Meghan Markle's makeup artist shares some great beauty tips for pregnant women

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Meghan Markle has been absolutely glowing during her pregnancy, and her longtime makeup artist, Daniel Martin, may have just revealed her skin care secrets. While she's expecting her first child, the Duchess of Sussex's face has been dewy and flawless, while her adorable freckles have been peeking through as usual. Pregnancy can take a toll on our bodies, our skin, and our appearance so having some helpful tips from a beauty expert is always useful. 

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The beauty guru attended a Net-a-Porter event on Thursday, April 4, and The Daily Mail reported on the many pieces of valuable information he shared about how to look amazing during pregnancy. Daniel was the man behind Meghan's gorgeous natural glam look at her royal wedding in May 2018, so it's safe to say he knows a thing or two about making us all look our best.

One of Daniel's tips helps us avoid the sometimes "dry and dull" skin that comes with pregnancy.

One of Daniel's tips helps us avoid the sometimes

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Meghan has looked glowing throughout her pregnancy, without a trace of dullness to her skin. Daniel is also the Creative Color Consultant for Honest Beauty brand and he has a few products from the brand that he recommends to obtain a gorgeous glow like hers. "Skin can get dry and dull while you’re expecting, so I always like to amp up that pregnancy glow by applying highlighter to the high points of the face," he said, reports The Daily Mail. "Honest Beauty Magic Balm Stick is super convenient and works to soften and soothe skin while adding a dewy glow."


Daniel knows that looking too tired is one of expecting moms' main concerns.

A lack of sleep can leave us looking tired and not our best. The trick the makeup mogul shared was simple, and uses something you most likely already own. "A few coats of mascara can make you look instantly more awake, a simple solution for a tired mom or mom-to-be," he said at the event. So feel free to apply, apply, apply!


The makeup artist believes a pop of color goes a long way.

Daniel works with a lot of celebrities, including Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, and Demi Lovato. He believes that nothing can pull a beauty look together better than lipstick. "A lip color can go a long way!" he said. "It’s such a simple way to boost both your look and your confidence."

Daniel was the one in charge of making Meghan look like a princess on her big day.

"It's about finding your inner beauty and your comfort zone," he told E! News in August 2018. "With Meghan, for the wedding --because she was an actress and she had those incredible red carpet moments--her wedding was her moment. Knowing her as long as I have, it was an easy job for me, because I was embracing her truest self." To create the natural look that still allowed her freckles (her favorite feature) to show on her big day, he used "selective placement of foundation." He added foundation only in the spots she needed it, and then blended it out on the rest of her face. So gorgeous!


He had a helpful makeup tip that we'll add to our routine.

He said it's important to think of how the lighting will be at whatever event you're attending, which is what he focused on the day of the wedding. "I did have to think about her face in the car, in the church, outside the church and outside again, along with the fact the wedding was being televised and that she’d be photographed,” he said at the event, reports Stylist. “So I knew I couldn’t put too much on her skin because in that time you’d see a transition--and you do see it in the photographs--when she’s in the car with her mother it looks darker and heavier, but in the church it’s much brighter.”

He added: “She does have incredible skin though so I knew it would be easy, but thinking about the light, where you’re going and how it’s going to hit your makeup is really important. If you keep your skin looking like skin, people won’t notice it and instead they’ll notice you – and that’s what everybody wants.”

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