Thalía doesn't get enough credit for how beautifully she is aging. While we often celebrate Jennifer Lopez and many other Latinas for how gracefully the years are treating them, Thalía is rarely mentioned in the conversation--and that's downright insane! The singer has looked pretty much the same for the past two decades. Not only does her skin look like porcelain, but through a healthy diet and super intense workouts, she has even maintained the same figure she had in her teenage years. 

One look at her Instagram page or any photo of her walking the red carpet and she is absolutely glowing at age 48. We also need her to join the rest of these celebrities and drop a skin care line because we would be first in line. From the selfies she shares, sometimes even makeup-free with no filter, it's clear she has found the secret to staying wrinkle-free. 

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While we often tend to focus on a woman's external beauty, the most special part about Thalía is that she has also maintained a youthful and cheerful spirit. She is such a bubbly person and even now that she is a mom of two gorgeous kids she still isn't afraid to be silly and poke fun at herself as she did with the #ThaliaChallenge. After all, the real fountain of youth is true joy and happiness, right?

Of course, we're aware that she has access to so many treatments and that she often uses filters and photo editing on her photos, but you can't deny that she looks darn good, even if she does use those tools. Scroll through to see pics that prove that Thalía is aging in reverse.

She shines just like the sun. 1

Thalía looked golden when she shared this incredible selfie that takes full advantage of the sun's natural lighting. That color makes her look incredible.


She looks like a total teenager in this photo. 2

Look how radiant she is! She has such a youthful air about her, it's hard to believe she will be turning 50 in no time. 


She looks perfect with no makeup on. 3

She looks just like she did back in her novela days and it's been decades since we've since her on the small screen. Thalía, what is your secret?

Her glow is so refreshing. 4

She usually doesn't wear much makeup but when she does, she looks even more beautiful. She wears just enough to make her look grown and sexy and yet, she still looks younger than 30. 


She is not afraid of closeups. 5

The singer is not afraid to get up close and personal with her selfies because she knows there are little to no flaws to be found on her face. We love the confidence!


Her hair makes her look so incredibly young! 6

She looks super young in this photo she shared wearing her full, wavy hair. This look totally works for her.


Thalía looks gorgeous with her hair pulled back. 7

A tight updo is a natural way to make any fine lines or wrinkles disappear momentarily, but Thalía doesn't need help in that department. Her skin looks so amazing in this pic!

Thalía showed us her softer side on Instagram in March 2019. 8

While there are plenty of filters and photo editing apps, she's not afraid to post pics with no makeup and no filter once in a while. She shared this adorable fresh-faced photo of herself and captioned it using the hashtags: "#newday #nofilter #happy #selflove #respect #real #love."


Thalía inspired an internet challenge after she rocked this look. 9

She was wearing this outfit when she shared a hilarious video she recorded for her fans dancing and singing. Her fans then flooded social media imitating her and she joined in on their #ThaliaChallenge jokes. So cute!

Thalía isn't afraid to show her bare face on Instagram. 10

And who would be afraid if they looked this good? "Take care of yourself, and smile from within!" she captioned this gorgeous makeup-free selfie. Her skin is so dewy and gorgeous!


She looks like a little girl in this pic! 11

This was after her vacation with her kids at Disney World. The best part about her is that her happiness is definitely contagious. It's hard to look at this pic and not smile.

OK, honestly. This is unfair. 12

How can one person be so beautiful? Her skin is absolutely glowing and it's marvelous.


This photo from 2018 received some criticism. 13

Some fans commented that she looked too thin or that she wasn't dressed appropriately for someone "her age." Other fans, though, took to the comments to defend her and let her know that it's all jealousy. That might be true, she looks like total perfection so criticizing her for her clothes based on her age is a bit silly. 

Thalía wore a quinceañera dress like it was no big deal. 14

When she was promoting her project 15: A Quinceañera Story in 2017, Thalía stopped by Despierta America where they threw her a quinceañera. She wore the prettiest dress and her arms looked super toned--she could definitely pass as a 15-year-old! 




She seriously doesn't look a day over 25. 15

This photo perfectly captures her energetic attitude, especially with how she's smiling. It's hard to believe she is well into her 40s already!

Thalía is so full of life and she is glowing in this pic. 16

These mirror pics that she shares are just too cute! It's hard to find a pic of her not smiling.


Thalía knows it's all about the attitude. 17

She shared this stunning selfie on Instagram in 2017 and captioned it: "No makeup day! Looking at life with a fresh attitude!#GAD #nomakeup #nofilter #cleanface #goodmorning."

Thalía looks amazing with her hair in a bun. 18

It really showcases how beautiful she is and how pretty her features are. 


Her Latina genes are definitely coming in strong. 19

The Mexican singer is truly one of the most beautiful women in entertainment and she deserves the credit for it!

She looks so gorgeous in this pic. 20

This long and wavy hair makes her look no older than a college girl getting ready for a night out with her friends! It's hard to believe that she is a mom of two with a career already spanning more than two decades. Insane!


This closeup shows how smooth her skin is. 21

Thalía doesn't avoid smiling like other famous stars do in order to prevent wrinkles. She just smiles and that makes her look even younger.

Thalía loves to change up her look. 22

This pink wig is making her look like an Instagram influencer. She wrote in the caption that it reminded her of Kim Kardashian and she's totally right. But it also makes her look so fresh and trendy.


Thalía has an important secret to keeping your skin looking good. 23

One of Thalía's secrets is to make sure she always removes her makeup before she goes to bed. In this morning pic she took on a balcony, it's clear that trick is working because her skin looks flawless. Also, her adorable sneakers are SO her.

Thalía and her beau love snapping selfies together. 24

She looks so happy in this St. Patrick's Day selfie. Look at how her skin is glowing!


Thalía loves a good mirror selfie. 25

She captioned this Instagram pic: "✨Because I’m happy ✨ 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄." It definitely shows!