Saggy breasts are definitely one sign of aging that women would love to avoid. It's true that gravity takes its toll as we age. Many body parts, sadly, begin to lose their elasticity and sag. Your skin and muscles are prime examples. You'll be happy to hear that your breasts stand the best chance of staying where they are. But there are mistakes that you are making today that harm the chances of keeping your breasts perky. Keep reading to find out what they are.

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On the one hand, it's a beautiful thing to accept our body as it ages like some celebs have done. Still, I will do whatever it takes to reverse the signs of aging without resorting to plastic surgery. And if all it takes is doing things now that prevent or slow those signs of aging, you bet I'm going to give them a try.

When it comes to your breasts, you'd be surprised how many of the following errors we all make. Consider this a public service announcement. Take notes and get started on addressing these mistakes today for the sake of your breasts and to delay the sagging that inevitably comes with age.

You sleep face down. 1

Women who sleep face down put a lot of pressure on their breasts and they begin to lose their shape. Experts also recommend avoiding sleeping on your side. It's best to sleep face up.


You don't wear a bra. 2

You don't wear a bra.


If you think that your breasts should be free and hang naturally, great. Just don't be surprised if they begin to lose their elasticity. There's no way around it: Your breasts need good support to fight the forces of gravity.


Believe it or not, smoking is bad for your boobs. 3

Cigarettes aren't just bad for your lungs and overall health, they're also bad for you skin. Nicotine affects your skin's elasticity, and you guessed it, your boobs will droop. 

Wearing the wrong bra could affect your breasts' perkiness. 4

Wearing the wrong bra could affect your breasts' perkiness.


Wearing the wrong bra can be just as bad as not wearing one. Get yourself a properly fitted for a bra. You'll be so happy you did.


You don't drink enough water. 5

Not drinking enough water causes your skin to lose its elasticity and allows wrinkles to form. This applies to your breasts, so make sure you hydrate.


You overexpose yourself to the sun. 6

During the summer, you wear shirts that expose your chest a little more, but many of us don't protect that area with sunscreen. Sure, we love that sun-kissed look, but protect your skin because you'll begin to see wrinkles before you know it.


You don't wear a sports bra when working out. 7

You don't wear a sports bra when working out.


There are women who run, bike, or work out with a regular bra. This is not where you want to skimp. Sports bras are designed to support your boobs while you jump up and down. A good sports bra will help prevent the breasts sagging in the long run.

Your weight fluctuates. 8

Women who gain and lose weight constantly are more likely to have droopy breasts because their skin loses elasticity. When you gain weight, your breasts are usually the first to receive that extra padding. However, those boobs are also the place where you are likely to lose fat first.


You don't do pectoral exercises. 9

These exercises precisely target your chest and boobs. Do these every day and you'll see your perky results.

You eat junk food. 10

Junk food contains loads of grease and sodium, and those cause your breasts to lose the little collagen they have. Junk food can also cause weight gain, which leads to heavier and droopier breasts.