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Change is good, especially when it comes to our hair. For Latinos and Latinas, our appearance is always important and our hair is a major part of how we want the world to perceive us as. The beauty of our people is that we come in all shades and colors, and so does our hair. We can have family who is blond and blue-eyed while also having other members or the family who have dark hair and tan skin. 

Some Latino celebrities who were born with brown or black hair have made the choice to lighten their hair to try a new look and they totally rocked it. While a change like that is rather drastic, some of them have pulled it off quite well. Some stars gave the blond hair a chance, but quickly went back to their natural roots, while others went blond and never looked back. 

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It's hard to imagine some of our favorite stars like Shakira and Jennifer Lopez with anything but light hair, even though when we first met them they were rocking their natural gorgeous black and brown hair. Eiza Gonzalez and Selena Gomez, on the other hand, are an example of famous Latinas who colored their hair blonde and quickly went back to their original looks. Sometimes you just have to stick to what you know!

Some famous Latinos have also tried the whole bleached hair trend and it made them look edgy and stand out from the rest. J Balvin and Neymar nailed the look, and Maluma is one of the latest stars to undergo the transformation and it left us all in shock. Click through the gallery to see other famous Latinos who have left their natural brunette manes behind for a blonder look.  

Demi Lovato has tried so many hair colors throughout her career. 1

She has rocked all the colors under the sun, including blue and pink, but she wears the raven-black hair look so well. 


Demi went blond again in 2018. 2

The singer shocked everyone when she posted an Instagram selfie with her new long blond tresses. She looks stunning and the color definitely warms up her complexion.  


Selena Gomez has the most gorgeous locks in Hollywood. 3

Sel, who has been the face of Pantene, is known for her luscious and perfectly styled brunette hair. 

That's why she shocked everyone when she cut her hair and went super light. 4

That's why she shocked everyone when she cut her hair and went super light.

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We love that she kept her roots and eyebrows dark, it makes the look so much edgier. She quickly went back to brown after this.


Maluma has been growing out his hair--and we are here for it. 5

The Colombian superstar took his good looks to the next level by letting his beautiful brown hair grow out in 2018. He looks novela ready and totally dreamy.


The "Mala Mía" singer shared a photo of himself that made us all do a double take. 6

Is that you, Maluma? The singer debuted his new blond look in October 2018 and it's so different, it might take us all some getting used to.


Latinos will forever feel nostalgic about brunette Shakira. 7

Latinos will forever feel nostalgic about brunette Shakira.


When the Colombian singer first burst into the music scene in the 1990s, her jet black hair and big brown eyes captivated all of Latin America. 

Before she crossed over into the English market, Shakira went blond. 8

As much as we love her big, curly blond hair, the singer never went back to black hair, and it's honestly kind of heartbreaking.


Jennifer Lopez is a natural brunette. 9

Jennifer Lopez is a natural brunette.


The actress started out her career with brown hair and went even darker for her role as Selena Quintanilla in Selena

She went lighter with her hair before starting her singing career. 10

It's been more than 20 years and J.Lo never looked back.


We all fell in love with Thalia's beautiful light brown hair. 11

The actress is known for her full and shiny brown hair, and she's kept it that way since her Marimar days.

So it shocked us when she rocked a platinum blond look on Instagram. 12

From the looks of it, it was only a wig, but the change was shocking for all of us who are used to our brunette Thalia. 


For a moment there, it seemed like J Balvin didn't quite know what to do with his hair. 13

The singer, whose hair is naturally brown, dyed his hair in a wide variety of colors in a short period of time. 

And of course, he gave platinum blond a shot. 14

The shaved look and the blond hair make him look like a different person.


Becky G has gorgeous straight black hair. 15

The "Pijama" singer is changing up her hairstyles constantly. She chops it off and adds extensions quite often. 

Becky also gave the lighter shade a try. 16

She looks like a movie star with this hair color! We really dig it.


Neymar is a good looking guy, there's no denying it. 17

The Brazilian soccer star has captivated so many with his good looks. 

Neymar rocked bleached blond hair at one point. 18

He gave the look a shot on the soccer field during the 2018 World Cup and those locks made him totally stand out.


Eiza González is known for her timeless beauty. 19

The Mexican actress has to look her best at all times, on and off the red carpet--and her hair usually looks on point.

Eiza rocked a short blond bob and looked like a different person. 20

While the hairstyle didn't last long on the actress, we love seeing her try different looks.


Olga Tañon spent most of her singing career as a brunette. 21

Olga Tañon spent most of her singing career as a brunette.

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The Merengue singer was known for her big voice but also for her stunning dark hair.

The Puerto Rican star made a major change later in life. 22

She chopped off her long locks and went a lot lighter. She looks amazing!


Gloria Trevi made having wild hair popular with her song "Pelo Suelto." 23

Since then, the Mexican singer has tamed her locks and tried different shades, including her natural brown color. 

She also pulls of the blond quite well. 24

We absolutely love how youthful and fresh this hair looks on her.


Kali Uchis looks so elegant with her dark hair. 25

The Colombian singer went back to her dark roots after spending some time as a blond.

The singer definitely rocked blond effortlessly. 26

The dark hair looks beautiful on her but so does the blond.