Chiquis Rivera shuts down haters who say she got her lips done

Chiquis Rivera lips

She might have gone a little too big this time! Chiquis Rivera recently took to Instagram to shut down haters who called her out for having her lips done after her lips appeared noticeably larger and blurred around the edges à la Kylie Jenner. Chiquis claims she hasn't had anything done to her lips, though.

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The thing is we all know the majority of celebrities these days have fillers injected into their lips on the reg. They usually do it gradually so that their lips don't raise any flags too suddenly--sometimes it even takes months for the public to notice any difference. Now, we can't say for sure that Chiquis did have her lips plumped recently, but despite her denial, they do look a little different.

It's not the first time fans have called her out on her puffy lips.

Several months ago, Chiquis shared this gorgeous #nomakeup selfie on Instagram and got a similar response. People wanted to know why her lips looked so much bigger so suddenly. She responded directly to one fan in a comment saying, "These lips are alll natural baby!! No lip fillers."


Whether it's makeup or fillers or something else, there's obviously a difference.

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We definitely believe that she has naturally full lips, but that doesn't necessarily mean that she's not doing something to enhance them. In this similar makeup-free selfie, they don't look anywhere near as plump. I mean, my lips don't change appearance that drastically from day-to-day.


She told fans to Google her for proof.

In her rebuttal, Chiquis tells fans to Google her for proof that she's always had big lips, and it's the truth, she has. But more than the size of her lips, the shape looks different. We suppose it could be makeup or one of those at-home devices that increases blood flow to create the appearance of plumper lips, or maybe even a lip mask.

These lips do look a little enhanced...

Let's be honest. No matter what Chiquis claims, this lip does not look 100 % natural. She seems so level-headed and earnest in her response though that it's hard not to believe her, especially since celebrities are readily admitting to getting their lips done these days. I would imagine that she would just own it if it's true.


Watch her response, and you be the judge.

I mean, she really does seem sincere, even though her lips look inflated in this Instagram video as well. In the end, it's really no one's business whether she's doing a little something extra to enhance her lips, but why go through such lengths to deny it if it's true? I mean, I wouldn't do it personally, but there's no shame in a little lip filler.

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