Demi Lovato/Instagram

There is no one prouder of her makeup-free face more than Demi Lovato. The "Tell Me You Love Me" singer has been sharing her barefaced selfies on Instagram for years and they're always so radiant. Demi strongly believes in skin care and even released her own line, Devonne by Demi, in 2014. To promote the line, Demi started a movement on Instagram called No Make-Up Mondays, also known as #NMM. So every Monday during that time, Demi's fans looked forward to seeing the songstress without a drop of makeup and looking prettier than ever.

It's been so wonderful seeing Demi embrace her natural look and show so much love to her freckles, which are absolutely adorable! It's sometimes dumbfounding and almost unfair how pretty and flawless she looks without anything on her face--and we love it. The best part is that her young fans are seeing that although the singer looks incredible with makeup when she's all glammed up, she looks just as happy and confident without. 

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We can all learn a thing or two from the singer, who has been through a lot in her life. She constantly shares posts of herself after her workouts but makes sure that she lets people know that it's more about just how she looks. She treats exercise as a way to find balance and to clear her mind, and that's extremely important.

She also shows us that giving our skin a rest from foundation and contouring is key to making sure that we look and feel our best exactly how we are. While there's nothing wrong with getting dolled up, finding the balance of feeling proud of and comfortable with your natural self is what matters most. Scroll through to see some of Demi's most gorgeous and jaw-dropping makeup-free selfies through the years.

Honestly, this isn't fair. 1

How does someone look so gorgeous without a single drop of makeup?!


We are the No. 1 fans of Demi's freckles. 2

There's nothing cuter than when the singer shows off her freckless in her makeup-free selfies. This one at the beach is so cute.


She's proof that the best makeup we can wear is a nice, big smile. 3

She has one of the best smiles in Hollywood and when she posts photos of herself giving us a big grin, it's the best!

Demi knows what her best features are and she flaunts them. 4

"Today I'm embracing my beachy bronzed freckles," she captioned this smiley faced selfie. So cute!


Demi shines without a drop of highlighter or foundation. 5

We've been so conditioned to see famous women look completely made up all the time that seeing someone like Demi embrace their natural beauty is so refreshing.


She's just so pretty. 6

We love how this natural sun-kissed look with her beach waves flowing looks on her!


Hello, tan Demi! 7

She looks like she has a face full of bronzer but she doesn't! She just got a little help from the sun. 

Demi just loves her bed selfies. 8

First of all, her eyebrows look on fleek in this pic. Second, her skin is absolutely flawless.


Demi takes every opportunity to flaunt her freckles. 9

Her skin is so shiny and gorgeous, it makes us want to book an appointment for a facial, ASAP!

Demi is always all smiles in her workout pics. 10

She looked so proud when she received her blue belt in Brazilian jiujitsu-- that's quite a feat!


Demi looks great even after a wild night out! 11

After the American Music Awards in 2015, Demi shared this selfie and inspired us to drink some water and head to the bathroom to do our skin care routine.

There's something so pure and innocent about getting in bed with a clean face. 12

There's something so pure and innocent about getting in bed with a clean face.

Demi's selfies always serve as a good reminder that we look our prettiest when we're comfortable and happy--no matter what is or isn't on our skin.


This is how Demi looks after she goes out for a run. 13

Seriously?! This is NOT how most people look after running. 

Her No Make Up Mondays were honestly a blessing. 14

The bare skin, the eyebrows, the freckles, the pup--this is a perfect selfie.


A day at the beach is always good for the skin. 15

Let your pores breathe and leave your makeup at home when you're enjoying a day out at the beach. As long as you're fully covered with sunblock, that's all you need.

Demi's skin is so beautiful, she's not afraid of a closeup selfie. 16

OK, but the eyelashes are the real stars in this pic!


She looked gorgeous from every angle. 17

She shared four cute selfies without any makeup on and we can't take how adorable she is.

Getting glammed up before a big award show is wonderful. 18

But sometimes that's not even needed when you look this amazing without!


Demi just loves her beach selfies. 19

Her rosy cheeks are simply gorgeous!

Demi might've had a tough time in 2018, but she got back in the game. 20

And so did her makeup-free selfies! Demi returned to social media after a brief hiatus following her overdose in July 2018. She shared a photo after her jiujitsu session and she looks as radiant as ever.


Her barefaced selfies are so heartwarming. 21

It reminds us of a young Demi during her days on the Disney Channel.