Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Kylie Jenner has been switching up her hair since she was a child. The cool and trendy reality TV star has made her hair a part of her brand and even once had her own extensions line. Her hair was the topic of conversation during Keeping Up With the Kardashians when she refused to remove her blue hair for her big sister Kim Kardashian's wedding to Kanye West.

Since then, she has tried pretty much every color under the sun, and it comes as no surprise when she's blonde one day and the next she's rocking a bright pink color. Although she's naturally a brunette, Kylie knows that coloring her hair all the time will cause damage, so she changes her looks with the help of wigs and extensions.

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There's no limit for what the makeup mogul can do with her hair. She has had orange, hot pink, forest green, rainbow, and bright red hair, and she can rock them all. She has also experimented with hairstyles and haircuts that have made her look so chic and gorgeous.

It's hard to say where Kylie gets her inspiration for her hairstyles, but they sure are something amazing to look at. She has changed so much from the tiny brown-haired girl we met years ago, and we cannot wait to see what she does next with her hair. Scroll through to take a look at Kylie's incredible hair transformations through the years.

Kylie called this her highlighter hair. 1

This is for sure one of her best looks. From the sharp cut to the dark roots and the bright color, everything about this works!


Kylie always goes all out with her hair for Coachella. 2

This blue hair looked phenomenal on her in April 2018! It wasn't a shade we'd seen on her before, but she totally rocked it.


This neon pink hair was so intense. 3

We could not get enough of Kylie in this hot pink wig! It made her look super fierce and stand out among all the other Coachella attendees.

This color is super flattering on her. 4

The pastel colors really work with her gorgeous tanned skin. The pink hair always looks so pretty and soft on her, and it looks even better pulled up into a pony.


This forest green looked beautiful on her. 5

It takes a special type of person to be able to pull off a color like this, and Kylie sure did. We love this hair length on her, and this color is stunning.


Kylie celebrated her 19th with some braids. 6

The braids might've caused some cultural appropriation controversy, but you can't deny that this bright red is something special. Seriously, only someone like Kylie could rock this bright color with braids in such a chic way.


Orange hair? Why not! 7

Yet another insane Coachella look, Kylie brings the fun with her outfits and hair when it comes to the annual music festival. We love this shade of orange, and we'd love to see her bring it back.

Kylie definitely made a statement with these colorful French braids. 8

This rainbow hair stood out more when Kylie wore it in braids. You could see each color blend into the next perfectly!


This is definitely one of Kylie's most iconic looks. 9

The makeup mogul wore this mint green hair to the opening of Sugar Factory in New York City and turned heads by matching it with an all beige outfit, which really made the color pop.

At one point, Kylie started really coloring her hair. 10

This ultrablonde look made her look like a Malibu Barbie. The hair looked a tad more modern since she left her dark roots exposed.


She was a lady in red. 11

Kylie knows that coloring your hair is often the cause of major damage, so she keeps it simple with some wigs. This red one looked amazing on her and is giving us some major Jessica Rabbit energy.

Sometimes she goes back to her roots. 12

As much as we love it when she plays with color, we love seeing Kylie as a brunette. She doesn't do anything basic, though, so when she does opt for black hair, she sometimes adds extensions to make her hair incredibly long and sleek.


This blonde and glamorous look was part of her Halloween 2018 costume. 13

She dressed up as the pineapple Fanta, but this is giving us major Hollywood glam vibes with the gorgeous big waves on the side. She exuded an old school glam spirit, and we love it.

Blue has been a go-to hair color for Kylie for years. 14

She has tried everything from light blue to darker blue, but this baby blue with a hint of green was so edgy and looked amazing on her. 


Soft pink and bangs made her look like a star. 15

Kylie looked like a fashion magazine editor in this pic. Everything from the blunt bangs to the cotton candy shade makes us love this look.

Kylie rocked this white-blonde bob for one of her promotional shoots. 16

The color looked great on her skin, and the red lip and red nails made her look like a total boss. We are feeling this look 100%.


This short and purple look made her look so edgy. 17

She added the wet texture style to it and took it to the next level of chic. The purple combined with the adorable bob gave this look a sweet but edgy look, two extremes that complemented each other perfectly. 

We loved it when Kylie first started experimenting with coloring her hair. 18

She went light this time around, and this dark blonde look was everything. It definitely warmed up her complexion.


Kylie's mermaid hair was mesmerizing. 19

Those beach waves are something else! This blonde wig definitely overpowered her a bit, and the color didn't suit her as well as the others. 

While most women try to cover up their gray hairs, Kylie is rocking hers. 20

While this is most likely a wig, Kylie showed us how chic gray hair can look. It almost makes us want to embrace ours!