After years of women running to their plastic surgeons with a photo of Kim Kardashian as inspiration, it looks like that trend might die down in 2019. While full lips, curvy figures, and perfectly contoured face shapes are never going out of style, there seems to be a wave of change in women who now want to look more natural. There appears to be a shift happening, with cosmetic surgery patients straying away from trying to look just like a celebrity to instead trying to look like better versions of themselves.

MamásLatinas reached out to plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Reish to learn what he thinks new plastic surgery trends will be in 2019. Dr. Reish is a Harvard-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon, and he is a partner at the Long Island Plastic Surgical Group and a member of the RealSelf Business Advisory Board. While it's still early in the year, he is already noticing what's in store for the future in the world of cosmetic surgery. 

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There have been so many stories of men and women who have spent thousands to look like the Kardashian-Jenners. The sisters themselves have opened up about the procedures they've undergone--like Kylie Jenner, who revealed she's had lip injections to make her pout look fuller. Since then, we've seen many women go down the lip filler route, and it looks like that's not stopping anytime soon. 

While the trend will continue, women are now seeking more natural results as opposed to the over-the-top and obvious looks we've seen these past few years. Women seem to be downsizing and going smaller now (except for the curves), so scroll through to take a look at what Dr. Reish says is to come this year.

There has been a shift in the kind of celebrities people are looking to for inspiration. 1

There has been a shift in the kind of celebrities people are looking to for inspiration.

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Women are requesting more “natural beauty looks” inspired by actresses like Meghan Markle, Jennifer Lawrence, and Blake Lively.


It looks like women aren't spending thousands to look like a Kardashian anymore. 2

While the famous sisters, especially Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, have plenty of lookalikes out there, the plastic surgeon thinks women are now going for a more natural, toned down look. 


We asked Dr. Reish why he thought women are moving away from looking like a Kardashian in 2019. 3

According to the doctor, there is another pair of famous sisters that people are looking to for inspiration. "I see a trend of going smaller and more natural in a lot of forms of plastic surgery," he said. "With breast augmentation, women are requesting smaller, natural-looking implants. This could be spurred by high fashion and a slimmer body type that’s currently in favor; think Bella and Gigi Hadid." 

Super-full lips are also a thing of the past, according to the surgeon. 4

Dr. Reish believes the overdone look is so last year, including lip fillers. "This applies to lips as well; while lip filler continues to be in high demand, lately, patients are requesting a less overdone look that appears more natural."


People are now going under the knife to enhance their own physical attributes. 5

While people used to bring photos of their favorite celebrities for surgery inspiration, now there's a trend of bringing a photo of themselves with a Snapchat or Instagram filter. "Filters on Instagram bring a lot of patients wanting to enhance their individual aesthetic," Dr. Reish tells MamásLatinas. "Their goals are not necessarily to look like celebrities, but rather to look like a better version of themselves."

What are the challenges of making someone look like how they appear with a filter? 6

"I haven’t found that to be very difficult. People come to me for help with their noses mostly after looking at filtered versions of themselves," Dr. Reish tells MamásLatinas. "I find that patients who see me have done a lot of research online. Once they’ve spent time on my Instagram or looking through my online gallery and they like what they see, it manages their expectations and they know what is possible."


A defined jawline seems to be something a lot of people are after. 7

"Natural is the key word here. Many patients seek a slimmer, more natural looking face," the doctor says. "Jawline contouring with injectables is a hot trend, as well as subtle rhinoplasties."

While most people are gravitating toward more subtle changes, the hourglass figure is still popular. 8

It seems like most people who go under the knife want to look slim in the upper body, but still have curves in all the right places. "Volume is still favorable in the lower body and hips," he tells us. "The snatched waist look is in high demand."


Petite women can also enhance their curves without the use of implants or fat transfers. 9

"For patients who don’t have enough fat in donor sites, Sculptra is an excellent option," Dr. Reish explains. "Sculptra is an injectable that builds up the body’s own collagen over time. Three Sculptra sessions can permanently enlarge the buttocks in thin patients. It’s important to note that patients will require three total treatments. Also, with the Sculptra BBL, aftercare is much easier. Patients can sit down, drive, go to work, and basically just need to avoid lying flat on their buttocks."

In terms of body procedures, which trends will continue in 2019, and what are some that might become more popular? 10

It's important to remember not everyone is naturally blessed with curves, so women are still looking for the voluptuous look in this new year. "The Brazilian butt lift, or BBL, is a very popular procedure. Tiny waists with curves continue to be desired by my clientele," the doctor says. "Fat grafting is popular and safer than buttock implants."


While we don't think that cleavage will ever go out of style, women are reconsidering getting implants that are too large. 11

There has been an increase in women asking for a more minimal and youthful-looking bust.

Stars like Amber Rose have been open about getting breast reductions, and it's been popular among Dr. Reish's patients as well. 12

While some are adding size to their breasts, the model shared with her fans that she was downsizing in 2018 and spoke about how much happier she was because of it. Dr. Reish tells us that most patients share that same feeling. "Breast reduction is incredibly popular; I just did three breast reduction surgeries today! The best thing about this procedure is that it is not just cosmetic," he said. "Breast reduction is functional; the goal is to alleviate pain and stress on the body. A nice cosmetic outcome is a bonus of the surgery."


The procedure aims to help the patient in more ways than just aesthetically. 13

"Women who have this surgery have an improved quality of life, and it is mostly covered by insurance. Of all surgeries, breast reduction has the highest patent satisfaction rate," he adds. "Recently a patient sent me a video of themselves running on the treadmill; it was the first time in 10 years that she’s been able to do that! Because their physical activity is no longer restrained, many patients go on to get in better shape and lose weight afterward."

There seems to be a lot of focus on procedures that help you look younger; is it ever too early to try them? 14

 There seems to be a lot of focus on procedures that help you look younger; is it ever too early to try them?


For a lot of women, chasing the fountain of youth is important, even for younger women, but the doctor says he doesn't recommend it. "I see younger and younger patients coming in for a correction; however, I’d never perform a corrective/age prevention procedure on a minor. I do see a lot of minors for rhinoplasty," he said. "This usually occurs during transitional periods from childhood to adulthood, often between the junior and senior year of high school, or just prior to starting college."


Celebrities like Kim Kardashian have opened up about using Botox. 15

Kim started getting the injections to prevent wrinkles early, but the doctor says there are other options. "I do see patients in their 20s for a variety of injectable procedures such as preventative Botox. By temporarily paralyzing facial muscles, it creates less movement, which can lead to fewer/less deep-set wrinkles as they age," he tells us. "Botox injections in the masseter muscle in the lower jaw slim the lower face. This also helps with teeth grinding and TMJ. Lip filler is extremely popular amongst 20-somethings as well."

He added, "As far as skin care products go, I recommend that sunscreen should be worn every day, and retinol should be a part of daily beauty regimens."

Are more people open to undergoing nonsurgical procedures as opposed to more permanent ones like rhinoplasty in 2019? 16

There is a nonsurgical option to nose jobs that uses filler to correct any humps. "There is an uptrend in nonsurgical rhinoplasty; however, it’s misused by so many providers. The ideal candidates for a nonsurgical rhinoplasty have a small nose and a deep-set radix. A lot of uneducated providers are doing them on anyone who walks in the door," the doctor tells us. "When too much filler is injected into the radix in an attempt to hide the dorsal hump, this can produce an elongated look to the nose, which is not ideal and can resemble the Avatar look. A surgical rhinoplasty is much better for this type of patient." Good to know!