock a good one-piece. 8

One-piece bathing suits don't have to be boring, and Daisy proves it. She showed off her long legs and curves with this beach pic, and her body looks super toned and in shape.


Daisy showed off her killer curves at the beach. 9

Her husband snapped this pic of her in Bora Bora and it's absolutely breathtaking. There's no denying that she looks incredible.

Daisy's modeling days are still not over. 10

We can't believe how beautiful she looks in this pic. This is such a great pose because it makes her legs look longer than life.


A day at the beach is enough to take your stress away. 11

Daisy loves to travel and can often be found posing for a photo in the sea. Perhaps another clue to staying youthful is to recharge your batteries at the beach?

Daisy is a natural beauty. 12

This close-up selfie really shows just how naturally beautiful she is, even with no makeup. After years of wearing tons of makeup and working long hours on TV, Daisy has been able to keep her skin looking amazing.


Daisy's husband took this cheeky shot of her in Bora Bora. 13

Her body is so in shape and so toned, you can tell that she's been working hard to keep it this way. She tanned topless during a vacation with her husband, Richard, and he was sure to capture the moment.

Daisy doesn't fear a close-up selfie. 14

There's nothing to fear when you know your skin is in tip top shape. Daisy has been feeding her body the right things, and it definitely shows in the way her skin glows.


The model definitely looks better than ever. 15

One thing that usually accompanies aging is cellulite, but not in Daisy's world. She confidently rocks bikinis in her Instagram pics and there's not an ounce of cellulite in sight. There's no shame in having a few flaws, but she's proof they can be avoided if we treat our bodies with care.

She's truly at her best when she's all natural. 16

No amount of work on your hair and makeup can compare to the glow you get from the sun and the peacefulness of the beach. Daisy is definitely proof that we can age gracefully if we make the right choices.