Thalía looks incredible at 46 years young, so when it comes to beauty advice from this star, we are all ears. Spending decades as one of the most beloved Mexican actresses and singers in the world means that she has gotten to work with some of the best beauty experts. She has picked up some incredible tips for taking care of her hair, skin, and doing her own makeup along the way. Luckily for us, she is open with her fans and doesn't mind sharing the practical advice that has kept her looking her best.

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The entertainer is celebrating the launch of her Eylure x Thalia collection that includes a range of false lashes and brow products sold at Ulta. It's a collaboration that makes total sense since the singer loves a bold brow and frequently wears false eyelashes, and according to US Weekly, Thalía does her own makeup frequently. She sat down with them and shared how she uses lashes and a brow trick to enhance her eyes.

Thalía has also shared tips and tricks that have helped keep her signature highlighted hair looking healthy in the past. And she swears by one product for moisturizing her body. The best part is that you probably have all of the ingredients you need for her DIY treatments in your kitchen. It is so refreshing that you can replicate so much of her regimen regardless of your budget. Here are the tips that you can start implementing right now.

Always remove your makeup before going to bed. 1

Thalía told US Weekly that she believes that you should "always remove your makeup no matter how tired you are when you come back from the party. Without the canvas that is your skin, there’s really nothing else. I use Lancome Bi-Facil remover."


You can pick up a lot of makeup tips on YouTube. 2

Thalía told US Weekly that she does her makeup most of the time and she learned how do it from makeup artists she has worked with and YouTubers. "I just take little tricks from all of them and I put them together for what works for me and what makes my face look the best," she said.


False lashes can help open up small eyes. 3

Thalía doesn't need a special occasion to wear a pair of falsies. "Even if I’m not working and I’m just doing random things, I just like that extra spice for my eyes," she told US Weekly. "My eyes are a little small and that little corner, that little extra lash opens my eyes and helps me, I love it."

Highlighter under the brow is another eye opener. 4

Thalía learned the trick from makeup artists and it led her to create a Contour Pencil for her Eylure collection with a shimmery highlighter for brightening the area under your arches.


Do not share your makeup. 5

Thalía learned that you shouldn't share your makeup and tools the hard way. While we may not be actors on a set, we can still apply this lesson in our daily lives like when we visit a makeup counter. Avoid using their makeup and brushes unless you are certain that they have been cleaned and sanitized. "There are cases in which the infections acquired from shared brushes have been so severe that people end up incapacitated from them," Thalía wrote for POPSUGAR Latina. "I also know of people who have acquired lifelong infections on their lips, such as herpes, from shared lipsticks and lip brushes."


Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. 6

Thalía's mom taught her to have an arsenal of creams handy and to take care of her skin in the morning and at night. This came in handy for Thalía since her skin changes. "In my case, I deal with sensitive skin and flare-ups of rosacea that leave me looking like I have tiny pimples on my face and some parts of my body," she wrote for POPSUGAR Latina. "When that happens, I switch my creams and only use the ones that will help me soothe my skin. After the flare-up clears, I go back to my heavier creams full of vitamins, antioxidants, and peptides."


Hydrate from the inside out with water. 7

Thalía is a huge advocate for drinking lots of water daily thanks to her mom. "She made sure to talk about how important water was if I wanted to have beautiful skin and bright eyes, and if I wanted to stay hydrated, which in turned helped me stay focused and healthy," she wrote for POPSUGAR Latina. "To this day, I am an avid water drinker. I drink large quantities of it throughout the day. It is my beverage of choice, after my morning coffee, of course."

Raid your kitchen for DIY hair mask ingredients. 8

Weekly hair treatments are a must for Thalía and her mom taught her that avocado and mayonnaise are excellent options for caring for her tresses at home.


Fight cellulite with a DIY coffee scrub. 9

Thalía mixes leftover coffee grounds with olive oil. "I put the mixture in a container I keep in the shower and rub it over my legs," she told Glamour. "I find that coffee helps with cellulite!"

Use coconut oil on color-treated hair. 10

Thalía is no stranger to using this hydrating ingredient at home. She applies 1 1/2 tablespoons of coconut oil to her hair after washing it and letting it slightly air-dry, then covers it with a plastic cap. "I leave the treatment on for at least 20 minutes while I get chores done around the house," she wrote for POPSUGAR Latina. "Afterward, I rinse with cold water and use a little bit of shampoo to remove the excess."


Coconut oil is also her body moisturizer of choice. 11

"I actually don't use body creams, only coconut oil," she told Glamour. "It smells delicious and makes your skin feel great. I put it on my kids too."

Contouring works wonders. 12

Makeup artists from Thalía's telenovela era taught her how to contour her face and lips. She picked up how "to contour my cheeks with darker tones and to dab gloss on my bottom lip, just a little bit in the center, to make them look more voluminous," she wrote for POPSUGAR Latina.


Give your legs and feet some TLC. 13

Long days on set shooting a telenovela in heels could have caused serious damage but Thalía took several precautions to keep her legs and feet looking their best. She told POPSUGAR Latina that her breaks were spent "elevating my legs against the wall, and I would also rub refreshing lotions, eucalyptus-, lemon-, or almond-lemongrass-based, on my feet. This ritual helped me prevent inflammation on my legs and feet and also helped me prevent the formation of spider veins and varicose veins. On days when I knew the hours were going to be much longer, I wore compression socks to keep my circulation flowing well. They relieved me tremendously."

Beauty comes from within. 14

Thalia believes that working on being happy on the inside will reflect on the outside. "Your face will be more relaxed and your skin will glow. Your eyes will be open and you will look younger," . "Thank you for your wise advice, Mom! There is no doubt in my mind that when I am having a great day, my skin also has a great day."