latina beauty influencers

Anybody else turn to social media to find out about new beauty trends and learn how to perfect certain looks? Apparently so. These days Instagram and YouTube are overflowing with makeup and beauty tutorials and inspiration posts. Instagrammers in particular are totally taking advantage of the platform to share their love for all things hair and makeup, and we're totally here for it. Gone are the days of aimlessly trying to figure out how to apply the perfect face without help from a professional.

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Now, tons of tips and tutorials are right at your fingertips. All you have to do is click on a few hashtags and you can find out exactly which products to use and how to apply them to achieve the look you're going for. With hundreds, if not thousands, of beauty-focused profiles on Instagram, you can even find pages to follow that show ideas for people with similar skin tones and hair textures to your own.

There are actually a bunch of really successful Latina beauty influencers with amazing Instagram pages that you should follow whether you're just trying to figure out how to do your hair and makeup well or you're already a full-blown beauty enthusiast. Click through the gallery to see 15 of our favorite Latina beauty influencers on Instagram.

Iris Beilin represents for Afro-Latinas. 1

This gorgeous Panamanian shares all sorts of makeup looks on her IG from natural earth tones to bold jewel colors--all perfect for a variety of skin tones. She even launched a collection with E.L.F. cosmetics.


We love her Spanglish. 2

Iris seems so authentic. While she usually looks totally glam, she doesn't shy away from makeup-free selfies. Follow @irisbeilin.


Melissa Flores shares lots of every day looks. 3

Dominicana Melissa Flores usually sports really pretty every day makeup looks that could easily go from day to night as well as some cool and casual fashion looks.

She does go glam every once in a while. 4

While Melissa seems totally laid back, she does go for full-on glam every once in a while and she always nails it. Those lashes! Follow @melissaflores.


This petite influencer has a massive number of followers. 5

Tejada Ruiz also known as Dulce Candy has over one million Instgram followers who tune into her feed for beauty and fashion inspo every day. The Mexican-American gained her following early on on YouTube, but her bold looks seem made for IG.


Dulce Candy's looks are perfect for color lovers. 6

Dulce Candy's love of color is evident all over her Instgram page. She shares some of the boldest makeup looks out there and often sports bright clothing that matches her makeup. Follow @dulcecandy.


Cindy Diaz makes gorgeous makeup attainable. 7

Up-and-comer Cindy Diaz--known as Vinyl Blush on Instagram--knows how to glam it up, and makes gorgeous makeup seem like something every woman can achieve on her own.

We love her product demos. 8

Cindy is always trying something new and fun, and we especially love her product demos. Follow @vinylblush.


Alba Ramos is an OG natural-hair influencer. 9

Alba Ramos made a name for herself as SunKissAlba in the natural hair community on YouTube years ago, but her Instagram has just as much beauty inspo. Alba uses only natural and organic hair and beauty products and shares lots of demos and reviews.

She can help you streamline your beauty routine. 10

Alba definitely has fun with makeup, but as a mom of two, these days she serves up lots of quick, every day hair and makeup ideas that almost anyone can achieve. Follow @sunkissalba.


If you love to play with makeup, you have to follow viva_glam_kay. 11

Kay-Lani Martinez's social media career has really taken off in the past couple of years. She is the total package, with a chill personality and loads of talent. Though she admits that she's usually goes without makeup, her work is impeccable and her tutorials easy to follow.

Kay-Lani is honestly inspiring. 12

Also known as Viva Glam Kay, Kay-Lani is always repping her culture in her amazing looks, supporting Latinx businesses and proudly creating looks that work for Afro-Latinas. She even transitioned her curly hair to natural recently and has been open about the experience. Follow @viva_glam_kay.


Get your hair and makeup fix from Beauty by Nena. 13

Nena shares a ton of makeup tutorials on her Instagram, which has earned her over three hundred thousand followers. Though most of her content is in Spanish, she shares some in English as well.

We love her super-feminine looks. 14

Nena's looks tend toward the ultra-feminine and we love it. Plus, she usually shares every product and the shade that she uses, which is very helpful. Follow @nena.


Get creative with Makeup by Denise. 15

Denise Sanchez's creativity has garnered her nearly one million Instagram followers. From her stunning curly hair to the unique techniques and looks that she shares, she's totally beauty #goals.

Denise is a contouring master. 16

Denise is a contouring master and is not afraid to play with color on both her face and hair. We love it! Follow @makeupbydenise.


Yuri G will fuel your makeup obsession. 17

Makeup artists Yuri G is always testing out new makeup and skincare products and sharing unboxings and demos on her Instagram. She will absolutely make you want to go makeup shopping!

She's totally glam. 18

Yuri tends toward colorful and glam as evidenced by her brightly hued hair, but she can pull off more natural looks too. That highlight tho! Follow @yurigmakeup.


Camila Coelho is a super star beauty influencer. 19

If you like simple glam, you have to follow Instagram superstar Camila Coelho. Her picture-perfect page is chockfull of beautiful, classic beauty and fashion looks.

It's all about the inspo. 20

Camila got her start as a fashion and beauty blogger, but with more than seven million followers, she is legit Insta-famous. She even has a lipstick collection with beauty giant Lancôme. Follow @camilacoelho.


Naomi Giannopoulis is all about the makeup. 21

Naomi Giannopoulis, also known as Vegas Nay, is serious about makeup. While her Insta features lots of pretty shots, she also focuses on product recommendations and application techniques.

Nay has had huge success. 22

Vegas Nay also has more than seven million IG followers, has released her own line of false eyelashes and brow kits. She even has celebrity followers including Eva Longoria and Adrienne Bailon. Follow @vegas_nay.


Alba Mayorga is a working pro. 23

Professional MUA Alba Mayorga's Instagram page is lined with pretty pictures of her own personal makeup and fashion looks, but she is a true expert. She makes a living doing event makeup and makeup classes in addition to running her social media career.

She has perfected neutrals. 24

While Alba shows looks in various styles and color palettes, she has absolutely perfected the glamorous neutral look. Follow @albamayo.


Sonia Castañeda is not your typical beauty influencer. 25

Mexican American Sonia Castañeda's Instagram page looks a little different than your typical beauty IGer's. Along with her makeup and fashion looks and demos, she shares a to of shots from her life and travels which brings a bit of interest to her account.

She's got beauty chops though. 26

Makeup may not be her entire life, but Sonia knows her way around a makeup brush and a hair wand. Her face and hair always look flawless, and she loves to share her favorite products with her followers. Follow @sccastaneda.


Nail enthusiasts need to follow TX Mani Muse. 27

If you're obsessed with nail art, you have to follow TX Mani Muse. Selena-obsessed Chicana Sandra is incredibly talented and freehands lots of her nail designs, creating everything from classic nail looks to the most unique, custom manis.

Sandra's work speaks for itself. 28

Sandra's work is absolutely pristine and so creative. You could literally spend hours scrolling through all of the original designs on her Instagram. Follow @txmanimuse.


Gabriella Catano shares all of her faves on Instagram. 29

Gabriella Catano is a professional makeup artist and hairstylist who shares her own personal beauty looks on her personal page, along with lots of tutorials and product demos. If you love a smoky eye, you will love Gaby.

She also has a separate business profile. 30

Gaby also has an Instagram account where she can reach her clients. On this page she shares some tutorials, but you'll also find some fun before and after client transformations. Follow @gabriellacatano and @catanoglam.