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Aracely Arámbula is just one of many celebrity moms who inspire us to head to the gym. These rockstar moms not only take care of their children and excel in their careers, but they also somehow find the energy to kill it at the gym, too. And it's paid off in the form of abs!

So many famous women have maintained their figures after giving birth, and some look even better after welcoming their children. Getting in shape takes hard work, but also achieving a toned and muscular core is difficult, to say the least. It's even harder after your body goes through so many changes while carrying a child and even after the pregnancy.

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Having abs not only requires countless crunches and hours at the gym, but also a lot of healthy and clean eating. These celebs have fully committed themselves to maintaining a trim waist, and it's super inspiring to watch them do so. Stars like Jennifer LopezThalía and Kim Kardashian often share videos of their intense workouts and although it doesn't look easy, it's proof that everything worth having will make you break a sweat.

These celeb moms have done a phenomenal job at showing other women that we can continue to work on ourselves physically and mentally after having kids, and there's nothing stopping us from having the body of our dreams. Scroll through to see these inspiring women who have continued to focus on their health and who've worked hard to be able to show their gym results with the world. 

Thalía's waist has always been tiny. 1

The Mexican singer's body looks just as great as it did before she had her two babies--and her abs are insane. 


Jennifer Lopez left everyone in awe when she shared this pic. 2

J.Lo shared this photo for her 49th birthday and it's hard to believe that she once carried twins inside her super toned belly.


Kim Kardashian's abs look better than ever. 3

Kim Kardashian has carried two babies but her waist is smaller now than when she was in her 20s. She even has abs now! Kim has completely changed her workout routine and now focuses more on weight lifting, and it's surely paying off.

Paulina Rubio showed off her gym results. 4

Paulina has always been known for her beautiful legs, but her toned abs and small waist took center stage in this pic.


Maribel Guardia is the grandmother we all aspire to be. 5

She might've given birth to a son over two decades ago, but Maribel's abs are still super defined. Also, let's all admire the fact that she's also a grandmother to a little boy.


Ana Bárbara is not slowing down anytime soon. 6

The singer shared this incredible photo of her toned muscles on Instagram and left us in shock.


Ninel Conde has two kids. 7

Ninel continued to focus on her body after she welcomed her babies and it definitely shows in this bikini!

Kourtney Kardashian has always been slim. 8

The reality TV star has managed to maintain her petite frame in shape after welcoming three kids by eating healthy and working out with her famous sisters. 


Aracely Arámbula has abs of steel! 9

Her ability to have such a toned midsection while still keeping her curves is mesmirizing. 

Jada Pinkett Smith has the most incredible genes. 10

Jada has been set in helping women love themselves and make themselves a priority, even after having kids. The actress has incredible abs and she's not the only one, her mother does too. 


Adriana Lima works hard for hers. 11

While being a supermodel surely helps, Adriana puts in a lot of work to look as good as she does after she gave birth to daughters, Valentina and Sienna. Check out those obliques! 

No one is more proud of their abs than Britney Spears. 12

The momma of two has been hard at work on her body regularly for years. She was known for her killer abs when she was younger, and she looks just as incredible now after having her two sons.


Alejandra Espinoza looks fantastic. 13

The TV personality's slender frame didn't change much after she had her son, and she often wears crop tops to show off her trim midsection.

Ana Patricia Gámez looked incredible after her first child. 14

After welcoming her daughter, Ana Patricia snapped right back into shape. 


Beyoncé worked hard to get back to her pre-baby body. 15

When she welcomed daughter Blue Ivy in 2012, Bey hit the gym hard to get back in shape. After welcoming her twins in 2017, she promised herself she would take it easy and slowly work on losing the baby weight.

Shakira keeps her body moving. 16

Shakira keeps her body moving.

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Shaki has always been known for her belly dancing moves and they have helped her maintain a strong core through the years, even after welcoming her two adorable boys.


Massy Arias worked hard to get back to her pre-baby self. 17

The popular Instagram health coach opened up about how difficult it was and how hard she had to work to get back to her pre-baby self, especially after dealing with post-partum depression. She looks incredible and so happy with her baby girl.

Chiquinquirá Delgado is total ab goals. 18

Chiquinquirá has two gorgeous daughters and they are lucky to have inherited their gorgeous mom's genes.


Ximena Duque stays fit with the help of her son. 19

After welcoming her baby girl Luna, Ximena has been hitting the gym with her son, Cristian, to get her pre-baby abs back.

Halle Berry has created a fit movement. 20

Halle has always been praised for her body and now that the actress has two babies, she has been sharing a lot of fitness content on Instagram and really living her best fit life.


Alessandra Ambrosio looks incredible. 21

Being naturally slim totally helps get your body into shape after giving birth but there's no denying that after two kids, Alessandra is a total dream.

Maripily Rivera lives at the gym. 22

There's no denying that she's a fitness fanatic but that definitely has its rewards.