kylie jenner skull makeup

'Tis the season to be anything (or anyone) you want to be. Halloween is around the corner and you'll have plenty of opportunities to transform yourself. The makeup you choose has the power to make or break your look but luckily, there are tons of amazing tutorials to chose from on YouTube. The artists on the platform are breaking down looks that are so good that you could wear a normal outfit to a costume contest and win the crown on the strength of your makeup. 

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Even Kylie Jenner got in on the YouTube Halloween action this year. She teamed up with influencer James Charles to create a beautiful smoky eye and half skull makeup look using her Kylie Cosmetics Halloween collection. It turned out stunning and Kylie shared that the eyes alone was probably the most dramatic look she has worn. This holiday is truly the best occassion to break out of your comfort zone.

But James isn't the only artist full of Halloween inspiration on the platform. From classic Disney characters to scary urban legends to creepy optical illusions, there are other talented creators doing jaw-dropping looks that will make strangers stare. Here are some of the best that will get your creativity flowing and ready to own the holiday.

We're going to be seeing this Kylie Jenner skull makeup everywhere. 1

YouTuber James Charles used Kylie's Halloween makeup collection to create the cool look.


You can get skull makeup on a budget with this tutorial. 2

YouTuber Chrisspy used one Maybelline eye shadow palette to create a mask that is so easy to replicate.


This 2-in1 Cruella de Vil transformation is scary good! 3

Nicole Guerriero shows you how to completely reshape your face so you can give this iconic Disney villain a run for her money.

This el cucuy look will keep both kids and adults up at night. 4

Desi Perkins killed this transformation! Surprisingly, you only need a small number of products to recreate the look. All you need is some gauze to cover the eyes and execute the creepy texture on the skin.


It's not Halloween without a La Llorona reference. 5

You can do your version of this makeup with any of the colorful eye shadows in your collection.


This Cleopatra makeup look is all about the eyeliner. 6

Fenty Beauty Global Makeup Artist Hector Espinal made the process look so simple in this video.


Get the Halloween version of a smokey eye with this gangster clown tutorial. 7

We can't get enough of this look by YouTuber iluvsarahii.

The shading on this ice cream skull makeup is too real. 8

Daisy Marquez used cream makeup to turn herself into colorful ice cream scoops.


This trippy Halloween makeup went viral for a reason. 9

Promise Tamang Phan uploaded this look on YouTube in 2015 and we still can't stop staring.

This painterly Beetlejuice makeup will make you feel like an artist. 10

Desi Perkins called it a "beautiful mess" so you don't need a steady hand to nail the look.


Become a real life Barbie doll with this tutorial. 11

Kandee Johnson is one of the original queens of transformations on YouTubbe.

All you need is a magic carpet after following this Kim Kardashian Princess Jasmine transformation video. 12

The look really proved how reshaping your eyebrows can totally change your face.


Turn one of your eyes upside down. 13

Follow this video by NikkieTutorials and you'll totally freak your friends out.

Giving one of your eyes a spider makeover is nightmare fuel. 14

This look by MsAaliyahJay will haunt you beyond Halloween.


Have a glitter and crystal party all over your head and neck. 15

Nicole shows you how to take your sparkle to the next level in this makeup tutorial.

Evil dolls have been scaring people for decades. 16

Let Dulce Candy show you how to turn yourself into a creepy broken version.


You'll look like you're ready to hit a Broadway stage with this green Wicked-inspired makeup. 17

Patrick Starrr nailed this Elphaba transformation.

You will no longer have to wonder what Frozen's Queen Elsa would look like with frostbite. 18

Mariale shows you how to put a scary twist on the beloved Disney princess with gel liners.


Make a lasting impact with this deer makeup look. 19

Stephanie Suero shows you every step up close and personal in this video.

Tragic lip injection makeup will scare you away from needles for good. 20

Irishcel Puello shows you how to get it done... if you can make it through the whole video. It gets too real!